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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Where has he gone?

We have noticed the big furry one has not been supervising us lately. At least he seems to think he has to supervise us, although we cannot agree. We did feel more comfortable with him perched up there watching for possible birds of prey and other predators, but he always made us a bit nervous prowling around the edge of the pond at our meal times.
I remember when he first came here, a while after I had taken up residence. He was only a young cat then, around three months old. He fell into the pond a few times and managed to overbalance the terracotta dragon into the pond on one occasion. The dragon circulates our water. We look up at its rocky face towering above us towards the faintly discernible sky.
I believe the furry one thought he was infinitely superior to us, but scales suit us for our watery residence, fur would not.
He certainly looked bedraggled after his fur got wet.
All in all we are probably sorry he has gone, but as long as the food bearer remains we do not complain.
Now the furry one is not posting on the blog, we may use it to express our points of view from time to time. Maybe he is looking down from the Rainbow Bridge and smiling at us. We like to think that, although it may be foolish.

Dawn (Shubunkin)
also speaking for Streak, Princess Aurora and Dart from The Pond.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I would not get too comfortable if I were you! Who knows when some other kitty may decide to watch your Fish TV?

Ginger Jasper said...

I agree with Sparkle be careful there could be another kitty.. Hugs GJ xx

Keisha said...

O hai, fishies! :) It is nice to meet u. Thank u for bein friends with Diamond.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Ditto. Diamond might send another furry one to the human, to help supervise you all!

Kari said...

The furry one left behind only his earthly remains. His spirit spirit is fully with you. And of course, he is smiling.
As soon as he determines the time is right, and he finds just the right one, he'll be sending another furry one to carry on. Love to you all.

meowmeowmans said...

Surely Diamond is smiling down upon you all from the Bridge. And if we know our friend, he is already working on a new supervisor to watch over you. :)

Hugs and purrs.

The Cat From Hell said...

Me thins Diamond was a great caregiver to yous fishies! Thansk for sharing your thoughts with us.
What a unique point of view!