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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a few China photos

Lynettea has allowed me to look at her photos of China and select a few for my blog. It wasn't hard to choose a few, although she has so many it takes ages to load them all.

After all my devotion and suffering miaouwww miaouww it was the least she could do for me.

I may put up some other photos later. Well they have loaded in a higgledy piggledy fashion. One photo is of glorious me on my return home. You will be glad to see that I am still looking alert and capable. I need to be alert in this household if anything is to function.

the photo of Lynettea holding the baby panda has been removed. It may not be a good idea to hold baby pandas even if you have lots of plastic garments on.

Another photo shows Lynettea holding a large and awkward panda baby. She had to put on plastic gloves (her real fingers don't look like that) and also a blue plastic robe. The panda kept chewing at pieces of bamboo while she clutched it. (It wasn't interested in Lynettea at all!) She has hold of its little leg and foot and one arm under the panda's arm to try to keep it on her lap.

Then we have a photo of the beautiful Nine Village Valley. Lynettea says she doesn't think any of my kitty friends will have such a pretty photo. She walked for many kilometres on the wooden walkways around these beautiful bodies of water that ran straight from the glaciers. It was quite hot in the middle of the day after walking for hours and she wished she had taken fewer woollies and more bottled water. Maybe next time she will take me too and I can remind her.

And lastly a photo of a kitty in the street in Xian (China). There was a little shop nearby and we hope that this kitty belonged to the lady in the shop. There were also a lot of spoilt looking fluffy doggies out in the streets with their owners.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Wow, what an amazing trip she must have had! Thanks for sharing the photos -- that valley is spectacular and the panda adorable (even if all he cared about was the bamboo -- lol).

The Whiskeratti said...

TY for sharing! We're glad your Mom is home now, though, always tough when they are gone.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Great photos! My human is envious that your human got to hold a baby panda!

Cara n Crew said...

Diamond, we are glad to see you back home - you'll have things back in proper order in no time.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Our mom thought it very cool that Lynettea got to hold a panda. We hope the little street kitty had a home too. Purrs,

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond
Me loves the pictures. Me is not sure if me likes the one of you or the one of Lynette.
Its good to know yous is well.

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond
Me loves the pictures. Me is not sure if me likes the one of you or the one of Lynette.
Its good to know yous is well.

meowmeowmans said...

What wonderful photos, Diamond! It sure looks as though Lynettea had a great trip. How neat that she got to hold that baby panda!

We hope you are doing well, dear friend.

Kari said...

What great photos ! We are so happy to see you are well, we were worried. Even though the little panda was only interested in food it must have been so awesome to hold him. Do you know how old he is? I hope the beautiful kitty has a home too.