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Saturday, February 2, 2013

full of memories

My  Moon haiku was not one of those chosen for the January Moon Viewing Party. Lynettea says not to give up heart and try again next month. Diamond's haiku were not always chosen either. You can read the chosen haiku here: Haiku Bandit and if you scroll down you can read my submission among the others.

full of memories
that old face
Man in the Moon

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

It is still cool here, which is most unusual, but we are keeping warmer by swimming around vigorously. 


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Keep working on it - I am sure your haiku will get in there soon!

Diamond said...

Thank-you dear Sparkle. I will try again.
Princess Aurora

Kari said...

We think your Haiku was beautiful and very evocative. Here in the northern hemisphere we've had a Cheshire moon ( named for the Cheshire cat).
How very full of memories.

Ginger Jasper said...

Keep trying and as Sparkle says it will happen.. Stay snug and warm.. HUGs GJ xx

The Island Cats said...

We hope you will keep trying.

Keisha said...

Ur hai-koo is good. Keep writing some more! :)

Daisy said...

That is still a beautiful Haiku.

meowmeowmans said...

We like your Haiku very much, Princess Aurora. Do keep trying. We know you will be chosen if you do.

Angel MoMo's mom said...

Keep trying - it will get chosen one day!

Cool here too. I like it better than the heat.

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh, that was wonderful ! Yours will be chosen in time, we are sure of that.

Kari said...

Stopped by to wish you a good day. Hope your weather has been fine and the water in your beautiful pond perfect, Our love to you.