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Saturday, March 30, 2013


We haven't seen much of Lynettea but we could hear a roaring noise in the house. When Lynettea threw us some crumbs of food we asked her what it was. She said it was her new robot vacuum cleaner called Millie. As we were quite put out by being ignored we thought we would interview Millie. Lynettea said she would give Millie the questions.
1. Millie, which is your favourite room?
Answer: the kitchen- living area.
Answer: although I love my work in all the rooms, I feel safest in the kitchen, as I am close to my charger in case I run out of energy. Another reason is that if I feel like a rest I can wedge myself under a chair. When I am under a chair and can't get out I take a nap until Lynettea comes to pick me up.
2. Does Lynettea praise you for your work?
Answer: yes she says good Millie and you have done a marvellous job Millie.

We thought this was enough questions and hope the new kitten will put Millie back in her rightful place. The new kitten will have his paws full retraining Lynettea. The new kitten is not here yet.

Princess Aurora and Dart (Shubunkin).

we haven't been able to use the computer

Thursday, March 21, 2013

COMPUTER catastrophes

Lynettea hasn't been able to help us post on the blog, as her computer hasn't been working.  The computer service place today  found it is the monitor not working. So they lent her a little monitor until she can get a new big one installed. She uses a big monitor because of doing publications, sometimes and websites and art work.
Then her mobile phone also stopped working.  Since it was so old, like a lot of things here, she had to get a new one. We have lost the photos of us on the old phone. Maybe we will get some nice new ones.
It rained today!!!! lots of splashings fell onto the pond. This evening we darted around the pond playing and nipping at our fish flakes, which we like.
best wishes to all our furred and scaled friends.
We are always hoping there will be some scaled friends for us, although so far we haven't found any on the Internet.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


because there are mites over the waterlily leaves. Lynettea forgot to look at them for a while and they became covered with more mites. She is trying to kill the mites by pushing the leaves into the water and then making splashings and pushing the mites under the water. This seems very cruel, but we don't want our plants to die. They make good shelter for us.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Friday, March 15, 2013

aPOLOGIEs for not posting for a while

Lynettea keeps telling us she is too busy busy and we hardly see her. Even when she throws us food it is whisked over the pond and she is off and away. We are afraid she will forget about us.

 It was very hot again and we had the blue umbrella roof up over The Pond. It was so hot that the water level went down a bit and some of our new pond plants got a bit dried out at the top and withered. Now it is cooler again, 27 C today.

Lynettea thought we had eaten all our fast growing little plants on the top of the pond, but they just stopped growing  and then passed away into little balls of nothing.
We did eat a few of them once we got used to the taste.
They were crisp but a little bit furry in the mouth.

Lynettea preserved a small group of the plants in a small pot, so they can float there and multiply while being protected from us. We thought that was funny, as we hadn't eaten the others. She also preserved some of the duckweed plants in another little pot for us. Both of these little 'endangered pond plant species pots' rest on one of our slate shelves, so there is some pond water in them.

Life goes on as we await the arrival of the new kitty. WE have no further news of it and just hope it is not being nurtured and trained to be a savage fish predator. We are keeping ourselves fit and prepared by rushing around the pond and playing with one another. Lynettea says we have achieved a lot more confidence now Dawn has left the Pond. We have been forced to grow up in a hurry. Streak is an older fish, but previously was a quiet fish.

We will try to get more photos put on the computer soon.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Diamond's last poems

As we know, Diamond was a keen writer of haiku and tanka poetry. He would get Lynettea to jot down his musings and then help him put them on his blog. Recently Lynettea came across what must have been Diamond's last poems in a small notebook tucked away in a drawer. I am sorry to say that this made her burst into tears.
I persuaded her that Diamond would have liked to share his last haiku and tanka with all of us, so she agreed they should be published here.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin)

Diamond's last poems

spring afternoon
gentle hands lift me
into the sunshine

falling asleep
while still upright
light in the shadows

which way to turn?
a cacophony
of bird calls

she loves me
she loves me not
she loves me
the softness of petals
falling on my fur