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Monday, February 11, 2013

Waking up in Japan

We don't know if there has been a new little kitty born. Lynettea told us there could be a kitty born around the middle of February, but even if this was so the kitty would have to stay with his or her mother for a long time to learn proper cat behaviour before he or she might think about moving to live with us. We hope that such a kitty would not learn too many hunting skills.
Because we have not been able to look at our new photos (as they are not on the computer yet) Lynettea has let us post some of her travel photos from last April in Japan.
She stayed in Matsuyama among other places and these photos are from the hotel in Matusuyama. The hotel also has a famous onsen (public bathing area with hot springs). 
You can imagine that you are waking up in this room with the daylight coming through the paper screens. The futon bed is on the tatami matting and the maids have put it on the floor for you while you had your traditional Japanese dinner. The futon is not as soft as it looks, and the pillow is very hard. Lynettea had to sleep with her head on a jumper as her neck did not feel good on the traditional pillow.
Outside past the paper screens is a balcony, which has western chairs and table and a view over a traditional Japanese stone garden. Below that is a traditional Japanese garden and the city of Matsuyama.

The room you are looking at has an area on the side with a raised section containing a beautiful flower arrangement and a scroll.

When you enter the doorway to your room from the hotel corridor you go into a small lobby that is all your own. It has a rack for shoes and several sandals provided. The staff have kindly put some sandals for you near the sliding paper  screen door that leads into the first of your rooms.

Here is your first room

the first room of your suite in a traditional Japanese hotel
You will also have a small suite of bathrooms. We have a photo of the bath area.
There is a traditional tub, quite deep to fill with hot water. Before you step in the bath you need to wash yourself thoroughly. You can see a small stool with a small wooden tub on it. You are supposed to sit on the small stool and wash yourself with the shower. You can use the tub to collect water and throw it over yourself. Lynettea thinks that is what it is for. Her knowledge is not all that complete.

She did go to the onsen on her last night. She asked one of the hotel clerks to explain the way to the public bath, as she had forgotten the first explanation. (We should mention that she was not feeling very well, as she had developed a severe chest infection - but she battled on regardless). She was determined to use the onsen so went at 10 pm at night in her yukata (Japanese summer wear provided by the hotel) with her toiletries bag and her slippers.

The clerk was very happy and said he would show her the way. They walked for a very long way, which surprised Lynettea, as she had thought it was quite close. She didn't like to say anything. Finally the clerk said, 'Here you are!' and she looked around to find herself in the entrance of the public bar. Fortunately the hotel clerk and Lynettea both had a good sense of humour.

Eventually he did take her to the onsen, which was very elaborate with changerooms and both an inside and outside hot spring bath. Lynettea thought she would plunge into the hot spring outside, but the icy blast when she opened the door made her sensibly decide to use the indoor pool.

Sorry this is a long story.
We will have more interesting stuff about ourselves and the pond shortly.

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)


meowmeowmans said...

This story and the lovely pictures remind me of when I went to Japan. It was such a fascinating and wonderful place, and I hope I can go back someday.

We look forward to hearing more about what is going on in the pond, and with the new baby kitten! :)


Keisha said...

That is very pretty.

The Cat From Hell said...

Oh Wow! Our Mommy has always wanted to goes to Japan! Wes can't wait to see more of Lynette's pictures

Kari said...

Mid February is here so the little kitty may soon be here. And the time it spends with it's mum still makes it close. We believe Diamond will send the right kitty to your mum
What a lovely experience; peace and tranquility. And an unexpected trip to a bar.....