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Sunday, April 22, 2012

CHICKEN is good

I haven't thrown up on my new diet of fresh roast chicken. I have to keep an eye on the food bowl if I feel in the least hungry so Lynettea will get the idea to put some more chicken in it. I am only to have small quantities at a time.

She isn't up to much and certainly no walks of any length. I hope she is able to manage to get to the hot chicken shop on the corner of the street, which is not so far away. She even gets tired just sitting down. I get tired too, but I lie down, preferably somewhere a bit cosy. I think she should lie down more as it would be of more benefit. She needs to get well to go hunting in the SUPERMARKET FOREST. I certainly could not manage to push a trolley down the aisles and Lynettea says the counter staff might laugh at me if I was to take supplies to the counter. The world is a cruel place if people laugh at cats who are only trying to help.

And it is raining.


Princess Jasmine said...

Awwww Diamond, we bet you would push that trolley round the supermarket if you could. Have a lovely lazy day resting :)xx

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Diamond, you and you human are really a pair! I hope both of you feel better soon.

The Cat From Hell said...

Hi Diamond,
Roast chicken is mine and Queen Penelope's favorite too. It was a nice hot chicken from the supermarket that got her eating the other day and chicken is great for hiding her pills! I hope Lynette feels better soon too. Mommy says those Airplane colds are the worst.
We will keep purring for you!

Cara n Crew said...

We are glad to hear you are feeling better, Diamond. take good care of your Lynettea too so she is able to walk to the corner! it isn't very nice that humans would laugh at you trying to shop. besides getting wet from the rain, the humans might not let a kitty into the supermarket forest! can you believe the nerve?!? Try laying on Lynettea to keep her resting in one place. Purrs,

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Hollie

Keisha said...

Aww shucks. I hope Lynettea feels better and u get more chicken. :)

meowmeowmans said...

We're glad you are feeling better, Diamond! Now we hope that ynettea soon joins you in the land of good health!