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Thursday, June 2, 2011

baby pandas in the trees

because it might not be a good idea to hold baby pandas, I have now put a picture of pandas in the trees instead. If you think about it humans holding pandas isn't really natural. Pandas should be shy of humans, or they might adopt habits that will put them in conflict with villagers. That is what I think, as a kitty anyway. You can't really trust humans except your own human and even then you have to be careful because she might accidentally step on you.

Which can be quite painful, as we all know.

Now Lynettea has been away and out of my control for some time I am considering quite an extensive program of retraining her.


The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond,
Me hopes yous is feeling better! Me liked the Panda shot. they looks ver different from the bears around our yard.
And re-training peoples is quite a chore. My Mommy will be going away for 2 weeks, then she is home for 6 days and gone again for another week. If you gets some good suggestions, please let us know!

meowmeowmans said...

Cool picture, Diamond. Yes, we think pandas are probably better off in trees, too.

Good luck with the retraining...

AttieCattie said...

retraining, MOL.

Keiko said...

Sometimes retraining our human is necessary!

When our Mummy makes us stop doing something, we do more and more naughty things until she gives up!

Purrrs, KQ

Yoggi said...

Retraining her in not stepping on you!

Diamond said...

I can't seem to post on some of your blogs anymore. It tries to get me to log in many times and then says I am anonymous. What is going on?

Keisha said...

Pandas are cyoot. :) I would hug a panda if I could. I hope u feels better! :) Hi to your Mom. :)