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Friday, October 26, 2012


PEOPLE came up near us, but then went away. There was a lot of banging today and the food bearer went out somewhere. One day we mean to find out more from her. She doesn't spend much time with us. Diamond was the chief pet and we think she is sad without him. We try to please, swimming back and forth and coming out from the places where we hide when she calls us. DAWN, she sometimes calls and sometimes others of us are honoured by names. The food bearers says we are so pretty, like flowers in the water. We know flowers, as we have them in our pond. Unlike flowers though we have our own thoughts.
The water hyacinths have been flowering during the cooler weather and are still appearing.

Our iris plants are in flower. These flowers only last for a short time. We hope more flowers will appear.

We hid under the waterlily leaves and huddled together. Then brave Dawn decided to confront the food bearer. We wanted him to tell her that we don't like too many noisy people around us. He lost his nerve and just bubbled at the surface. We don't think she understood what he was trying to say. 

Then he swam off with a great flourish of his superb tail. 

We have decided that as long as she continues to bring the food we will not complain too much. 
Dawn always has the best photos. We would like to show ourselves off on the blog also. Diamond would want all of us to have nice pictures. We must tell the food bearer that. 
posted by Princess Aurora for the pond fish.


Keisha said...

O hai fishies, u look handsome. :)

Kari said...

We were worried about you, beautiful fish! Glad to hear all is well and you haven't been overly stressed.
We know you are trying your hardest to lift the spirits of your food bearer and we're sure she appreciates your effort. But you know those beans, they walk around on land and sleep in beds and eat dinner at table ( way too inefficient a life for fish) that's why they need a kitty to keep them company. Have a lovely day in your beautiful pond. Love from us.

Everycat said...

Hello little fishies, we have not met you before, but we wanted to stop by and thank you and your food bearer for leaving a kind comment to us on the loss of our Oliver. It is so hard to lose our furry family members.

Your pond looks very pretty and we hope the noisy people leave you in peace very soon, so you can enjoy the flowers

Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Dawn's tail looks almost floofy!

The Cat From Hell said...

Dearest Princess Aurora,
Me must say we misses Diamond too. Me is sure the food bearer misses him mist of all. It is good yous is there to show her your beauty and lift the darkness for a while.

Keisha said...

Me send u kisses. xoxoxoxo. :)

meowmeowmans said...

We miss Diamond, too, dear fish friends. We know you are right in thinking that the food bearer is sad without Diamond around.

Hugs to you all, and to the food bearer.

The Misadventures Of Me said...

The big guy here has big Pacu but they dont have a lovely swim area like yours. They tend to eat the plants as soon as the big guy plants them in their tank! MOL