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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fending for myself

More details of my being left (abandoned). I feel like the orphans in the wood in Hansel and Gretel. Lynettea says I would be Hansel, as I am a boy cat. You can see how indifferent she is!!!!

No suitcase has come out yet. I think I will stay on the sofa all the time so she can't put it there to pack. She says I can take all my special foods and my heaters and blankets with me and even my fur brush if anyone wants to brush me. I don't think anyone will brush me, as my fur was quite unkempt when I got home again last time. I am used to having my fur brushed with a soft baby brush twice a day.


The Cat From Hell said...

Yous poor dear! Yous stay on the sofa and watch carefully!

Kari said...

Oh, sweetheart! Where are you going? You mean you're not going to stay in your own home? This is terrible! And not even getting brushed! When we are not feeling well , we tend to groom less so brushing is essential! Doesnt this place know it is national hairball awareness day? Sheesh! Protest! Pee in the case! Do something! Our mum would take care of you if we didn't live a world away. Mum loves to brush kitties! Love and kisses to you.

meowmeowmans said...

Poor Diamond! If you could come here while Lynettea is away, we would brush you THREE times a day with a soft baby brush!

Kari said...

Oh dear Diamond. Don't go anywhere without saying goodbye. We love you, dear.

Huffle Mawson said...

Where is she going this time? Do you want to come over to my house Diamond and stay here?