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Thursday, April 19, 2012


Lynettea says she is REALLY SORRY she left me. She is still unwell and had to get some different anti biotics, but I have been trying my best to nurse her and staying on her lap a lot of the time. I seem to have lost interest in doing much self grooming while away and have thrown up quite a lot of times (but not all the time) since getting home. Lynettea has to brush me more and keeps cuddling me. I am sleeping next to her again on the bed at night, as I need to  keep an eye on her now.

She says she will have to take me to the doctor if I keep throwing up. She isn't up to going out much, but I know she will do that if she has to.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Oh ick, Diamond, I hope you don't have to go to the vet, but if you are unwell I guess there is no choice. I'm sending healing purrs your way.

Princess Jasmine said...

Awwwww, we hope you are both feeling better soon. That's no fun being icky poo, if you have to go to the docs we hope they give you something tasty to make you all better quickly :)xxxx

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond, Me is sorry that yous, mes and Lynette is ill.
me sends yous purrs!

Keisha said...

Plz feel better! I hope ur tummy is all fixed soon. :)

meowmeowmans said...

Oh Diamond! How did we miss this post? We hope you and Lynettea are both feeling better soon, dear friend.