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Monday, September 17, 2012


I am still in the kitchen most of the time. Lynettea is spending more time in there, as we have a big kitchen and she can read at the table or do some studies.

SHE is trying to serve me better. Yesterday I had my cat milk for breakfast with my kidney crisp cookies and a bit of roast chicken (all in separate bowls, of course). For lunch I had some of my soft kidney food, followed by fish broth and some of my kidney crisp cookies. Dinner was much the same as breakfast, with supper being a fresh packet of my kidney diet food and some of my cat milk.
Unfortunately I was caught short in my baskie during the night and Lynettea had to change my sheets at five am. She put some plastic under the new sheets, which is a bit crackly, but I have got used to it now. I sat on the wooden floor for quite a long time after she changed my sheets, as I wasn't quite sure what to do.
Today we are following with much the same diet, except that I didn't get offered any fish soup. Maybe someone needs to go hunting in the supermarket.
No walk outside today. It is cloudy and quite cold for my furs, so I didn't want to go out.
Thanks to all my friends for your concern. I hope I don't have an infection. Lynettea mentioned my problems to my Vet when we were there to have my nails trimmed and he said nothing could be done. Why does she discuss me in front of me? I am not brainless. My Vet didn't even bother to try asking me if I had any problems. Lynettea said that all he would hear would be miaouws (which I find a very rude comment). He said I was a lovely cat and gave me a cuddle, because I was very quiet. Maybe that is just patronizing. He no doubt prefers cats that are unassertive.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Humans don't understand Cat very well, so it is just as well that your human talked to the vet instead of you, Diamond. I hope the weather clears up soon so you can go out for a while. Purrs to you and your human.

Kari said...

Certainly sounds like a UTI. Antibiotics won't help?
Something that may help you preserve your dignity are disposable bed underpads. These rectangular pads come in two sizes and can be found in the adult incontinencesection of the drug stores.
Just pop one on top of your bed, no crinkling sound, and the soft surface will wisk the moisture away from your body. Your mum can then just change the pad and toss it out .
Easy on kitties, easy on mums. No hassles! Our mum puts one in our PTU when we go to the vet cause we always pee and she puts one under our Gran 'cuz she always pees!
We love you very much dear. If we can help you in any way please just say the word. You are in our prayers, as always. Kisses and hugs.

Cara n Crew said...

Diamond, my mom has put plastic everywhere I sleep and my bed tends to slip-slide around! Your diet sounds quite nice. I hope you'll get more fish soup soon. we all have you in our purrs,


Keisha said...

Maybe u should ask ur Mom to get the doctor a book on Kitteh Speak. It would help if the doctor knew Kittehish.

meowmeowmans said...

Diamond, we are sorry you are having to make so many adjustments. We are glad you are back in the kitchen where you seem to like it. We love you, dear friend.

The Island Cats said...

It sounds like life in the kitchen is going pretty good, Diamond.