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Thursday, March 29, 2012


Do you remember my dog friend Orla from next door? When she first moved next door with her humans she used to look at me through the cracks in the fence, but they all got nailed up and she couldn't see me any more.

When she took one of her humans for a walk she would sometimes see me through the pickets (when I was exercising Lynettea) and get very excited and snuffle through the gaps at me. It worried me that she was obviously so devoted to me when I couldn't return her passion.

Most days Lynettea carries me up and down the street so I can check that everything is okay. I got sick of trying to control her on the lead, as it is too difficult. At least if she is carrying me I have her under observation and from up higher I get a good view. We sometimes go and look at Orla through her front gate. She is always so excited to see me. She rushes from the back of the house and whirls around and around with her tail waving.

Yesterday I was out in the street with Lynettea carrying me as usual when we saw Orla's male human servant was getting into his car. He started shouting, 'Get back inside Orla,' and when we turned around there was Orla bounding up to us. Maybe he was concerned that I would injure his precious dog, but I quickly reassured him. Lynettea bent down so Orla could touch my nose with hers. She was really excited to be so close to me and I also felt a pang. I am not sure if it was affection or pity for the poor creature. When she bounded away up the drive she touched my nose again and then she had to go inside.

After that excitement we continued our walk up the street for a little way and then came back home.


Princess Jasmine said...

wow, that sounds so amazing. I get to see lots of woofies coming past my front garden as there is a park at the end of the road. Mummy had a kitty a long while ago that was friends with a golder retriever and she used to wait for him to come along and then they would greet and she would walk a little way down the road with him. There is a kitty that lives two doors down and he walks all the way down the road, across the little road at the end and goes and sits in the park watching the woofies and children play. I think he is very brave :)xx

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You're friends with a dog? Personally, I don't like them. That includes the one that actually lives here. She is kind of scared of me!

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond,
Me loves my hairy slobbery sisters and (don't tell) but me loves Baily and Cloe who lives up the street too. So does Kozmo. When Mommy and Dady takes Kozmo for a walk with them, Cloe bounds out from her house, and we touch noses and then, Baily bounds out of his and we touch. Me thinks humans is a little bit too concerned.
Me is glad yous has a woofie friend too!

Keisha said...

Oh boy! I am glad u have a doggie friend. :)

meowmeowmans said...

That sounds like a nice encounter you and Lynettea had with Orla, Diamond. :)

And yes, humans are incredibly difficult to control on the lead, aren't they?