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Friday, September 28, 2012


Diamond will be sixty today, which is eighty years old in human terms. I haven't been able to help him with his blogging in the last few days,so he was unable to leave a message to invite his kitty friends. If anyone would like to leave him a special message I am sure he would appreciate it. I am putting on some old photos of Diamond. Thank you Diamond for being such a wonderful friend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


or the day before, because I am not sure which now I don't have good access to my blog,I had a picnic tea on the front porch with Lynettea. People couldn't see me behind the pickets, although I could look through the spaces between the pickets and look at them going past. There were no paparazzi around, so I had a kittywash with my special kittywash tissues. I hope no one was trying to snap me from a window far away. Although it isn't very private and no one seems to bother much about privacy anymore, even royalty. My legs are slipping on the polished wood floor inside. Lynettea says I need to strengthen them by walking more and she is thinking of giving me an exercise regime every day. I hope it isn't too harsh.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

me in the sunshine

This was me relaxing in the sunshine by the side of the house. Later I had a picnic tea on the airconditioner. Today Lynettea was tired and coughing, so we stayed inside, although she tried to get me to go out in the morning, but I preferred to take my nap in my basket. I hope it is sunny tomorrow and I may feel like going outside for a while. The sun was just about to go down in the photo below.
Then the night started. I quite like the twilight and poking about in cracks to find who knows what.
Lynettea wrote a special haiku for me. I think it can be one of my haiku as she has claimed a lot of mine for her book.

the cat in the kitchen
curls into his basket
alone at nightfall

but I may change it around to read like this as it sounds more comforting.

alone at nightfall
the cat in the kitchen
curls into his basket

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today I sat in the sunshine for a while admiring my bluebells. Lynettea took some photos of me when I was lying down and then when I hopped onto the airconditioning unit. I hopped onto the chair and then the airconditioner. She was quite surprised, as she thought I couldn't jump any more. Then I had a picnic tea on the airconditioner before the sun went down further. I don't have the photos yet, as the camera battery expired and it is on the re-charger.

Then I listened to some internet radio in the kitchen. We listened to BBC radio in Washington and then some classical music in Boston and now some Jazz Music (from where we don't know). Even though we are a long way from these places, in Adelaide, the radio is quite clear.

I also had a kittywash, which is a tissue from a special kittywash packet. It cleans the fur, although mine I think is quite clean anyway. I sit there quietly while Lynettea rubs it all over me, as it seems to please her to do that. Now I am particularly fluffy and handsome.

Monday, September 17, 2012


I am still in the kitchen most of the time. Lynettea is spending more time in there, as we have a big kitchen and she can read at the table or do some studies.

SHE is trying to serve me better. Yesterday I had my cat milk for breakfast with my kidney crisp cookies and a bit of roast chicken (all in separate bowls, of course). For lunch I had some of my soft kidney food, followed by fish broth and some of my kidney crisp cookies. Dinner was much the same as breakfast, with supper being a fresh packet of my kidney diet food and some of my cat milk.
Unfortunately I was caught short in my baskie during the night and Lynettea had to change my sheets at five am. She put some plastic under the new sheets, which is a bit crackly, but I have got used to it now. I sat on the wooden floor for quite a long time after she changed my sheets, as I wasn't quite sure what to do.
Today we are following with much the same diet, except that I didn't get offered any fish soup. Maybe someone needs to go hunting in the supermarket.
No walk outside today. It is cloudy and quite cold for my furs, so I didn't want to go out.
Thanks to all my friends for your concern. I hope I don't have an infection. Lynettea mentioned my problems to my Vet when we were there to have my nails trimmed and he said nothing could be done. Why does she discuss me in front of me? I am not brainless. My Vet didn't even bother to try asking me if I had any problems. Lynettea said that all he would hear would be miaouws (which I find a very rude comment). He said I was a lovely cat and gave me a cuddle, because I was very quiet. Maybe that is just patronizing. He no doubt prefers cats that are unassertive.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

mORE life changes

A lot has been happening for me. I had a nasty fall from one of the kitchen chairs some days ago while trying to get off the table. I landed on my back and also banged my head. Lynettea was there when I opened my eyes and she picked me up and rushed me straight to the loungeroom where she nursed me for a long time in her arms like a baby.
I hadn't broken anything, but some musles were strained and I couldn't jump up to the chair. So Lynettea shifted all my equipment to the loungeroom and set up a baskie on the floor for me. All my equipment, such as my food plates and water on my tiger place mat were nearby and also my litter box, so I didn't have to walk very far.
I settled in there, keeping warm on my Snugglesafe heated pad and after a while I was walking quite well again. So everything seemed to be cozy and okay. I was even going out for a short walkies outside to see my friend Orla.

Then last night I went over to the computer area and started to make a wee wee on the power connections near the computer. Lynettea snatched me up and rushed me out to the kitchen litter. She had to spend quite a long time cleaning up and said I would have to stay in the back part of the house as it was too dangerous for me to be near the computer cords.
I am not sure why that is so. Are they not waterproof?

I am sort of settled in my baskie on the kitchen floor with all my equipment nearby, but I don't really like not having the total run of my house. Lynettea says she will type things into the computer for me when I let her know what to say. I tried to use the phone in the kitchen to write on my blog, but it only put the title on. Anyway I often have to let her know as a proxy what I need to write. So I will have to make do.

life changes

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have now taken over the whole kitchen table for my residence. My litter tray, my bedding area and my feeding area all spaced conveniently for easy access.

I think tables must have been invented for cats - a safe, high and central area with easy access hopping on and off points stationed around them (chairs). I let Lynettea use a small section from time to time when I am resting. I close my eyes and dream.

the first bluebell opens
beneath bare vines
spring sky

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I lost my balance and fell when I was trying to get back on the chair. My claws were cut short, so I couldn't get a grip. Lynettea managed to seize me before I fell and put me on the floor. Then I had a lot of spasms. Lynettea picked me up and nursed me while she sat on the lounge and I felt more comfortable. Tonight I am listening to some harp music. I have a special harp music CD that Lynette puts on for me, as she knows it is my favourite.
If my claws had not been trimmed I would have been hanging suspended from the chair. I am not sure what would be worse. My legs are not as strong as they used to be.
I haven't eaten much today, either.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have had quite a lot of time to think about my haiku while resting on the kitchen table.
Diamond's moon haiku

We went out for a short walk this afternoon. Lynettea kept trying to push or pull me down the side of the house. She thinks my legs will get very weak if I don't use the muscles. She is very worried about that.
I had an accident when she was out for too long today, so she had to wash  my flannelette sheet and other items, which is good for her, as it keeps her busy. I worry if she has nothing to do. Idle hands, as they say.... I don't think IDLE PAWS are as dangerous.

Sunday, September 2, 2012


My nails are all trimmed short. It was difficult to resist my veterinary surgeon. They were catching in everything and making my life difficult. Sometimes I was hanging suspended by my claws and Lynettea had to come and pry me off. Once I was suspended from her arm, which she didn't like.

She forgot my rug when we rushed out for the taxi, so I felt extremely exposed. It isn't nice when dogs at the surgery can come and stare at you. My vet also checked me to see if anything else was wrong and weighed me. He said I was maintaining my weight but must have a little dementia, which I thought was quite insulting. Just because I am comfortable on the kitchen table doesn't mean I have lost my mind.

Today we went outside late morning into the sun. The sky is quite blue and the sun warmed my furs. I enjoyed myself sitting on a chair while I watched Lynettea scrabbling around in the garden. She has a focus on weeds which I find quite strange. Maybe she is the one with dementia.
Has she ever thought about cruelty to plants? Probably not.