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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

tHE LIGHT was On

The light that shines all over our area was on all night for the last two nights. The food bearer said that because of the renovations it is not working properly.
This morning when she sprinkled the food we heard her calling out for Dawn. Dawn was resting at the bottom of our pond on his fins. He didn't want to be disturbed. He had been on the alert for us all night because of the unusual light and he was worn out.
'Dawn, where are you? My favourite fish, Dawn. Where are you? Where are you? Oh, there you are. Is something the matter, Dawn. You aren't moving.' Dawn stayed still and we could see that he just wanted to rest.
The food bearer plunged her arm in the water to touch Dawn. He hates that and swished off with a flourish of his magnificent tail.
'Oh Dawn, you are okay. Here is some more food for you, Dawn.'  By that time the rest of us had eaten all the food she sprinkled.
We hope that the light is not on again tonight.

Posted by Dart for the pond fish. I am the smallest and youngest of the fish. I am bright red all over. The food bearer says I am a very pretty fish.


Kari said...

Hello Dart, dear. Such a thorough report from such a young fellow.
We are so relieved to hear Dawn was just resting. How terrible it would be if anything happened. His environment must be made stable and serene so he can rest and stay strong. We are very fond of you, our new found friends. We are keeping you in our prayers and purrs.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You poor fish! If Diamond were here, none of this would have happened. You must really miss him lots.

The Cat From Hell said...

Hi Dart! Nice to meets yous. me hope the renovators leaves the light off tonight, fishes needs their beauty sleeps too!

Kwee Cats and Life said...

Hi Dart. We are new to your pond but it sounds wonderful. We wish we could have known Diamond better. We think you are a very pretty fish and have the idea that the Food Bearer would not let anything happen to you.

We'll see you again, later.

Keisha said...

O hai, Mr. Fish. I sorry ur friend was all tired because of the shiny shiny lamp. Me hopes all of u feels betterer. :) (((fishies and Lynettea)))

meowmeowmans said...

Dart, thank you for letting us know about this. We are sorry that the light was on all night. How can you fish be expected to get any rest?