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Sunday, June 17, 2012


for not even posting my friends comments to my blog. I have been unable to get Lynettea to pay any attention to mE ME ME lately, other than giving me food and water and reheating my snugglesafe and brushing me a couple of times a day. No attention has been given to my intellectual interests. I only get proper attention if she has visitors.
It is too cold on my furs to go out much, particularly if it is raining. I have had a couple of walks up and down the street being carried by Lynettea (she says carrying me helps keep her warm). Not today though, as it is raining. She only went out to get my food at the chicken shop.
My friends I am sorry I haven't been able to visit your blogs either. Maybe I should attempt to go home with one of the visitors. Lynettea might prevent me, as she is very selfish. She might suddenly, at the last minute think of ALL I DO FOR HER!!!!


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Diamond, it sounds to me like you have a very willful and hard-to-train human. I can tell it is frustrating.

Kari said...

We miss seeing you , love. We cats know our beans can very remiss at times. But we'll look forward to seeing lots of new photos which we are sure you will encourage your mum to take. Hope you are feeling well.
Love to you.

Keisha said...

Hoomins is funny sometimes. Maybe Lynettea will give u the teevee control and u can watch a history or art show? Those are good.

The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Diamond,
Our Mommy keeps telling us she is busy working!
Me thinks humans is very remiss in taking care of our needs. Purrhaps wes should goes on strike...
Kisses sweet Diamond

meowmeowmans said...

Diamond, we are sorry that Lynettea has not been attentive as of late. We miss you, too, dear friend, and hope you are okay. Hugs.

Kim_Burns said...

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