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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My bear friend Emma

I have renewed my friendship with my Brown Bear Friend Emma again for another year and Emma kindly sent me a photo of him in his sanctuary.
this is me receiving Emma's letter and photo. Then Lynettea took some photos of me with Emma. I am sitting on my Snugglesafe on my couch. Unfortunately the photo Lynettea took doesn't show my true beauty. She says she could have used the flash, but she knows I don't like the flash. Emma looks very nice. Maybe sometime I can visit him in his sanctuary near Chengdu in China.
Maybe in the winter would be a good time to go, as Lynettea says it would be nice and warm there. And there are some cats that live there too. I am not sure I am up to all the travelling at my age. I hope Emma enjoys all the treats I have donated.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


For those who were worried about my fall from the table, Lynettea took a photo of my reclining on the sofa. You can see I look quite comfortable. Lynettea said she had to look closely at me to see if everything was alright and then she saw my ear twitch, so she knew I was okay.
I have smaller heated cushions at my lower back and shoulders in this photo as well as my two Snugglesafes. I think I will stay put for a while. Lynettea closed the window because she worried that a breeze might get onto me. Maybe later I will look for a bit of sunshine.

Monday, May 14, 2012

in and out of the bag

Lynettea thought this was FUNNY!!!!sHE doesn't like me 'getting at her food', but it was quite a struggle to test if these chick pea gluten free chips were alright for her to eat. I am not sure if I will bother testing the next lot. In the process I also fell off the table, which was a shock to my whole system. No wonder my eyes are rather fixed and staring.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

winter warmer

Last night Lynettea found my winter warming Snugglesafes and heated one up for me in the microwave. She put it under one of the furry grey cat cosies for me, so I didn't use it. She should know by now  that range of cat cosies (I have three), haven't been to my taste for some time. I admit that I was quite taken with the smaller ones at first, but after a while they didn't appeal. Even the slightest touch of the nylon fur on my paw is repellant.
This morning she put a heated Snugglesafe under an old beach towel and I have settled down on it for a nap.
Aaah!!! Purrr Purrr.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Lynettea says I should thank Yoko of Sendai for helping me during her trip to Japan. So I am sending a lot of purrs to Yoko. If I see her I will let her stroke my soft furs and pick me up.
This is a photo from a temple at Kyoto. The whole of the hills around are covered with cherry trees donated by people. So there is a cherry forest. They were only just budding when Lynettea walked around. Imagine what they would look like in full bloom.
I think I have a very thoughtful expression in this portrait. As we know I have a lot of things to think about. Lynettea thinks I might be struggling to compose a haiku.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Some pictures at last

You may have noticed that I haven't had any pictures on my blog for a long time. If I don't have any pictures how can I attract any followers?

Lynettea finally loaded some on to the computer with my help. She let me use her photo of Fuji san which she took from the Bullet Train to Kyoto.
The second photo is of me after Lynettea's  return. One of her friends picked me up. You can see how uncomfortable and alert I am. My ears are quite alarmed. I am not struggling though, as I don't want to be impolite. I am trying to focus my thoughts elsewhere.