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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


or the day before, because I am not sure which now I don't have good access to my blog,I had a picnic tea on the front porch with Lynettea. People couldn't see me behind the pickets, although I could look through the spaces between the pickets and look at them going past. There were no paparazzi around, so I had a kittywash with my special kittywash tissues. I hope no one was trying to snap me from a window far away. Although it isn't very private and no one seems to bother much about privacy anymore, even royalty. My legs are slipping on the polished wood floor inside. Lynettea says I need to strengthen them by walking more and she is thinking of giving me an exercise regime every day. I hope it isn't too harsh.


Fuzzy Tales said...

Exercise?! The only kind of exercise we want is (a) eating and (b) choosing our snoozing spots. :-)

Good luck with that. LOL.

Kari said...

Good morning, precious boy! A picnic tea is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your mum on a lovely day.
Maybe some carpet runners ( long thin pieces of carpet) laid along your usual path will help with the slipping. A while back, mum adopted a 15yo kitty who had a rear leg amputated.
The carpet runners really aided him in his mobility. She can roll them and put them behind the couch when not needed.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I think a gentle exercise regime sounds like a good idea, Diamond.

meowmeowmans said...

That picnic tea certainly sounds delightful, Diamond. We, too, hope Lynettea's exercise regimen isn't too difficult!

Princess Jasmine said...

A picnic on the porch sounds wonderful. We'd get washed away if we did that at the moment. Sending you lots of strengthening purrrs for your leggy pegs :)xx

Keisha said...

My feet slip too, because part or our floor is very shiny. I hope ur feet are okay. :)