Thank you Mr Puddyfor this sweet award.
15 unknown facts about me. That will be hard, as I have been open about my life, narrow though it may appear to have been.
I may have told you some of these before:
1. Did you know I once flew to Sydney by myself many years ago?
2. When I went to Sydney (without Lynettea) she strapped a Valium tablet to the top of the transport module so the Specialist staff in Sydney would give it to me on my way home.
3. They forgot to give me the tablet, so I was very nervous with all the noise in the plane. I was away a lot of time (days and days).
4. When I was sent away I didn't see the harbour view, although Lynettea told me to look from the plane window. She obviously didn't know that I would not be in a glamorous window seat.
5. ON arrival I was transported away in a special van designed to collect pets no-one accompanied. You can imagine how concerned I would have been at this point, except that Lynettea had forced me to swallow a Valium tablet before DUMPING ME AT THE AIRPORT IN ADELAIDE. So I was still quite drowsy.
6. Lynettea kept phoning me in Sydney, but she couldn't get through, as they didn't let cats come to the phone. Another instance of unusual and cruel discrimination against cats.
7. She spoke to the Specialist Neurologist, who had poked at me and given me an MRI scan to see if she could see what was wrong with me. (She couldn't).
8. So after all this travel I finally returned home in a solitary manner in my cage.
9. Lynettea went with a friend to pick me up. She was wondering if they had sent the right cat back. I felt a bit dazed after all the flying. Cats aren't meant to fly, otherwise they would have wings. No, I didn't see any puffy white clouds.
10. As further discrimination against cats they had put my transporter where I couldn't see out of the window and I didn't receive any inflight meals.
11. On my return home Lynettea made a lot of fuss of me. She said she had wondered if she would ever see me again.
12. I had to take cortisone tablets every day.
13. My specialist here could hardly believe it when Lynettea told him I seemed to be getting better. (my back leg had been giving way).
14. Lynettea after a long time started to cut down on my cortisone tablets and I still kept getting better. The specialist was very surprised when I showed him how I could walk across the floor of the surgery.
15. Then I got a lot better and was able to stop taking any tablets and could climb up the grapevine and bolt here and there. So I stopped going to the specialist and had to start training Lynettea again. She had got quite out of hand while I had been ill for all that time. At least she was a lot more cheerful now.

I am passing this award to the last fifteen cats who have left messages for me. Thank you kitties and your messages are all carefully read and appreciated.


Wow, what an amazing journey you have had, and what stories you can tell. We love hearing all about you. Thank you for passing it to me, I shall get the Mumster onto it. Mummy doesn't like flying either so even though she gets a window (she won't sit next to it) she never looks out until the plane is starting to come down. I think she would like one of your tablets :)xx
Mr Puddy said…
MOL, I need to take a Valium tablet too, Diamond
You make your own rule for this Award..Ha..Ha..Ha
7 unknown facts become 15 ...heh..heh..heh
But It's all good, Because you have a very exciting story..Flying !!!! I have never fly on the plan in my life !
I take note with your story cause one day this might be my mission, who know ?
Thanks to sharing your story. It's Amazing !!!
Happy Monday to you : )
Fuzzy Tales said…
Whoa! Concats on your award, but gees, that sounds like a terrible "adventure" to have had. Yikes. We're so glad you're fine now!

Thanks for passing the award on to us too! We had just done it last week, so likely won't post it again--but we do appreciate it very much! :-)
The Whiskeratti said…
Wow. That was quite a story, Diamond. We're so very glad you are now all recovered from that. And thank you so much for the award!
Teddy Westlife said…
How interesting that you did all that flying by yourself Diamond! Thank you for sharing your award with me.
Sasha said…
Wow,before I have even finished my post some kitties have visited. Thank you very much. Lynettea will be jealous of all my international friends and my interstate friends. I probably won't mention it to her in case she starts sulking.
Sasha said…
sorry to The Island Cats, if you see this post. I tried three times to let you know about the awardie on your web site, but it didn't stick on the blog.
That was quite a trip, Diamond! Thanks so much for the award... as you guessed, I have already received it a long time ago.
Anonymous said…
Nice award! You do have a very sweet blog and we are happy you passed the award on to us! Anyways, that sounds like quite the adventure but we are very happy that things turned out well for you. Hopefully Tobi will never have to fly because it doesn't sound like a very good experience for cats! Discrimination for sure! :)
Cara n Crew said…
Concats, Diamond! Yow! We hadn't realized you had to travel all by yourself and even see a v-e-t specialist by yourself! too bad you could not also have enjoyed a proper holiday while you were in Sydney :-) We are glad you are better now. Our beans are always in a state when we are not at our best, aren't they?

Thanks very much for sharing the award with us!
Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie
Unknown said…
Dear Diamond
What a harrowing experience! Me thinks Valium would not have been enough for me! Thanks for passing the award on to me! Me feels so privilaged!
Motor Home Cats said…
We didn't know all those things about you. Thank you so much for giving us the award. We are honored to have international friends too. We've never flown anywhere - let alone by ourselves, but Mom's cat's who came before flew over to Germany by themselves and then back home again.

Cody and Gracie
meowmeowmans said…
First of all, Concatulations on your award, Diamond. It's very well deserved.

That was some amazing journey you took! We never knew about your leg and all of that. We're so glad you recovered so nicely!

Thank you for passing the award on to us. We're honored, and are so thankful for your friendship.
Willow said…
Diamond that was a harrowing journey with that had a very happy ending with no specialist. Purrs.
meowmeowmans said…
Diamond, we liked the comment you left about the Diamond at our shelter. It's true, a name sure says a lot about a cat, doesn't it? :)
Willow said…
Purring a thank you for adding me to the award as it picked me and my Mom up after this week.
Kari said…
What an interesting kitty you are, darling Diamond. And what an experience! We think you are very brave and your mum was very brave to let you go alone. Lots of terrible things happen to kitties and pups traveling here in the states. We are glad that you made it back home. We think that you are a very special kitty and we'd love to hear more of your fascinating life.
Clooney said…
Congrats on your well-deserved award and thanks so much for passing it on to us! Sorry we are late in getting back to you, we are very behind in our blogging stuff right now. Wow, what a brave guy you were Diamond to fly on a plane all by yourself, I would have needed a valium for sure as I don't even like car travel. I thinks you should have at least had a window seat and some Num-Nums served to you on flight. Glad everything worked out so well with your health. I have liked reading all your posts, you are a very wise feline. Last year my Human visited 'Stralia but she didn't get to Adelaide but she had a great experience backpacking and seeing some of your huge country. (We will do a post about the award in the next 2 days.)Thanks again!
Cassy said…
Well, you deserve to be awarded! Congratulations.

From Cassy of How To Strum A Guitar
Sasha said…
Some kitties were worried that something could have happened to me travelling alone. I never really thought of that. Lynettea checked me in with a special courier organization and the vet clinic in Sydney organized to meet me at the airport. I wasn't really worried, as I had a valium tablet forced down my throat and I felt drowsy. Just as well nobody tried to seize me, as I would not have been alert enough to prevent them. How inconsiderate of Lynettea to make me helpless.
wildcatwoods said…
Wow - you had quite an adventure flying alone! We are certainly glad you got home safe and that you are feeling much better. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it on to us. We have been busy caring for Chica who has not been well. We will post the award maybe later when she feels better.

Cats of wildcat woods

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