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Monday, October 29, 2012

We feel intimidated

Are we right to feel nervous with all these men passing to and fro near the pond? They have stacked up furniture near us, but we can hear them stamping and a dreadful noise which comes and goes. Dawn is still feeling very agitated and we are trying to give him courage. He feels a failure because he couldn't get the food bearer to listen properly to his concerns for us.
The food bearer told him that there would be 'sawing noises', 'hammering noises' and 'drilling noises' and probably conversation that he could find disturbing. But not to worry. She hastily threw down some food this morning and we haven't seen her since. We hope she will be back at our usual feeding time, but without Diamond to remind her she is not as reliable as she was.
We hope if another cat comes we will be safe. The food bearer says that there will be more reconstruction than the builders had thought, but they won't touch the pond.
What a dreadful idea. That hadn't occurred to us, that the world could be touched. Our world, Our pond. When Dawn reassured us we were not reassured. We had always thought of the pond world as something permanent. The very idea that it could be changed is distressing to us.

STREAK for the pond fish. (Princess Aurora is so upset at the thought the pond might be alterable that she cannot write).


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You fish worry too much! If the human says that your home is not going to be changed, then you should relax, not let it bother you.

Princess Jasmine said...

Building work is always so un-nerving. We hope it all goes well :)xx

Kari said...

Hello, dear Streak. We are very pleased to meet you.
Our poor friends! Try your best to stay calm and reduce your stress. Even we kitties know that stress is very bad for fish. Are you calmed by the presence if your food giver? Maybe she could spend some time at pondside. We don't like noise or changes in our environment either. Our hearts are with you.

meowmeowmans said...

We don't like construction noises and hullabaloo, either. We sure hope things settle down soon.

Cara n Crew said...

oh, goodness! we don't like building noises either! we are sure you fishies can trust your feeder that you are safe. It's true, tho, that one can't beat a kitty for proper snoopervision of things...

Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, HOllie

The Cat From Hell said...

Me thinks the food bearer is probably busy. It is so great that yous is letting us know what is going ons, we thinks yous needs a new protector and purrhaps Lynette er the food bearer, needs a muse.

Keisha said...

Dear Fish Friends, I sorry u scared. Hoomins make noise sometimes. Plz do not be too scared. Hugs to u and Lynettea. :). (((Hugs)))