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Monday, August 13, 2012

no PICTURE available yet

In spite of my photo shoot during a brief burst of sunshine yesterday, I have no photo to put on my blog, as Lynettea hasn't transferred any from the digital camera.
We spent some time outside, with me showing off for my admirers while I strolled on the footpath wearing my halter. Lynettea needs the assurance of the halter when I am outside the garden. She is afraid someone will kidnap me. However all of my admirers seem quite well behaved. Maybe some are lurking somewhere nearby that are not so pleasant.
Several groups of people came to look at a house for sale over the road. Lynettea spoke to the agent and passed on my instructions that he was to sell only to a nice person who would not cause any trouble or loud noise. I like my peace and quiet.
She said the house was squalid looking inside and the agent told her a lot of renovation would need to be done. That might mean a lot of noise, unfortunately. Lynettea said it could give me some entertainment, supervising the workmen from my window seat. As if I don't already have enough work supervising her and the fish!!!!!

Today it was cloudy and not so pleasant outside. Some of my friends visited and then they all went down the street for lunch at a cafe.
As usual I was not allowed to go. Apparently cats are not allowed inside the cafe. I think I would have liked to sit at a table and eat some freshly cooked grilled chicken. And the cafe would get a boost from having a Cat Celebrity visit for lunch. I could even write a food review on my blog.


Princess Jasmine said...

We hope you get some lovely new neighbours soon and ones that don't make too much noise. That doesn't seem fair that you can't go to the cafe as well, maybe you could start your own kitty cafe :)xx

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Well, I think that is ridiculous that you are not allowed inside restaurants! I bet you would be WAY more well-behaved than most small children and quite a few adults.

The Island Cats said...

You need to find a cafe that allows cats, Diamond!!

Keisha said...

I hope u will get the tasty noms soon. U could have a good cooking show. :)

Kari said...

We're glad to know you wear your halter. You know, if we see anything we fancy, we're off! Better safe than sorry as the old saying goes. Our mum wants to tell you that if she saw a kitty at a cafe, she would surely stop in even If she had not ntended to! A gorgeous, well mannered Russian Blue wearing a halter would be quite a draw. Love to you, dear.

meowmeowmans said...

We can hardly wait to see your pictures, Diamond. It sounds as though that was a very nice day you had outside.

That cafe would let you come in there for a bite if they were smart. You're right ... a cat celebrity would have people FLOCKING to eat there. :)