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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

tHUNDER sTORM !1!!!!

We had big thunderstorms last night. We dived under our slate shelves, but we couldn't sleep very well because of all the flashy lights. Our sky-roof was lit up and then there were crashing bangs. Worse than the workmen who keep coming back and forth. We can't see the workmen very much, as they mostly ignore us.
The food bearer took some more photos of us, as she was excited to see that Dawn was fully recovered and  we were all playing together in  the splashings of the fountain from our Dragon Guardian.
If she comes near us again we will ask her to put some photos on our blog. (is it our blog or Diamond's blog now?) We are not sure, but we think we should take the opportunity of speaking our fish thoughts.
Streak, on behalf of the Pond Fish.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I am glad to hear Dawn is feeling better!

meowmeowmans said...

Wow, that sounds like one scary thunder storm! We sure are glad you fishes are okay. We would love to see pictures of you, so we hope the foodbearer was successful in her efforts.

We think it is still Angel Diamond's blog, but surely he would be pleased that you are finding your voices in his absence.

Keisha said...

O hai, Streak! :) Don't be scared, I bet the workers will be finished soon.

Cara n Crew said...

yoW! Thunderstorms scare us and we are inside! Streak, you and the Pond Fish are the first fishies we have gotten to know! we hope you will be able keep posting on the blog. We're glad Dawn is back to his old self :) purrs,

Pip, Smigen, Minnie, HOllie

The Cat From Hell said...

Me is so happy that Dawn is feeling better! And is not Diamond still your guardian angel?

Kari said...

Meowmeowmans said it perfectly! Exactly our feelings!!!
We are thrilled to get to know you, beautiful fish
friends, and would enjoy seeing photos of you too.
It will always be Diamond's blog. Just because his earthly form is no longer with us, his spirit is and therefore he is. Love to all.