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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am befriending a special bear

When Lynettea went to China she visited the Animals Asia bear sanctuary at Chengdu. She got really upset when she saw a bear called Diamond who had been brutally treated for many years (15 or so), being imprisoned in a small cage with tubes stuck in Diamond's gall bladder to extract bile for use in Chinese medicine. Poor Diamond, after years of unimaginable torture, is now living in a beautiful place with grass and trees, swimming pool and climbing areas, scratching post etc.

After I heard about the bears' situation I was upset, so Lynettea decided she would let me befriend a friendship bear. Unfortunately Bear Diamond was not on the list of friendship bears, so I decided to befriend Bear Emma. You can read her story here.

When Lynettea was at the sanctuary she was taking a photo of a beautiful brown bear standing on a hill. The Brown Bear suddenly saw Lynettea standing by herself at the fence and ran down the hill and across the paddock to say hello. Lynettea says she will never forget that. It was like meeting a huge wild friend.
If any of you kitties want to read about the beautiful bears and tell your humans about their situation go to the Animals Asia web site. They also support cats and dogs in trouble in Asia.
I might be able to post some photos later.
Just to correct any mistake, there are still around 94 bear bile farms in China alone, so thousands of bears are still in these vile prisons. This video is pretty shocking, so please advise sensitive human carers to keep their eyes shut while you look. They may not be as upset if they only listen without looking at the pictures.


Princess Jasmine said...

We are so glad these bears have been rescued. Diamond really deserves that lovely enclosure and swimming pool. I can never understand why people are so cruel to animals. How amazing that must of been so see that bear running over to say hello :) xx

Diamond said...

Hi Princess Jasmine, there are still around 94 bear bile farms in China alone, so many thousands of bears are in these dreadful prisons.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

My human is horrified by the bile farms, and the other cruelties these bears have suffered. We are glad there's a group that is looking out for them, and other abused creatures.

meowmeowmans said...

Hi Diamond,

Many, many thanks to both you and Lynettea for befriending Emma. It makes me so sad and angry to know that beautiful and innocent creatures like Diamond and Emma are subjected to such horrific abuse at the hands of evil people. We are thankful for the work being done by Animals Asia, and will purr and pray for them.

Keisha said...

Love and kisses to u and ur critter friend. :) {{{{bears}}}}

Kari said...

China has a horrible record when it comes to human rights. Is it any wonder that it's animal rights record is deplorable as well? Thank God someone is doing something to help.
This makes me angry beyond belief.
I always try to avoid buying any products of Chinese origin because of these records of mistreatment and abuse but is getting harder and harder.

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond,
Hmm. Me has seen bears in our yard and me would not owant one of them running towards me!
Me can't believe they does that to bears! They poach bears around here and kill them just gor their gall bladders too! People can do some horrible things.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

That is a neat program. We couldn't handle the video but we did go read about the bears. It sounds like they have all been rescued to a happy life.

MoMo said...

We are very sad for the poor bears.

Karen Jo said...

What a horrible thing to do to a bear, or any other animal, for that matter! I hope that these farms can be outlawed. I am glad that some bears have been rescued.

Everycat said...

Animals Asia are a wonderful organisation, it's terrible that there are still bile farms running and so many bears suffering. We read that the RSPCA have compiled a set of animal welfare laws to be implemented by the Chinese Government, but we don't know if that covers bile farms or not. We hope all bears can one day go to sanctuaries to live safely and happily forever

Whicky Wuudler

Diamond said...

thank you to all my kitty friends who have visited. I hope you can tell your other kitty friends about the bears and they can tell their humans.