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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Lynettea posted off my letter and I am waiting to get my Bequest Pet details. She thought that other cats might like to look at the program and I should put a link, so here it is. RSPCA South Australia Pet Bequest Program
They don't have all the details about it on the web site, as Lynettea received a special letter from the lady in charge.

We had a quiet Christmas as Lynettea got quite ill with gastroenteritis for days and couldn't do anything. I had to sit in front of her on a small table and keep staring at her to make sure she didn't pass away. I thought she was going to go a few times, but my efforts helped her pull through. When she was a bit better I sat on her most of the time to make sure she kept breathing. It was exhausting work and consequently I am having to rest a lot now.
Fortunately she was able to get to the chicken shop just before it closed for Christmas. She looked terrible and there was also a heatwave, so I was impressed that she managed to walk down the street. Worried too. It was a relief when she reappeared and I smelt the hot savoury smell of the sage stuffed chicken wafting down the hallway.
Otherwise it would have been a lean Christmas for me.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Important Letter

Today Lynettea wrote my Important Letter to the RSPCA.  She put in it all about me (as she sees it, so not all that accurate) because she is requesting them to look after me as a Bequest Animal if anything should happen to her. She has left money in her will and spoken to the Bequest Animal lady who explained the program to her. Bequest Pets are looked after by special people who are on a waiting list to look after these special pets. The RSPCA still looks out for the pets and is their 'owner', so they pay for Vet bills etc and look after the pet for the rest of their life.
I am now waiting to receive my special Bequest Pet tags, or tag.

I don't think I really want to be a Bequest Pet, as I would prefer to stay here. So I will have to try to make sure Lynettea stays healthy and can look after me. I will have to start supervising her more closely as to her diet and exercise program. Also she needs to remain mentally stimulated. I am already working on some of these issues. One of her visitors today commented that I was very vocal. It is awkward, as I have to issue instructions constantly. The question remains: will she ever be fully trained?
The picture shows me resting after a training session. As you can see it was a tiring session.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Lynettea said she read a poem about me at the Box Factory Market on Saturday. She said people chuckled when they heard it, which isn't very nice. She says her poem was realistic, but I don't think so if people were smiling. I do my best to be taken very seriously and this will undermine my credibility.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Steamed up

Well the atmosphere around here is intense. Lynettea needs to practise her haiku sequence for the launch this afternoon. She hasn't chosen something of mine to read. I wonder why.

Spent most of the night sleeping on one of Lynettea's hats on a small table in the lounge room. It wasn't all that comfortable. She was trying to entice me to sleep on a chair in the bedroom, but I chose not too. The bedroom is getting so full with my basket on the floor and now the extra chair. I did sleep in the basket for a few nights over a month ago, before I got the Arthur medication. I gave up sleeping on the bed after I fell out twice and jarred my legs.

Woke up at 6.30 and threw up a large hairball. After that I waited on the dressing table for Lynettea to struggle out of bed. I tend to leap onto the dressing table and throw all the unneccessary papers to the floor. A bit like the end of a ski-run as I leap from the chest of drawers. Lynettea says she is at her wits end. What does that mean? She isn't used to all my pro-active help in tidying up.

I think I will go outside and sit on my upper sundeck for a while.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

where some of my poems are (under the wrong name)

My haiku are in this book called Haiku Bindii  which is being launched on 3 December.
Lynettea said I can't go and read my poems, as no one would understand what I am saying. 'All they will hear is miaow miaow miaow, Diamond,' she told me. How rude!
 'And,' she said, 'you would be far too nervous, as you hate a crowd and a lot of people will come to buy the book.'
Some of the poems are also by Lynettea and by other poets in her group. She said they all know which are my poems, as they are mostly cat or moon poems. Although some of my poems are now on other topics.

Lynettea went to get more Arthuritis medicine for me at the Vet today. The receptionist told her to mix my fresh roasted chicken pieces with my dry kidney food to see if I would eat it. So Lynette tried that and I didn't eat it. I did pick at a few pieces. So she had to go to the shop and get fresh chicken and then I ate some.