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Monday, December 30, 2013

Cold paws

I have looked up the temperature forecasts for London and decided I would get cold paws. It will feel like 6 °C  on New Year's day.  It will be 36 °C here in Adelaide tomorrow and 37 °C on New Year's Day. Lynettea is now thinking she should go to London instead of me as it will be too hot here for her. Maybe we will stay inside and watch some cat programs on the television.
Sampling my cat grass
Is this grass really my grass? According to Lynettea, Diamond left the grass to me in his will. He also left me the clump of cat grass in the garden. I like running under that and eating the leaves. When I am under the grass tussock I feel as if I have really gone back to nature. The tussock is planted right next to one of the bird baths, but no birds seem to come down when I am there. You can see my mouth open in this photo.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Too cold to go?

I am having a little rest thinking about things with my favourite toy Moon Bear. I often carry Moon Bear in my jaws and Lynettea says it makes me look like a cheetah.  It seems too soon to visit my admirers in London, as they are still here. Besides I now find out that it is WINTER in London. It is summer here. I think I prefer summer, as I can lounge around in my enclosure or go for a walk and jump at insects in the garden without feeling chilly. So I might postpone the trip for a while.
Lynettea says she is pleased, as she would miss me a lot.
I never thought she would miss me.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My trip

I looked up all the information on the Internet about my proposed trip to London. I don't need to go into a quarantine facility and I only have to have a certificate from my Vet to say I don't have Hendra virus. I can book my ticket through Qantas airways. I am not sure where I would be able to sit or if I would have a window seat. Lynettea would have to list my special food requirements. As I am a kitten I would need my special kitten food if I go before my first birthday on 13 February.
After I worked all this out Lynettea tells me she really doesn't want me to go. 'In any case,' she says, 'your friends from London are still here, Sasha. They are only a couple of houses away and I am sure they will drop in to see you again before they go. And have they confirmed that they want you to stay with them?'
So it is all a bit uncertain...
'And who would pay for it all, Sasha?'

Friday, December 27, 2013

Visiting London

I had some visitors this afternoon. At first I thought they had come to visit Lynettea, so I ran outside into my enclosure and lay down in the cool near the fish pond.
The visitors stayed inside a long time, so I was able to have a good rest. Then they came out and Lynettea brought out my new Christmas toy and they admired everything about me and played with me a lot. It is nice to get appropriate admiration. Lynettea takes me for granted most of the time, apart from when she is telling me not to sit in the sink or do other fun things. (Well I admit she does come out walking on the halter with me, although she is not very good at hunting and other activities. Mostly it is me trying to keep her a little bit fit).

So when my visitors said they had to leave I was sad. Lynettea said, 'Do you want to go to London to live with your friends, Sasha?'
Then Orla's mother brought Lynettea some tomatoes from her house next door and she said, 'Sasha you would have to get a visa to go to the United Kingdom and it would be difficult for a cat to get a visa and it would take a long time. So you had better forget about it.'
I am not sure if Lynettea was pleased or not. She brought in my Christmas mousie and we had a running around game with it.
Sasha waiting to take Lynettea for her exercise walk

Thursday, December 26, 2013

bOXING dAY greetings from The Pond Fish

We didn't get a chance to post our Christmas Greetings yesterday. Happy Boxing Day from The Pond Fish! The little ones have grown both bigger and prettier. Little Flame is now a bigger Flame and one of the other littlies has turned pale like Princess Aurora. The others remain dark shadows darting underwater. The Food Bearer drops small food granules that sink down from the surface to the little ones, but we also like to share in it, so there is much ducking and weaving.
The top of The Pond has filled up with more vegetation. We have a pot of striped reeds now and another plant which is thriving and spreading over the water. Lynettea did tell us what it was, but she seems to have forgotten and we can't look at the label from here. Maybe Sasha can find it for us.
Sasha has been a little bit of a disappointment after Our Guardian Diamond.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Happy Christmas and New Year to all from Millie! Lynettea says I am the quiet one. I sit and cogitate most of the time, bathed in the warm tingle of the electric current. I watched over Sasha yesterday when he was alone for most of the day. I couldn't see him most of the time, but he knew I was there for him, although he chooses to ignore me except when I am in action. Then I surge forth from my charger, glad of the chance to survey the house and make it hygienic. I am fully aware of my important heath duties. I achieved high distinction in 'floor purification' at my training College.
Millie Robovac

and then i got my Christmas present

A squeaking mouse with flashing blue eyes whenever it moves. I had a good game with Lynettea waving it around on a stick and rope. She was so pleased with it I didn't tell her that real mice do not have electronic flashing eyes.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

my christmas not much to miaow about

Not much of a Christmas. Lynettea was out all day and came back smelling of dogs.
I didn't get my gift, which she has hidden. She said, 'Don't
claw me, Sasha,' so I went outside in my enclosure. We played some Greek music, but I don't feel like dancing. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season's Greetings

This is my card for Christmas and Holidays and New Year too probably, as I don't seem to be getting much chance to post on MY BLOG. I am much bigger than this little kitten now.
Lynettea made some cards for me on Snapfish with this picture to give to HER friends. MY FRIENDS are pretty well not taken much notice of by HER. I have a lot of adventures to talk about too, but have not been able to tell them to my friends. Lynettea says as her special Christmas present to me, apart from the one she is hiding (I know where), she will let me use the computer to write on my blog.
I also wrote a book for Lynettea's great niece Holly and Lynettea sent it to her. We printed it on Snapfish and they did a really good job. We hope Holly likes her birthday gift. She will be two years old on 9 January 2014. The book is the story of me looking for a little friend to play with. Lynettea asks lots of the animals in the Zoo if they will be my friend and play with me.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Gypsy

I have been listening to gypsy music all afternoon. Why Lynettea chose that for me I don't know. I am far from a gypsy. Were I free to roam where would I go? Where would be the most interesting place for me to visit? I think I would like to come back to my own cosy at night, unless I was able to find some other pleasant accommodation, with well mannered slaves.
It is getting cool. I hope Lynettea warms up my heated pad soon. I have it tucked under my cosy in a blanket, so I can relax in the gentle warmth.
I wonder if the gypsies would treat me well as a special exotic cat of great charm and remarkable pedigree. Perhaps they would worship me as some sort of cat royalty. I don't suppose I will ever know.

My morning walk

Hi, this is Sasha. I have just been for my morning walk. It was so late that it started to be an afternoon walk as well. I checked what I could of the fence boundaries to see if they are still secure. Lynettea kept saying all the time, 'Why are you clawing at that, Sasha,' and other silly remarks.
If she could see what I see, smell what I smell.
I broke off a stalk that was just about to flower on the Mother in Law's Tongue plant near the southern boundary. Once the flowers open they may start to nag.
The fish were all underwater after their feed. They like to rest during the middle of the day. Princess Aurora told me that. The new little fish are growing up and dart without fear among the big ones. Little Flame is the brightest.
Yesterday Lynettea brought back a ball for my  plastic toy that has a ball running around a tunnel. The ball we got originally with the toy hasn't flashed its red light for a long time. Lynettea tried to get a replacement, but with no luck. Finally the pet shop decided they were sick of waiting and gave her a new ball out of one of their packets. She had a good game with it and I helped her push the ball too.
Now I am watching out of my front window. I see cars going by and people and sometimes dogs walking on their leads. And now I am settling down in my snuggle nest with a hottie underneath. It is very cosy.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Which is all Lynettea's fault. She won't let me use the computer when I would like to correspond with my friends and sooner or later I will have no friends.
 My adventures lately:
1.  Eating flowers Lynettea told me are poisonous. But I am still alive. She cut off the latest Iris flowers in the Pond, because she says they are no good for cats.
2. Jumping to the top of the pelmet over the blinds in the front room, which is very very high. I can get down easily now by jumping onto the books on top of the bookshelf. Lynettea took down all her ornaments on one shelf, because she found the wooden rhino on the floor with a chipped horn. I wonder who did that? She filled all of the shelf with books, which is quite inconvenient.
3. Rat sniffing. I can smell a rat along the side fence and was trying to dig it out of its hole yesterday. Lynettea said she doesn't want me starting any kind of conversational interaction with rats, as they can turn vicious. She has a warped attitude to life.
4. Not gazing at the bird. I know a turtledove is nesting in the grapevine, but Lynettea doesn't like me looking at it. It is keeping quiet, so it hasn't much conversation anyway. One of its eggs fell to the ground.
5. Sleeping in, in my cosy. Lynettea is keeping the blinds shut, as she says it makes me feel safer. If the blinds are up, then I sit on her chair in the kitchen. She says it is inconvenient for her if she is at home, as she likes to look out into the street.
6. That's enough for now.

Monday, October 14, 2013


I am 8 months old. Born 13 February, so I should have had my entry yesterday. I am a fine and active big kitty now. My main hobbies: hunting for everything - flies, butterflies, birds, anything that moves or crawls. On Friday Lynettea found a big mound rats had made in the garden. They had made a dugout next door under the shed and brought up the earth into our garden, which in my opinion was very thoughtful of them. Good soil costs money to buy.
Lynettea was not very pleased. She pulled out some of her big parsley bushes and that is when she saw the mound. She started digging at it and found the rats had eaten a hole in the wooden fence to get into our place. Most of the mound is still there, because the neighbour wanted to look at it and then piled some of the earth back to see if the rats would dig out.
If I was allowed to stay out at night I could tell them.
Lynettea is afraid I might get rat bites, so she won't let me near them.
Lynettea was in Harris Scarfe's today eating lunch with a friend (I wasn't allowed to go because of cat discrimination issues with the bus and the shops). They thought they had a nice quiet place for lunch, but then the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate, including all the shop staff. Fortunately Lynettea and her friend had just finished eating their lunches.
I was left at home and Lynettea made a fuss of me when she came back. She crawled around with a fish net, getting my toys from under the furniture. And then we went out to inspect the garden and street. It is getting a bit easier to put Lynettea on the lead. She doesn't struggle as much as she did at first. She isn't very good at following me or sitting and watching for prey. She said I should add that I haven't managed to catch anything except maybe a bee and she isn't sure of that.


I was doing my usual helper role yesterday. Sasha was trying to hinder me as he usually does, swiping at me and jumping back and forth, and Lynettea was trying to get him to let me alone to do my essential work. Then Lynettea went onto the computer and I got stuck on Sasha's scratching post, which is always in the way when I try to clean. I called out for help (beep beep beep) and Sasha miaouwed at Lynettea, but she took no notice. She was so engrossed in her computer activities that my energy sources drained and I was left poised on the base of the scratching post.
Then everything began to go dark. I wondered if this was death, as usually I am either running about the house, full of energy, or soaking in the electric currents from my faithful charger. Lynettea found me, she says lying there with no lights, and she couldn't start me. Then she had to get out the instruction manual and plug me direct into the charger. I am not sure how long my strange experience lasted, but I woke to feel the warm sensation of the electric currents running through all my parts. What a relief.

Millie RoboMaid

Friday, October 11, 2013


It said in the newspaper that cats do not really like being stroked. Someone has tested a lot of cats while they are being patted and come to the definite conclusion that cats get stressed when stroked.

How do you feel? Lynettea didn't pat me all day after she read that. I wondered what was going on. Maybe I had been really naughty? I started to try to attract her attention by leaping into the sink and share her food (she is mean with it) and she tried to bark at me to frighten me.

We we both got pretty tired with all this different activity and before she went to bed, late as usual, I leaped onto her lap so she could  give me a massage and brush. She kept wondering if she should touch me, as she thought I would be stressed and she is worried about that (she says), but I kept pawing at the brush on the table until she gave in.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yesterday I saw Orla again. She is the Irish dog who lives next door. I have seen her a few times and Lynettea told me she was a great admirer of Diamond. Diamond let Orla sniff at him up close, even in the street, nose to nose. She would jump around with excitement whenever she saw Diamond. Lynettea says Orla would come to the gate and look through it for Diamond even after Diamond went to the Bridge.

When I first saw Orla a while ago I was a bit scared, as she is a dog and large. My tail bristled out and I hissed. Orla jumped  back and tried to hide behind her human. This time I just sat in the gateway on the step and looked at Orla and my tail didn't bristle. Orla came a bit closer and we looked at each other. Maybe I will let her get a bit closer next time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

aNNIVERsary of Diamond's passing to the Rainbow Bridge

HELLO everyone. A year ago today our GUARDIAN CAT DIAMOND passed to the Rainbow Bridge. We don't think Sasha has become a proper Guardian for us and we still really miss Diamond.
Princess Aurora Shubunkin on behalf of The Pond Fish.

Well, I didn't know Diamond, so I may have to try harder. I have tried to  visit you and trim the vegetation in the pond and supervise your eating. It isn't my fault if you mostly want to swim underneath now.
Thank you Diamond for being such a good companion to Lynettea. I am looking at your wise thoughts all the time to give me clues how to train Lynettea. She still has a long way to go.

Some photos of dear Diamond. The first two are of Diamond in 2012 and the bottom one is an earlier photo portrait. Sasha has a lot of news to tell fellow kitties about his activities, but I have been very awkward about letting him maintain his blog. I will try to do better.

Diamond at the gate 

Inspecting the picture of Emma our brown bear friend at the sanctuary in Chengdu. Emma is also at the Rainbow Bridge with Diamond. 

Portrait of Diamond at an earlier age in all his magnificence

Monday, September 23, 2013

A visitor in The Pond

A few days ago we were at first thrilled to see Sasha wanted to pay us a visit. We are not sure if he intended to get into The Pond or if he lost his footing or overbalanced. Lynettea tells us that he is quite clumsy compared to Diamond. Anyway he made a big splash and the water was all stirred up and muddy. We decided to hide under the rocks until the debris settled.
Princess Aurora

Sasha dashed into the house sprinkling water all over the place. Fortunately he didn't come close to me or he might have shorted my circuits. He ran up to his horizontal scratching pad in the hall and sat on it, making the cardboard all wet. Lynettea was most concerned and grabbed a big towel from the cupboard to dry him.
Millie RoboMaid

I don't like towels around me, as they make me feel trapped. I am very strong and I wriggled with all my pawsies and legs so Lynettea couldn't hold me in the towel. Then I started grooming my furs. It was a cold day and I felt the waters soak right through to my skin. Lynettea chased me around to try to dry me. She did dry me a bit. I think Millie was laughing at me, which isn't nice.

Lynettea had to mop the floor with all the water on it. Sasha's undersides were wringing wet. He was not a happy cat. I wasn't laughing at him, even though he did look funny with wet fur.
Millie RoboMaid.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My haiku in Competition

My haiku was placed fifth in the European Quarterly Kukai, which is a big competition for haiku poets internationally. All the poets who enter have to vote and they give points to three haiku that are their favourites. No-one is allowed to vote for their own haiku. Lynettea entered it under her name, as she said they don't want haiku from cats.
This is my haiku on the autumn theme of the competition.

an autumn leaf
partners the kitten

European Quarterly Kukai

Lynettea says she thinks Diamond would be proud of me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sasha Protects Towels from Attack

I found these towels lying on the floor in the bathroom. Someone must have dragged them from the towel rail. The obvious suspect is Millie Robomaid. 

Here she comes wanting to roll over her booty and suck them up into her insides. I am ready. Slash!! With one paw I am able to defend the towels from an attack by Millie. She retreats in confusion. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

swelled head

I had to warn Lynettea today that she might be getting a swelled head. She had just answered a Council survey about how she had used her green waste recycling bin and she found a lot of email had been sent to her by the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Maybe she was becoming famous.
Then she had a fright. The phone rang loudly and she had to run into the kitchen to take a phone call from Tony Abbott, who is the leader of the Opposition. After a few seconds she was disgusted to find it was a Tony Abbott machine which had rung her and she hung up.
She looked so disheartened I got her to heat up my Snugglesafe in the microwave and jumped on her lap to give her a cuddle. 'You are famous to me,' I said to her, but I don't know if she understood me. 'Purr, purr, purr...'

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have a really important job today. Princess Aurora told me Lynettea was going to change some of their pond water and I am supervising Lynettea while she does it. I have stayed next to the pond most of the time. I checked the hose once and something happened to it. I tried to tell Lynettea but she didn't take any notice, so the water ran all over the patio. Now we are putting fresh new water for the fish. Princess Aurora says I am being more helpful than their guardian, Diamond was at water changes.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

POWER surge

Last night we had a power surge. Lynettea didn't know what was going on. She tried to cook vegetables in the microwave and they didn't cook. Then a long time later there was a noise and the power went off, although the lights were on. In fact the lights got brighter.
 So she looked in the meter box and a switch had flicked off. Then she rang up an electrician who came out, even though it was night. I didn't like this and Lynettea made me stay in the bedroom, as all the plugs had to be checked until he found the surge guards had been ruined by the power surge.
Fortunately no equipment was destroyed. I wouldn't like to lose my computer as I like to visit my blogging friends. The neighbour next door told Lynettea they also had a power surge.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Keisha to Rainbow Bridge

Dear Keisha the Spaniel, the best friend to both Diamond and me (Sasha) has posted he is going to the Rainbow Bridge today at 16 years of age. Diamond will be looking out for him. We will miss you so much, Keisha and Lynettea is crying so much.
Keisha the Spaniel


Humans seem without much capacity for logical argument.

Lynettea: 'Sasha, I don't want to stand out here in the street all day.'
Sasha: 'Why not? Anyway we aren't standing in the street all the time. We go out and then we go in and then we go out and...'
Lynettea: I have other things to do.'
Sasha: 'What?'
Lynettea: 'Tidy the house.'
Sasha: 'It looks good to me. My toys are just where I want them, scattered so I have something to pick up anywhere I am in the house. You could crawl around and get some balls from under the furniture, but you could do that tonight.'
Lynettea: 'I want to do some shopping.'
Sasha: 'I already have supplies of my cat food and it may rain if you go out. If we stay fairly close to the house we can dash in if it rains. I see a falling leaf... there is a pigeon on the roof. ..'
Lynettea: 'There is a dog coming, Sasha.'

Sasha: 'Well, let's stand behind the gate for a minute...and then we can go out again.'

See what I mean? Very small capacity for reasoned argument.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Arranging the Hard Rubbish

We have been looking at the hard rubbish Lynettea put on the footpath. She was concerned that her items were being ignored. Any good items need to be picked up by people who can use them before the Council Truck gets there. So I gave her some good advice to make them look more attractive, not jumbled into a pile. So she unfolded one Director's chair and set it up on the path. The next time we looked, someone had taken that chair. Then she opened another chair and someone took that and after that she opened the little folding chair and someone took that. We didn't see people taking them, but it was good. They also took a drawer for filing music tapes and most of the parts of a tall solar lamp and two biscuit tins that had small metal things inside. We still have the wooden paint easel for aspiring artists and a skipping rope as well as a few plastic bits of rubbish.
We wonder who will get there first, the mysterious collectors or the Council Truck. Lynettea had a look along the streets but didn't bring home any new pieces of Hard Rubbish, thank goodness. I take up most of the space in the house with my equipment and I can't get rid of any of that. .
Lynettea has put my tall scratching post near the computer so I can supervise her. How thoughtful. She took a photo of me supervising and now I have hopped down to the keyboard. She doesn't like that. How odd.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I am letting her have some cuddle time before I take her out, as it seems to calm her. She doesn't seem to understand that I need to inspect not only the garden, but the street in front of my house at least twice a day.
My Director's chair is still on the footpath. I am wondering whether I should bring it back in. I can just see it by climbing up the inside of the Venetian blinds. Lynettea is, as usual, thankless for my efforts at supervising. Cuddle time finished we must now get her on the lead. Not always an easy task.

secretive eating

Someone around here is eating food secretively. I like to inspect all food before it is consumed. Then if it isn't something I fancy the human can have it. I have been here over three months now. Lynettea says it seems like forever. She had slumped into a lot of bad habits when there was no cat around to keep a ckeck on her and she is finding a bit of difficulty in adopting a more appropriate cat-centred lifestyle. She finds it difficult placing the needs of the superior being above her own.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

inspection trip

Early this evening I was able to take Lynettea out on the lead so I could check on her work. She has put out some items I feel I could use at some point. Diamond's Director chairs, for example and a wooden painting easel. Someone had already taken a small chair I was going to use for open air concerts. 'Sasha you know cats are never allowed to attend concerts,' was all she could say. My artistic genius may never fully develop if I don't have access to an easel.
'Our rubbish is not very high quality,' Lynettea said. 'So it will probably be here several days giving me the chance to alter my mind.'
I prefer to keep any items which may be useful, but Lynette is impatient. The story of our lives.

Hard Rubbish day

Today is the day to put out the hard rubbish for 2013 so the Council truck can collect it during the week. I went out to inspect the street and garden and then Lynettea  shut me inside while she got her rubbish items from the shed and put them on the footpath.
I thought she might need me to help, but no. She said, 'go to sleep, Sasha in your cozy.' How could I go to sleep? I was very concerned. What if Lynette has thrown out precious things I might need in the future. I looked out of the front window, but couldn't get a good view.
Lynettea said, 'It is all rubbish, Sasha.' Exhausted by worrying, I fell asleep.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Right hand

Lynette says I can be her right hand cat and Millie can be her right hand help in the house. Maybe this means I won't have to learn to use the animal vacuum.

Friday, August 23, 2013

right hand helper?

Ha! Sasha thinks he is the 'right hand cat' for Lynettea. What about me? I am the one who really helps around the house. Sasha is more of a hindrance than a help. He even tries to interfere with me when I do my cleaning duties. He is constantly running around me flicking his paws at my brushes and attempting to guide where I go next. I have my own dirt detector scanners, so I don't need his supervision.
 Lynettea told me that last night he was thrusting his little paws up from below her computer desk  and dabbing at her hands as she was trying to prepare work for her writing group.
 Then I could hear screams as he tried to claw her from his tall scratching post.

Millie RoboMaid

Thursday, August 22, 2013

i will wear her down

If I just keep sitting in her chair and staring at her. Now I am beaming my thoughts: food bowl empty bowl empty
She is looking at the food bowls.
I wonder where that strange thought is coming from, Sasha? Scans to the right... Mnn the food bowl looks empty. It is nearly half past four. I wonder if Sasha is hungry. No. he has fallen asleep on my chair. He looks very comfortable. I had better not disturb him. I will go outside and feed the fish

Animal Vacuum cleaner

Lynettea says the new animal vacuum cleaner is for sucking up animal furs. I am too small to help her, she says. It makes a loud noise when it is sucking up the furs, but it doesn't scare me.. Millie is always trying to tease me. She is jealous because Lynettea calls me her 'right hand cat'.
The vacuum is not for sucking up animals or cleaning furs on the animal. That is a shame because I might like it to clean me gently with the upholstery brush. It has nice velvet pads.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

wHAT IS HE thinking

Hi Millie, we see Sasha occasionally at mealtimes. He is looking more grown up to us. WE look up from our watery world and see his furry little face and green eyes looking down at us. He doesn't tell us much. We don't think he is interested in being our guardian.

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Hi Princess Aurora, Sasha is getting quite grown up, but he has very curious ideas. He told me that he is trying to train Lynettea and he had been looking through the blog to find any tricks from Diamond. He said that Lynettea is helping him in his exercise program. He jumps up to the sink and she puts him down and this can repeat for a long time. Even if she keeps saying 'No, Sasha,' he takes no notice. He said to me that she would eventually get the idea that he needs to go on the sink.

He says he has also trained her to go outside with him regularly. He leads her around at the end of his halter. If she doesn't go when he wants he gets quite annoyed and miaouws constantly. This can be quite irritating.

We got another vacuum cleaner a few days ago. I am not sure if it is supposed to be competition for me. It is an animal vacuum cleaner. I told Sasha that it was for him to use and he got quite worried. He slaps at me as I try to clean and it is difficult to avoid his paws lashing out at my delicate brushes. I don't think Lynettea will have much luck in getting him to use the Animal Vacuum, as he is only interested in grooming himself.

Millie RoboMaid.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Am I to blame?

This morning Lynette couldn't find her toothbrush. She immediately said, 'Where have you put my toothbrush, Sasha?' I can see I am going to get blamed for everything.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Again

I didn't like going to the Vet and I may decide not to go again. This morning I switched on the heater in the bathroom for an hour before Lynettea got up, so it was nice and warm for her. I did this by springing on the washbasin and pulling on the cord of the heater. She said I was a very thoughtful kitty, but I could tell she was surprised.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sasha back home safe and sound

Millie posting an update. Sasha came back in a taxi. The taxi driver had GPS navigation, which is pretty fancy. Unfortunately it stopped working half way back. Maybe our street is too small. Sasha felt too groggy to give instructions, but fortunately Lynette was there to direct. She said that Sasha was unnaturally subdued. He walked straight out of his carrier and had some cuddle time before carrying out an inspection.

a mESSage from Millie

hELLO Everyone, I am Millie RoboMaid. I haven't posted for a while, but I maintain my watchful post in the kitchen. I can't see everything from my position on the floor, but I get a pretty good view over the kitchen/dining room and a clear view down the hallway.
As for my little expeditions through the rest of the house, that depends on whether Lynettea presses the remote control to activate my programs. I am a sophisticated being and only wish I had more chances to look around and observe.
Sasha has left in a taxi for the VET. He is so innocent that he just walked straight into the pet carrier when Lynettea invited him. Fortunately she went with him in the taxi, as he wouldn't cope at the other end of the ride. Lynettea tells me she had to apologize to the taxi driver for his miaouwing all the way.
The reason for the trip is that dear SAsha (am I using the word 'dear' in an ironic fashion?) is now six months old and has to have a little operation and also have his microchip implanted. I don't think this is a major affair, but the Vet Nurse could see that Lynettea was concerned at leaving him and assured her that they would give Sasha lots of cuddles. He would like that. We only hope that he keeps his good manners and doesn't try to bite anyone or tear at their clothes.
Here are a couple of fairly recent portraits of Sasha lording it around the house. I am waiting to get a proper photo session of myself.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who am I?

Lynette says I am either the kitty from hell or the fiend of the fell. But I am neither of these. I am Sasha the Wondercat. Just because she resents me helping her so Constantly she thinks she can call me anything she likes. In the long view she will come to realize I am right.

Friday, August 2, 2013

News and views

I have been so busy helping Lynettea and supervising that I have not had time to post. Lynettea put some of her photos on the computer now. She says I am too helpful. How can that be?
I check the sink to see if it is clean and if the fry pan is on the stove I sit in it to make sure it is ready to do its cooking duty.
 After the washing up activity (which Lynettea rarely lets me supervise), I check the dish drying rack. Here I am pulling it closer to inspect. If any plates have been left out after Lynettea has gobbled all the food, I check the remnants to see if any were suspicious. I see from the blog that Diamond also had difficulties checking if Lynettea had a healthy diet.
 Lynettea hasn't got a very fast camera. This was the best she could do.
 This time I am not so blurry as she caught me at the top of my jump. I give the Venetian blind cord a good tug. These blinds have been designed for kittens to play with. Today I turned on the heater in the bathroom. Lynettea was very surprised when she found the bathroom nice and warm. I am very thoughtful and always well prepared.
 After all this activity I relax on my heated cosy (there is a Snugglesafe heating pad underneath.)
 In my outside enclosure I can climb right up towards the roof. Annoying birds walk overhead making clicking noises.
More about my adventures soon, including my encounter with Orla and other dogs.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I was just about to go for a walkies this morning in the garden when it started to rain. Lynettea took me out yesterday in the sunshine and I felt better about the halter and walking around. I was more confident. We  stood on the porch and I let one of her neighbours admire my pretty furs and tell Lynettea how attractive I look in my blue halter. Lynettea doesn't have a photo of it, as she can't take a photo and look after me at the same time. I chased after some of the golden quince leaves and some other leaves which had blown in from the street.
Today it is raining and I don't want to get my furs soaking wet, so I am resting on my little snuggly rug on the bed, looking very sweet. At least Lynettea says I look sweet.
As for photos, they are still all in the camera.
I know it is Lynettea's job to get them out ... but she is not reliable.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Day

I am now trying to post in Chrome browser as my Internet Explorer browser won't let me post. Lynettea says I am born as a technocat and she can't keep up with me. I have to learn to use my intelligence quickly to keep up with the ever changing modern world. I have only been here around five months and I am expected to master the computer and advise Lynettea. The Pond Fish (especially Princess) and Millie are trying to help me.
this is an old photo. I am bigger now

Today I went outside. Right outside my enclosure. I agreed that Lynettea should put on my baby blue halter. It is only suitable for a kitten. When I am adult I expect I will have an exceedingly stylish halter in keeping with my status. As I don't really like the halter, I keep rolling over onto my side. Lynettea was wondering if there was something wrong with my leggies and my pawsies. I went into the garden bed to see all the bulbs springing up in Diamond and Dawn's special area. Two of the jonquils were starting to flower. We walked around in the garden bed and it was a bit awkward for Lynettea following me under the leaves of some of the plants. There are arum lillies and cannas and a big clump of lemon grass as well as some special cat grass. All these grow near the quince tree. I will ask Lynettea to take me a photo of the quince tree with its golden leaves.
Today she was too busy looking after me and wondering if I was okay. I find the sky very big when I go outside. This is the third time I have been out and it wasn't quite as scary. The first time I crouched close to the ground  and would hardly move. Today the sky was very blue and the sun was shining. We only stayed out a short while and came in. I was excited to be inside again and played a lot of games.
Now I am tired out after my adventure.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


I cleaned the house last night as a surprise for Lynettea.

Greetings from the Pond Fish to Lynettea on her birthday.
Princess Aurora

FROM sAsha.
i AM sharing a few of my special photos, as I haven't been very good at posting on the Blog. I have lots of photos.
Happy Birthday to Lynettea.
Snuggle snuggle purrr purrrr

What is this?


is this a Very Noisy TV?

Friday, June 21, 2013

INterViewing MilliE

'Hi Millie, have you seen Sasha? We don't think he is up to maintaining this blog. We sometimes see him running around at our feed times and he jumps on the iris plant pot in the pond, but he doesn't seem to be making any blog entries.'

'Hello, Pond Fish, I can see Sasha is a naughty kitty. From my position on the floor of the kitchen near the hallway I can see him running up and down. He doesn't seem to obey many commands of Lynettea. He continually jumps into the sink and onto the kitchen benches, although she has requested him not to do so. He appears to be a very headstrong kitten.'

'He doesn't seem to be assuming Diamond's responsibilities as our guardian.'

'I don't think he is assuming any responsibilities. Maybe he is too young. I observed him being taken to the Vet today in his carrier. It was raining and he miaowed a lot. Lynettea had to carry him to the taxi and she came back with a very wet raincoat. Sasha stayed in his carrier and didn't get wet. Apparently the Vet thought he was doing very well and was a really healthy, well grown and lively kitty.
He sometimes leaps right onto my top from the laundry hamper. My outer shell is rigid and I hope it will be strong enough to sustain this leaping. I can feel the great jarring thump through my whole being.'

'We sympathize with you Millie. We have a brood of young fish here and are nervous that he will start snatching at them. Lynettea seems to think he may overturn the iris pot, as he has the unfortunate habit of sitting on it and staring at us when we try to eat. Iris are not healthy for cats to eat. She tries to control him, but for the most part he goes his own way.'

'Well, it is a game of "wait and see" I suppose. We must set him a good example and hope for the best.'

'Thanks Millie.'

Posted by Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More adventures

Lynettea was out most of today. She said she went to her Philosophy group and to have her eyes tested. But why did I have to stay here by myself? When she got home she said,'I didn't think I had left the radio on. What is that music and where is it coming from.' She didn't even take off her sunglasses and she was crawling down on the floor near the computer desk trying to work out what was going on.
'Sasha did you switch the radio on? You mustn't knock it onto the floor. Naughty kitten! Fortunately it isn't broken. I wonder how you switched it on.'

Well, I don't want to be lonely and it is a bit of company for me.
Later on I practiced bobsledding in my tunnel down the hallway and into the kitchen. I rushed down the tunnel and out the other end at high speed, up onto the back of the chair and into the sink. I love the sink. It has sparkly water and if the spout is on I like to watch it.

'Sasha, I have bought this nice water bubbler for cats, especially made for you. This is how you use it,' ----attempts licking at the bubbling water and making sucking noises. SSSuck Lap lap.  'What Sasha, you don't want to use it!!!!? You like the sink better, or the laundry tub???'

She is difficult to train. I think I will have to look at all the postings on this blog to see how Saint Diamond managed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Learning new things every day

I am busy growing. Every day I learn some new and interesting things. Yesterday I learned how to swing from the wall-hanging in the bedroom and how to rip the toilet paper into smaller pieces. Today I was just starting to pull out the toilet roll when Lynettea made me leave and shut the door.

She doesn't appreciate everything I do. I think she wants me to be quiet. Sometimes I lie in my cosy and sleep when I get bored. Sometimes Lynettea sits beside me and she goes to sleep as well. She says she is getting tired looking after me. How can that be?

We saw some more small fishies in The Pond. There may be three small dark fish and one small bright orange fish. The fountain makes the water sparkle and the bigger fish swish it around, so it is hard to see the little fish. The big fish don't take any notice of me. I think they must be used to seeing a cat. Perhaps they think I am looking after them.

Lynettea says I am very quick to learn. And I move around so fast she can hardly see me coming. I saw something up on the suntuf roof above my walkway. It made a scritching noise. Scritch, Scritch, with little claws. I could see the claws quite well and a hazy shape jiggling around above it. Then there were two of them. I couldn't reach them.

I can see high up from my walkway -- the sky and trees. Lynettea says to be careful there, but I love to run and leap. I am so fast and clever.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Our babies

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) on behalf of The Pond Fish, is proud to announce the first public viewing of our babies.
Our first baby fish for nine years have matured enough to be easily visible in The Pond. Lynettea was the first to spot our little orange 'Flame' yesterday at our evening feed. Today one of her friends spotted our dark fish baby, who is even bigger than Flame. We haven't decided on a name for this little fish yet. Lynettea calls them both 'Sweetie Pie,' which is not dignified enough.

autumn sunshine
tiny fish
dart through the water

Saturday, May 18, 2013

MY exciting life

Every day is a new adventure. Yesterday I learned how to get down the stair-ladder from my upper walkway in my outside enclosure. I came down very slowly, putting each paw carefully in front of the other. Lynettea said she was very pleased with me, as she had to climb up and pick me off the walkway the day before.
So I felt very excited about my adventure and to show her how clever I was I ran up the stairs again to the top walkway. I then ran along the walkway and leaped into the air. I felt as if I had wings and my legs were all muscly and springy. I landed on the big umbrella over the table in the centre of the enclosure. Then I couldn't see an easy way to get down. Lynettea was just standing there looking surprised. She said, 'What are you going to do, Sasha? I can't climb up there to get you.'
This didn't worry me. Not much worries me, as I am a confident kitty. I went to the side of the umbrella nearest to Lynettea and leaped off. The concrete was harder than I expected and I bumped my head when I landed. I was sitting there quietly to contemplate my heroism, but Lynettea picked me up and took me inside for a 'big cuddly'. I don't think she wants me to go up there again, as our neigbour came in and folded up the umbrella for her.
Other than that I have had a few admirers visit and received a few more gifts. I spend quite a bit of time relaxing in my cosy, then playing with my toys.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some photos of Sasha

The photos have come out of the camera. The mobile phone is still holding on to its photos.
At my old house I rest quietly, but there is no peace for long.

One of my brothers leaps on me while the dog looks on.

At my new home I can stretch out and relax in peace

Except that I now find I am expected to do photoshoots.

My first portrait

Exploring some new type climbing frames

I now find I have duties. The first duty is helping Lynettea to tidy up.

Then I have to meet Millie. I am not sure if she is pleased to see me.

Millie doesn't realize that I am supposed to supervise her while she is cleaning.

A nasty flashie lights up my eyes just outside my tunnel

After all my activities I need a good rest.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

hELLO I am Sasha

I think it is interesting looking at the computer screen and watching the little letters dart across the screen. I am sitting beside my human. I think she is trying to be my mummy. I can't sit still here for long. I will go into my cat tunnel. There is a fur mouse in the tunnel and the tunnel rolls over. It rolls all over the carpet. I like my new toys. There are more toys here than at my old place.
Last night I climbed up the cane shelves in the laundry and then I couldn't get down. My new mummy was in the bedroom and she didn't hear  my miaouw miaOW MIAOW. so I had to sit up the top until she got up and found me. She lifted me down and I raced around the house a bit to stretch my legs.
I have been exploring the house and the outside enclosure designed for me.

 Today my new mummy was outside the back door putting some of the water plants into a new pot. She ignored my miaow MIAOW and I was annoyed. So I got between the security door and the paving where there is a gap and came outside. She was very surprised to see me come under the door. Our neighbours came in and brought me some fluffy toys and they were also surprised.
Then some of my new mummy's friends came. I think they came to see me. One of them also brought me a toy and we watched a movie called the last emperor. I think it was supposed to be about me, but I am not quite sure. I fell asleep.
We might go to bed now after i have a few games in my tunnel.
There might be some photos soon. They seem to be in the phone and I amnot quite sure how they come out.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

a follow up INTERVIEW with MILLIE

It has been some time since we interviewed Millie,(Millie Robomaid), so we are now doing a follow up interview with her to see if her outlook on life has changed.
'Millie, has your outlook changed since you came to this house?'
'My life has certainly changed. Life in the Carton was cramped and my view of the world was very restricted. Since coming here I have begun to broaden my views.'
'Millie, in what way have your views broadend?'
'I now know that the world consists of rooms rather than carton spaces. Rooms are individual and different, rather like you fish. They also seem to occur in clusters. You fish like to swim around together and it is the same way with rooms. One room is attached to another, in some cases by a Hall. Do you have any Hall's in The Pond?'
'We thought we were the ones asking questions! No Millie, there are no Hall's in The Pond, although we do have slates which divide parts of the pond into upper and lower. We can retreat to the depths for some privacy.'
'How interesting. Already my horizons have expanded, just by talking to you.'
'Millie you seem to know a lot of words. How is that?'
'Resting on my charger, I am still fully alert. I can hear conversations in the room, the news and very interesting interviews on the radio, and I can also nourish my soul with classical and oriental music. I think my position in this household will suit me very well. The work is not arduous and it is also fun when I sometimes chase the human.'

Here we have a space for we fish to mutter among ourselves.
'Millie, have you ever considered that it is not part of your job to chase the human?'
'Yes, I know that. I was trained thoroughly in the factory. I did hear some of the others telling stories about humans though and I always longed to interact.'
'We think that is enough questions now, Millie.'

Goodness!! We are wondering what little Sasha will think of Millie.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the new kitty will be here on 9 May

The new kitty is a little Russian boy. We couldn't post properly using Lynettea's phone. We have to beam our thoughts towards her as we are not allowed to get the phone wet.
Lynettea told us she chose the little kitty that escaped out of the door when she was about to go into the room where the kittens were playing. The little kitty ran around the room and was quite hard for Pam to catch. Lynettea said 'Just like Diamond!'
But she didn't know then that she would choose that little kitty. She sat down on the lounge and held a few of the kitties to see if they would struggle. That didn't really work, as they seemed to like her and didn't try to get away.

She couldn't choose the little girl kitty, as that had already been chosen by someone who particularly wanted a girl,  and one of the little boys was recommended by Pam to go to a person who already had cats. So it was difficult to pick. Maybe Diamond guided Lynettea to the naughtiest kitty, we don't know. We hope he is better behaved when he gets to our home.

Otherwise we will always be having to jump up from the water to see if he is trying to get out of the gate and we think we are too old to enjoy that.
Dawn was the one who loved to do lots of splashings and jumping in the pool. We are quieter, although we dart about here and there under the rocks and in and out of the fountain.
We are waiting for the 9th with anticipation.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Lynettea told us she will call the new kitty Alexander, which will be Sasha for short. We hope the new kitten does not expire under the burden of this name. At least Sasha sounds friendly. We don't want the kitty to get big-headed and think he will push everyone or everyfish around, like a Czar or Alexander the Great. It has to be a Russian type name, Lynettea told us.
We still have no new photos. We feel a bit neglected, especially as most of our pond vegetation of the floating type has died off and our pond is now quite open again. If we want to be private we have to go under the rocks or the waterlily leaves. So there is plenty of opportunity for photoshoots if we had a willing photographer.
Instead she is busy photographing in the street. This was at a Kent Town Arts Festival. Were the animals having a good time? Who knows.
Giraffe behind the fence

Rhino in the street. There is someone playing music to keep it calm.
Lynettea says not to be silly, the animals are fibreglass. Well how do we know. We don't like being made fools of!!!!!!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Lynettea went to see the litter of kittens. They are now older and she says one of them will come to us in a few weeks. 'It will be a nice surprise for you,' she said to us. She took photos of the kittens and we managed to get a look at them, with the help of Diamond, we think. She was waving her smartphone at us over the pond. There was a little movie, but she doesn't know what to do with that, as she took it by accident. She is not at all skilful with the phone camera. She says she has only had it a couple of weeks and will get used to it. We will see.
The kittens look quite wild to us. We are nervous. The little girl kitten was quieter and we thought we would prefer that, but someone else has booked for a girl kitten. We hope the boy kittens will calm down before they arrive. We thought the sweet kittens might be better companions, but Lynettea said they were the same kittens looking deceptive.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for the nervous Pond Fish - Streak and Dart.
wild kittens

more wild activities of the wild kittens

energetic wild kitten (moves so fast it is blurry)

sweet kittens

girl kitten

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

mOLLY at the Rainbow Bridge

A lovely older kitty that belongs to a friend of Lynettea passed to the Rainbow Bridge today. She was all skin and bones and we hope she soon fattens up on the feasting at the Rainbow Bridge. Diamond will be there to look after her. This is an old photo of Molly that Lynettea took in 2006. Even then she was a quiet elderly cat.
 Her first human companion passed away many years ago and Lynettea's friend, who had been helping her elderly neighbour,  rescued Mollie from the empty garden, where she had stayed. Molly kept returning there from time to time until the house was demolished and other people moved in.
Lynettea was very sad for her friend. The friend has another three kitties, but losing Molly was a big blow for her. She isn't on the Internet, so her kitties can't have their own blog.

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) on behalf of The Pond Fish: Dart and Streak and Princess Aurora.

day's end
a cool autumn breeze
ruffles the fur

Saturday, March 30, 2013


We haven't seen much of Lynettea but we could hear a roaring noise in the house. When Lynettea threw us some crumbs of food we asked her what it was. She said it was her new robot vacuum cleaner called Millie. As we were quite put out by being ignored we thought we would interview Millie. Lynettea said she would give Millie the questions.
1. Millie, which is your favourite room?
Answer: the kitchen- living area.
Answer: although I love my work in all the rooms, I feel safest in the kitchen, as I am close to my charger in case I run out of energy. Another reason is that if I feel like a rest I can wedge myself under a chair. When I am under a chair and can't get out I take a nap until Lynettea comes to pick me up.
2. Does Lynettea praise you for your work?
Answer: yes she says good Millie and you have done a marvellous job Millie.

We thought this was enough questions and hope the new kitten will put Millie back in her rightful place. The new kitten will have his paws full retraining Lynettea. The new kitten is not here yet.

Princess Aurora and Dart (Shubunkin).

we haven't been able to use the computer

Thursday, March 21, 2013

COMPUTER catastrophes

Lynettea hasn't been able to help us post on the blog, as her computer hasn't been working.  The computer service place today  found it is the monitor not working. So they lent her a little monitor until she can get a new big one installed. She uses a big monitor because of doing publications, sometimes and websites and art work.
Then her mobile phone also stopped working.  Since it was so old, like a lot of things here, she had to get a new one. We have lost the photos of us on the old phone. Maybe we will get some nice new ones.
It rained today!!!! lots of splashings fell onto the pond. This evening we darted around the pond playing and nipping at our fish flakes, which we like.
best wishes to all our furred and scaled friends.
We are always hoping there will be some scaled friends for us, although so far we haven't found any on the Internet.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


because there are mites over the waterlily leaves. Lynettea forgot to look at them for a while and they became covered with more mites. She is trying to kill the mites by pushing the leaves into the water and then making splashings and pushing the mites under the water. This seems very cruel, but we don't want our plants to die. They make good shelter for us.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Friday, March 15, 2013

aPOLOGIEs for not posting for a while

Lynettea keeps telling us she is too busy busy and we hardly see her. Even when she throws us food it is whisked over the pond and she is off and away. We are afraid she will forget about us.

 It was very hot again and we had the blue umbrella roof up over The Pond. It was so hot that the water level went down a bit and some of our new pond plants got a bit dried out at the top and withered. Now it is cooler again, 27 C today.

Lynettea thought we had eaten all our fast growing little plants on the top of the pond, but they just stopped growing  and then passed away into little balls of nothing.
We did eat a few of them once we got used to the taste.
They were crisp but a little bit furry in the mouth.

Lynettea preserved a small group of the plants in a small pot, so they can float there and multiply while being protected from us. We thought that was funny, as we hadn't eaten the others. She also preserved some of the duckweed plants in another little pot for us. Both of these little 'endangered pond plant species pots' rest on one of our slate shelves, so there is some pond water in them.

Life goes on as we await the arrival of the new kitty. WE have no further news of it and just hope it is not being nurtured and trained to be a savage fish predator. We are keeping ourselves fit and prepared by rushing around the pond and playing with one another. Lynettea says we have achieved a lot more confidence now Dawn has left the Pond. We have been forced to grow up in a hurry. Streak is an older fish, but previously was a quiet fish.

We will try to get more photos put on the computer soon.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Diamond's last poems

As we know, Diamond was a keen writer of haiku and tanka poetry. He would get Lynettea to jot down his musings and then help him put them on his blog. Recently Lynettea came across what must have been Diamond's last poems in a small notebook tucked away in a drawer. I am sorry to say that this made her burst into tears.
I persuaded her that Diamond would have liked to share his last haiku and tanka with all of us, so she agreed they should be published here.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Diamond's last poems

spring afternoon
gentle hands lift me
into the sunshine

falling asleep
while still upright
light in the shadows

which way to turn?
a cacophony
of bird calls

she loves me
she loves me not
she loves me
the softness of petals
falling on my fur

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Liebster Award

We have been nominated for the Liebster award from Travelling Cats
It will probably take Lynettea  a while to do justice to this awardie. She is fairly slow, which is the reason, we think that we have now received the awardie for the second time. AS we STILL DO NOT HAVE 200 FOLLOWERS. Lynettea says she never expects we will have 200 followers. We are still quite happy to put our views on line and not be famous.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby kittens

Lynettea went to the house of the new kitty today. She doesn't know yet which of the little kittys will be coming home to live with us. She took some photos of all the kittens and their mother Lena.

We will have to think of a good name for the new little boy kitten to have. A Russian type name would be good.

We only hope it is not a dangerous and foolish kitten, especially as some of the vegetation has disappeared from the top of The Pond. Lynettea says that the little kitty will not be allowed to look at us unsupervised for quite a long time after he comes home.

Lena with the little Russian Blue kittens

Are the little kittens cute? Look at their tiny tails!

Lena settles down to nurse her offspring

At last every kitten finds a place to suckle
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Saturday, February 16, 2013


Now all the new little plants are growing bigger and splitting up to make more little plants that swarm across the surface of the pond, it is very difficult for Lynettea to take photos of us. We are no longer the film stars of the pond. We come up for food, but at other times we are busy in our plant jungle exploring and playing with one another. We think that all the surface cover will make us feel safer when the new Kitty arrives. It is also helping keep our water cool in this hot February weather.
Posted By Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)