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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

tHE LIGHT was On

The light that shines all over our area was on all night for the last two nights. The food bearer said that because of the renovations it is not working properly.
This morning when she sprinkled the food we heard her calling out for Dawn. Dawn was resting at the bottom of our pond on his fins. He didn't want to be disturbed. He had been on the alert for us all night because of the unusual light and he was worn out.
'Dawn, where are you? My favourite fish, Dawn. Where are you? Where are you? Oh, there you are. Is something the matter, Dawn. You aren't moving.' Dawn stayed still and we could see that he just wanted to rest.
The food bearer plunged her arm in the water to touch Dawn. He hates that and swished off with a flourish of his magnificent tail.
'Oh Dawn, you are okay. Here is some more food for you, Dawn.'  By that time the rest of us had eaten all the food she sprinkled.
We hope that the light is not on again tonight.

Posted by Dart for the pond fish. I am the smallest and youngest of the fish. I am bright red all over. The food bearer says I am a very pretty fish.

Monday, October 29, 2012

We feel intimidated

Are we right to feel nervous with all these men passing to and fro near the pond? They have stacked up furniture near us, but we can hear them stamping and a dreadful noise which comes and goes. Dawn is still feeling very agitated and we are trying to give him courage. He feels a failure because he couldn't get the food bearer to listen properly to his concerns for us.
The food bearer told him that there would be 'sawing noises', 'hammering noises' and 'drilling noises' and probably conversation that he could find disturbing. But not to worry. She hastily threw down some food this morning and we haven't seen her since. We hope she will be back at our usual feeding time, but without Diamond to remind her she is not as reliable as she was.
We hope if another cat comes we will be safe. The food bearer says that there will be more reconstruction than the builders had thought, but they won't touch the pond.
What a dreadful idea. That hadn't occurred to us, that the world could be touched. Our world, Our pond. When Dawn reassured us we were not reassured. We had always thought of the pond world as something permanent. The very idea that it could be changed is distressing to us.

STREAK for the pond fish. (Princess Aurora is so upset at the thought the pond might be alterable that she cannot write).

Friday, October 26, 2012


PEOPLE came up near us, but then went away. There was a lot of banging today and the food bearer went out somewhere. One day we mean to find out more from her. She doesn't spend much time with us. Diamond was the chief pet and we think she is sad without him. We try to please, swimming back and forth and coming out from the places where we hide when she calls us. DAWN, she sometimes calls and sometimes others of us are honoured by names. The food bearers says we are so pretty, like flowers in the water. We know flowers, as we have them in our pond. Unlike flowers though we have our own thoughts.
The water hyacinths have been flowering during the cooler weather and are still appearing.

Our iris plants are in flower. These flowers only last for a short time. We hope more flowers will appear.

We hid under the waterlily leaves and huddled together. Then brave Dawn decided to confront the food bearer. We wanted him to tell her that we don't like too many noisy people around us. He lost his nerve and just bubbled at the surface. We don't think she understood what he was trying to say. 

Then he swam off with a great flourish of his superb tail. 

We have decided that as long as she continues to bring the food we will not complain too much. 
Dawn always has the best photos. We would like to show ourselves off on the blog also. Diamond would want all of us to have nice pictures. We must tell the food bearer that. 
posted by Princess Aurora for the pond fish.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Diamond wouldn't have let this happen

Now our friend and guardian Diamond is no longer here, we don't feel as safe. Today all sorts of large objects appeared near the pond and men were bringing out things and stamping near us. They even stared at us swimming around until we felt nervous and dived under our slate slabs. Dawn tried to keep us all calm, but we could see he was no longer in control. He dived to the bottom of the pond.
When the food bearer appeared she said she had lost our food. How can that be? She said she had to look for it and went off poking around various boxes. Eventually she came back, but we were all upset and kept diving around rapidly, swirling the water. We don't like changes.
She said something about 'necessary bathroom renovation' and 'water in the wall'. Surely that can't be bad. Water is a good home to us, so supple and kind. Perhaps she would be better off if she let more of it into her own home.
We hope we are not disrupted too often.
Diamond would never have let this happen.
Your sincere friend Princess Aurora, for the pond fishes.
(Dawn is feeling too upset to write, although he is trying to conceal that from us)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Tribute poem for Diamond

For Lyn

She said, almost casually
over a cup of tea at the Halifax Cafe
'My cat died last week
I just got the ashes'
There was a tightening around her eyes
I might have missed it
The conversation scarcely missed a beat
As I left she said
'Oh yes, I miss him dreadfully'

It was not the time
to take her in my arms
and weep with her

Joy Allen

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Notes from the fish

we thought we should have some of our photos. Diamond has far more photos than we do, although there are four of us.

Dawn is the biggest fish. He is an extremely handsome and large goldfish of the Shubunkin family. Rising to the surface, he keeps an eye on the world beyond the pond and in particular on the location and activities of the Food Bearer.
posted by Dawn (Shubunkin)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Return ...

I collected Diamond's ashes today from his Veterinary Surgeon. His remains were separately cremated by the Animal Welfare League. I intend to scatter them in his garden when a couple of his closest human friends can come around to participate.
So far I haven't informed the fish, although they seem to have guessed that something has happened. Their chief concern seems to be that they are fed regularly twice a day. Diamond would notify me if I was late. Perhaps they miss him jumping around when I sprinkle their special goldfish pellets, although he hadn't been agile enough to do much of that for a while.

Another beautiful image of Diamond

Thank you to the human and cats and dogs at Jan's Funny Farm for this beautiful image of Diamond.
posted by Lynettea

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where has he gone?

We have noticed the big furry one has not been supervising us lately. At least he seems to think he has to supervise us, although we cannot agree. We did feel more comfortable with him perched up there watching for possible birds of prey and other predators, but he always made us a bit nervous prowling around the edge of the pond at our meal times.
I remember when he first came here, a while after I had taken up residence. He was only a young cat then, around three months old. He fell into the pond a few times and managed to overbalance the terracotta dragon into the pond on one occasion. The dragon circulates our water. We look up at its rocky face towering above us towards the faintly discernible sky.
I believe the furry one thought he was infinitely superior to us, but scales suit us for our watery residence, fur would not.
He certainly looked bedraggled after his fur got wet.
All in all we are probably sorry he has gone, but as long as the food bearer remains we do not complain.
Now the furry one is not posting on the blog, we may use it to express our points of view from time to time. Maybe he is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge and smiling at us. We like to think that, although it may be foolish.

Dawn (Shubunkin)
also speaking for Streak, Princess Aurora and Dart from The Pond.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Diamond's last photos

I had a few photos of Diamond left in the camera, so am posting them. They were taken in the last week. Diamond's spring bluebells were just about finished with a sudden burst of warm weather and we decided to plant a new grape vine, as one of the very old vines had not shot into leaves this spring. You can see that Diamond had taken to supervising the new vine already as soon as it was planted and hopefully it will sprout fresh new leaves in his memory.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

coming home

No matter how busy I am, it is when I open the front door and have the sudden anticipation of seeing Diamond, then the realization that he is no longer there, that it feels most lonely.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your very kind thoughts and condolences as well as the lovely tribute to Diamond. I am sitting listening to the beach music that Diamond favoured during the last weeks of his life. I am sure I will always think of him when I listen to it.
I will look through my photos and post some more of Diamond in the coming time. Eventually I hope to give a home to another kitty. Diamond always knew how much I needed him to keep me in order and would have advised me to acquire a new cat to take over his job. It will be big shoes for another cat to step into. Of course no-one can ever replace Diamond, who had a unique personality.
Thank you again to all the visiting kitties and their humans. I will attempt to visit all of your blogs and thank you personally, as Diamond would have wanted that. He was always very polite and considerate of others and a very warm personality, a thorough Gentlecat.
I hope he has made me a nicer human being.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rainbow Bridge

Diamond passed over the Rainbow Bridge at 5 pm Adelaide time today. He had not been able to eat today and his Veterinary Surgeon told me it was time for him to go. Diamond was very relaxed and I stroked his head and kissed his dear forehead. The Veterinary Nurse stroked his middle section. Diamond went in a breath and was no longer there. I was able to sit by his side quietly in the surgery for some time afterwards, stroking him and reflecting. The Veterinary Nurse drove me home, which was nice, as I would otherwise have had to get a taxi and was dreading travelling back like that with an empty cat cage.
The house is full of Diamond's equipment of various kinds, from numerous beds, scratching posts, food bowls, toys from the past.
It feels empty.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Diamond is relaxing

Diamond remains mostly in his basket relaxing. I managed to get him to eat most of a small can of fish cat food around 3 pm by putting a napkin down over his paws and letting him lick the food out of a saucer while still lying down. He can stand and walk, but I think he finds prolonged standing uncomfortable, so is not bothering to eat much. He is now resting again on a cushion after a session of gentle cuddling. He appears comfortable.

Friday, October 5, 2012


I have been resting in my basket today. Lynettea took me out, but it was too cold. I purred when she picked me up after a while and brought me back in to my basket.
I had salmon and cat milk for dinner and listened to some guitar music and then beach sounds. I don't think cats really like the beach, as they would worry about getting sand in their furs or getting their paws splashed by the waves, but Lynettea thinks the wave music is relaxing. It is broadcast from a beach in Japan if you want to listen to it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

my life in Japanese

Lynettea is trying to write some of my activities in Japanese sentences for when she goes to her Japanese class. She is a beginner, so can't write any of my thoughts, even if I were to tell them to her. Her work is more just a description of what I do. Even then her work is not very good, as she gets a lot of corrections. I am not sure what I can do to help her.

Today I tried some salmon fillets for dinner, followed by a bit of roast chicken and cat milk. I am still just picking at my food and resting nearly all of the time.
Lynettea took me out to do my exercise program, so I walked down the path at the side of the house and then lay in the shade for a while. I am not up to a lot of exercises except a few stretches and the walking.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some photos

I am not getting around so well. Lynettea made me go out to exercise, but I lay down. She is giving me all sorts of foods to try, but I am not eating very much. She put some of my photos on the computer so you can see what I am doing (not much). I like to lie close to the ground when the sun is not too hot. Today I got too hot outside and lay on the cool cement.
In the late afternoon we went out again and I relaxed on the porch before a quick walk down the street. Lynettea carried me, so I suppose it doesn't really count as a walk. None of my usual admirers were around. Maybe they were inside already eating their meals.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I haven't been able to get to the computer properly until now. I managed to post some of your birthday wishes from the tablet-phone in the kitchen. I can't manage to put text into a post from that device. There must be some trick to it. Lynettea can't help me either and my paws are not very good nowadays. She decided to put on the larger computer at last and I am dictating to her. I don't really trust her to say what I want, but it was very nice of her to put the invitation on my blog.

My birthday was cold wet and miserable. I stayed inside all day in my basket. Lynettea selected some nice harp music and some natural sounds music from the internet for me to enjoy and I had my usual selection of foods to nibble at or slurp: fish soup, roast chicken, kidney diet soft and crisp food and some cat milk to drink.
Lynettea went to the shops and bought me some mats to stand on because my feet are slipping on the polished floor. I will try to put a photo of my present set up on the blog when I can get the photos out of the camera, not always an easy process. (because of the slow human, as you can imagine). I gather the mats were my birthday present, as nothing else was forthcoming.

It was very special reading all your best wishes and I will try to visit everyone who came. This will be a gradual process as I can't be too rushed at my age.