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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Purrs from the bears

This is a disabled bear lying in a special comfortable hammock at the sanctuary. The disabled bears may be blind or have other problems which can be managed and the bears looked after so they have quality of life. These bears cannot live with the bears who are strong and vigorous, so they have special areas of their own to live in where they can feel safe and secure.

The bears in the bear sanctuary at Chengdu have sent us a special greeting, as they are so pleased to be featured on a cat blog.

'please send purrs to Diamond and gentle bear hugs from the bears'

Kari asked me if anything can be done to help the bears. I read on the Animals Asia web site that a lot of people in China are getting angry about the way the bears are treated.

Some celebrities are publicizing the plight of the bears. WSPCA (World Society for Protection of Animals) also works to try to make people aware of the suffering of the bears.

I suppose kitties could talk to their humans and those humans could let other humans know about this. When a lot of humans are annoyed about the situation perhaps they will get the Chinese government to change the laws.

Quite a few of the provinces have outlawed bile farms and bears are not allowed to be caught from the wild and put in bear farms in China. Probably some humans still do that though and sometimes the bears even lose a paw when they are caught.

If the people who use bear bile for medicines were to stop doing that and use some of the alternatives, then no-one could sell the bear bile anymore.

Then homes would have to be found for all the poor bears in the cages. I hope they can have nice homes to live in. That is my dream. I think about that when I am lying on my Snugglesafe warmer, with the warm air from the heater flowing around me.

If you can afford to give a little to help the bears you could do that too.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It upsets both me and my human to think of all the terrible mistreatment these bears have gone through. I am so glad you are letting folks know about their plight.

Diamond said...

thanks Sparkle. I don't want to upset kitties, but it is a worrying problem.

meowmeowmans said...

Dear Sparkle and Lynettea,

Thank you so much for sharing about the terrible abuses being suffered by these poor bears. We are glad there are places like the Chengdu sanctuary ... hopefully awareness will increase and the Chinese government will change the laws.

Kari said...

This is getting worse by the moment! How can we make China understand that we and the rest of the world find this practice deplorable! I always felt boycotting of products and travel worked best. But I saw, today, on the television that China is the major holder of our treasury bonds and thus the major lender to the U.S.
~sinking feeling here~. Someone said that if Americans stayed out of Wal-mart's, (chock full of "made in China " products), we could have some leverage.
Very upsetting.
How are you doing, dear Diamond? Hope all is well.

Huffle Mawson said...

Poor bears. You are doing a wonderful job of raising awareness about their plight, Diamond.