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Thursday, August 30, 2012


Not much news, really. I am still comfortable on the kitchen table. Near me I have a placemat with a tiger picture on it, holding a small bowl of water and one of my food plates. My plates and bowls need to be rotated as there is not enough room for all of them on the table near me. I like to have a variety of foods available to either eat or reject as the whim takes me.
My private litter palace has been moved nearby too.
I took a short walk outside yesterday and today, but it is too nippy for my furs and I came in quickly.

for a cat shaped
patch of sunshine

Friday, August 24, 2012


I have been living on the kitchen table for some days now. Lynettea finds it a bit inconvenient, but it keeps me closer to the action and the food. Before that I was living on the sofa in the front room. I am not sure which is cosier. After I kept sitting on the kitchen table and miaowing for a long time, Lynettea decided to make up a bed for me there, with my flannelette sheets and my snugglesafe inside my big plush cat nest.
I think she likes me to be near her. Maybe she feels lacking in confidence. You never know with humans.
We had a lot of rain and hail yesterday. It was very cold, so I spent the day indoors helping Lynettea. This photo is recent and you can see there is not much sun around. I am trying to get up further towards it on the air conditioning unit, but am not having much luck.

Monday, August 13, 2012

no PICTURE available yet

In spite of my photo shoot during a brief burst of sunshine yesterday, I have no photo to put on my blog, as Lynettea hasn't transferred any from the digital camera.
We spent some time outside, with me showing off for my admirers while I strolled on the footpath wearing my halter. Lynettea needs the assurance of the halter when I am outside the garden. She is afraid someone will kidnap me. However all of my admirers seem quite well behaved. Maybe some are lurking somewhere nearby that are not so pleasant.
Several groups of people came to look at a house for sale over the road. Lynettea spoke to the agent and passed on my instructions that he was to sell only to a nice person who would not cause any trouble or loud noise. I like my peace and quiet.
She said the house was squalid looking inside and the agent told her a lot of renovation would need to be done. That might mean a lot of noise, unfortunately. Lynettea said it could give me some entertainment, supervising the workmen from my window seat. As if I don't already have enough work supervising her and the fish!!!!!

Today it was cloudy and not so pleasant outside. Some of my friends visited and then they all went down the street for lunch at a cafe.
As usual I was not allowed to go. Apparently cats are not allowed inside the cafe. I think I would have liked to sit at a table and eat some freshly cooked grilled chicken. And the cafe would get a boost from having a Cat Celebrity visit for lunch. I could even write a food review on my blog.

Friday, August 10, 2012

More of my haiku

Lynettea is trying to outshine me, but that will be hard. Keisha has also posted some haiku. After all my hard work I need to rest.

August challenge

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I have been busy writing some new haiku for Lynettea's challenges. July Challenge
June Challenge For the June challenge I decided to write about dogs instead of cats. Dogs can also have their problems, particularly if they are stray dogs, and the challenge was 'shelter'.
After these efforts I thought I might take a rest, but Lynettea says I should write some more haiku, if I think I am so good. She must be jealous of me, so I will feel sorry for her and try to be nice to her.
Brush me, brush me and I will help you relax.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cat Sculpture

I think we are too late for any catolympic events. I didn't get to look around very much, so missed the fun (as usual). As compensation Lynettea said I could post this photo she took on the Art Island Naoshima in Japan in April.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I think Sparkle is right, my human does have difficulty in accepting my popularity. Maybe she gets tired of other humans asking 'how is Diamond' instead of asking her how she is feeling. Even the hot chicken shop people have started asking 'how is Diamond', when they can see she has battled through the rain and wind down a dark street to get my dinner. She will never admit that though. But I can psychoanalyse her.
I will have to try to be more kind and patient with her.
When she pays me enough attention, that is.
These are some earlier photos of me, but you can see how alert and cute I look.