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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Tonight we had another visitor. Not a small child, so I must be grateful for that. I was shut in the front of the house for a long time. I am not sure why. I was only trying to test the odour of the food on the kitchen bench. I feel responsible for Lynettea's diet, especially as it is so poor - she never eats meat, for instance.
She doesn't like me sniffing at her food. I quite like to test the scent of: weetbix, nuts, peanut butter, vegemite, savoury nut loaf, crispbread, any kind of breakfast cereal with soymilk on it.
After they finished eating she opened the kitchen door. By that stage I had lost interest and stayed resting on my Snugglesafe. Of course it is all, "are you alright, Diamond?" then and stroking and patting. I have my dignity to consider.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I just had a small child visiting here. He was quiet at first, so I let him touch my soft and pretty furs while I lay quietly. I observed him closely, but preferred to stay on my warmer for a long as cattily possible (as it is winter here). Finally, when he started jumping up and down in an excited manner I had to go. I went and sat on Lynettea's usual chair in the kitchen and busied myself quietly looking at the Japanese language lesson that she had been reading. It didn't mention any cats though, so consequently was rather boring. I am not sure why so many documents that amuse humans do not mention us. Is it a lack of appreciation or just the usual human ignorance?
When the small boy tiptoed out to the kitchen he couldn't see me at first as i stayed quite motionless, hoping he would go away.
Now at last I have returned to my beloved Snugglesafe and hope there will be no further disturbance for this evening. At my age I really need adequate notification of any 'lovely surprise visits'.
My correspondent in Queensland, Sanka, wrote to me recently very briefly enquiring about my health. I am quite worried about Sanka, who apparently has to sleep in a shed at night, so was relieved to hear he is still in the land of the living. Whether we will ever be able to meet in the fur, I don't know. Both of us are getting on in age.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purrs from the bears

This is a disabled bear lying in a special comfortable hammock at the sanctuary. The disabled bears may be blind or have other problems which can be managed and the bears looked after so they have quality of life. These bears cannot live with the bears who are strong and vigorous, so they have special areas of their own to live in where they can feel safe and secure.

The bears in the bear sanctuary at Chengdu have sent us a special greeting, as they are so pleased to be featured on a cat blog.

'please send purrs to Diamond and gentle bear hugs from the bears'

Kari asked me if anything can be done to help the bears. I read on the Animals Asia web site that a lot of people in China are getting angry about the way the bears are treated.

Some celebrities are publicizing the plight of the bears. WSPCA (World Society for Protection of Animals) also works to try to make people aware of the suffering of the bears.

I suppose kitties could talk to their humans and those humans could let other humans know about this. When a lot of humans are annoyed about the situation perhaps they will get the Chinese government to change the laws.

Quite a few of the provinces have outlawed bile farms and bears are not allowed to be caught from the wild and put in bear farms in China. Probably some humans still do that though and sometimes the bears even lose a paw when they are caught.

If the people who use bear bile for medicines were to stop doing that and use some of the alternatives, then no-one could sell the bear bile anymore.

Then homes would have to be found for all the poor bears in the cages. I hope they can have nice homes to live in. That is my dream. I think about that when I am lying on my Snugglesafe warmer, with the warm air from the heater flowing around me.

If you can afford to give a little to help the bears you could do that too.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

thank you kitties! here are my bear photos

I tried most of your advice: batting Lynettea with my paw, miaowing in a 'very strident fashion Diamond', snuggling and purring, leaping onto the food preparation area, which is 'very bad, Diamond. What is making you so naughty', staring into her eyes and using my will power.

Now after all my efforts she has put my friendship photos on the computer so I could put them on my blog.
My photo is at the top like a guardian looking after my bear friend Emma. Lynettea said I could also put her photos of the type of cage in which Emma was imprisoned for ten years and Emma was also forced to wear a metal corset like those shown in the photo. I am glad Emma is now safe in her special place at the sanctuary.
The bear in the grassy area is called Caesar. Caesar is a female brown bear and the one that ran up to Lynettea from where Caesar was standing on the hill. Lynettea didn't have a photo of Emma in the sanctuary.
You can get more information on the moon bears at

I will put some photos of the food treats for the bears and the bears in their enclosures later.

the cages in which the bears are imprisoned are really small.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Thank you dear friends for your advice. I am going to try all your suggestions.

Monday, June 6, 2011

my certificate

I have a certificate of my friendship bear Emma, but Lynettea hasn't photographed it to put in the computer so I can put it on my blog.

She really does need quite a bit of retraining. I am not sure how I will manage this, as I am rather feeling my age and the cold. I am spending a lot of time on my Snugglesafe heating pad or under the blanket on the bed. I don't want to lose the opportunity to publicize my bear though.
Maybe I need to give Lynettea some kind of a reminder.I don't like to slap at her or bite her, as she does try to look after me in her rather limited way. What do you suggest?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

baby pandas in the trees

because it might not be a good idea to hold baby pandas, I have now put a picture of pandas in the trees instead. If you think about it humans holding pandas isn't really natural. Pandas should be shy of humans, or they might adopt habits that will put them in conflict with villagers. That is what I think, as a kitty anyway. You can't really trust humans except your own human and even then you have to be careful because she might accidentally step on you.

Which can be quite painful, as we all know.

Now Lynettea has been away and out of my control for some time I am considering quite an extensive program of retraining her.