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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More adventures

Lynettea was out most of today. She said she went to her Philosophy group and to have her eyes tested. But why did I have to stay here by myself? When she got home she said,'I didn't think I had left the radio on. What is that music and where is it coming from.' She didn't even take off her sunglasses and she was crawling down on the floor near the computer desk trying to work out what was going on.
'Sasha did you switch the radio on? You mustn't knock it onto the floor. Naughty kitten! Fortunately it isn't broken. I wonder how you switched it on.'

Well, I don't want to be lonely and it is a bit of company for me.
Later on I practiced bobsledding in my tunnel down the hallway and into the kitchen. I rushed down the tunnel and out the other end at high speed, up onto the back of the chair and into the sink. I love the sink. It has sparkly water and if the spout is on I like to watch it.

'Sasha, I have bought this nice water bubbler for cats, especially made for you. This is how you use it,' ----attempts licking at the bubbling water and making sucking noises. SSSuck Lap lap.  'What Sasha, you don't want to use it!!!!? You like the sink better, or the laundry tub???'

She is difficult to train. I think I will have to look at all the postings on this blog to see how Saint Diamond managed.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Learning new things every day

I am busy growing. Every day I learn some new and interesting things. Yesterday I learned how to swing from the wall-hanging in the bedroom and how to rip the toilet paper into smaller pieces. Today I was just starting to pull out the toilet roll when Lynettea made me leave and shut the door.

She doesn't appreciate everything I do. I think she wants me to be quiet. Sometimes I lie in my cosy and sleep when I get bored. Sometimes Lynettea sits beside me and she goes to sleep as well. She says she is getting tired looking after me. How can that be?

We saw some more small fishies in The Pond. There may be three small dark fish and one small bright orange fish. The fountain makes the water sparkle and the bigger fish swish it around, so it is hard to see the little fish. The big fish don't take any notice of me. I think they must be used to seeing a cat. Perhaps they think I am looking after them.

Lynettea says I am very quick to learn. And I move around so fast she can hardly see me coming. I saw something up on the suntuf roof above my walkway. It made a scritching noise. Scritch, Scritch, with little claws. I could see the claws quite well and a hazy shape jiggling around above it. Then there were two of them. I couldn't reach them.

I can see high up from my walkway -- the sky and trees. Lynettea says to be careful there, but I love to run and leap. I am so fast and clever.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Our babies

Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) on behalf of The Pond Fish, is proud to announce the first public viewing of our babies.
Our first baby fish for nine years have matured enough to be easily visible in The Pond. Lynettea was the first to spot our little orange 'Flame' yesterday at our evening feed. Today one of her friends spotted our dark fish baby, who is even bigger than Flame. We haven't decided on a name for this little fish yet. Lynettea calls them both 'Sweetie Pie,' which is not dignified enough.

autumn sunshine
tiny fish
dart through the water

Saturday, May 18, 2013

MY exciting life

Every day is a new adventure. Yesterday I learned how to get down the stair-ladder from my upper walkway in my outside enclosure. I came down very slowly, putting each paw carefully in front of the other. Lynettea said she was very pleased with me, as she had to climb up and pick me off the walkway the day before.
So I felt very excited about my adventure and to show her how clever I was I ran up the stairs again to the top walkway. I then ran along the walkway and leaped into the air. I felt as if I had wings and my legs were all muscly and springy. I landed on the big umbrella over the table in the centre of the enclosure. Then I couldn't see an easy way to get down. Lynettea was just standing there looking surprised. She said, 'What are you going to do, Sasha? I can't climb up there to get you.'
This didn't worry me. Not much worries me, as I am a confident kitty. I went to the side of the umbrella nearest to Lynettea and leaped off. The concrete was harder than I expected and I bumped my head when I landed. I was sitting there quietly to contemplate my heroism, but Lynettea picked me up and took me inside for a 'big cuddly'. I don't think she wants me to go up there again, as our neigbour came in and folded up the umbrella for her.
Other than that I have had a few admirers visit and received a few more gifts. I spend quite a bit of time relaxing in my cosy, then playing with my toys.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Some photos of Sasha

The photos have come out of the camera. The mobile phone is still holding on to its photos.
At my old house I rest quietly, but there is no peace for long.

One of my brothers leaps on me while the dog looks on.

At my new home I can stretch out and relax in peace

Except that I now find I am expected to do photoshoots.

My first portrait

Exploring some new type climbing frames

I now find I have duties. The first duty is helping Lynettea to tidy up.

Then I have to meet Millie. I am not sure if she is pleased to see me.

Millie doesn't realize that I am supposed to supervise her while she is cleaning.

A nasty flashie lights up my eyes just outside my tunnel

After all my activities I need a good rest.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

hELLO I am Sasha

I think it is interesting looking at the computer screen and watching the little letters dart across the screen. I am sitting beside my human. I think she is trying to be my mummy. I can't sit still here for long. I will go into my cat tunnel. There is a fur mouse in the tunnel and the tunnel rolls over. It rolls all over the carpet. I like my new toys. There are more toys here than at my old place.
Last night I climbed up the cane shelves in the laundry and then I couldn't get down. My new mummy was in the bedroom and she didn't hear  my miaouw miaOW MIAOW. so I had to sit up the top until she got up and found me. She lifted me down and I raced around the house a bit to stretch my legs.
I have been exploring the house and the outside enclosure designed for me.

 Today my new mummy was outside the back door putting some of the water plants into a new pot. She ignored my miaow MIAOW and I was annoyed. So I got between the security door and the paving where there is a gap and came outside. She was very surprised to see me come under the door. Our neighbours came in and brought me some fluffy toys and they were also surprised.
Then some of my new mummy's friends came. I think they came to see me. One of them also brought me a toy and we watched a movie called the last emperor. I think it was supposed to be about me, but I am not quite sure. I fell asleep.
We might go to bed now after i have a few games in my tunnel.
There might be some photos soon. They seem to be in the phone and I amnot quite sure how they come out.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

a follow up INTERVIEW with MILLIE

It has been some time since we interviewed Millie,(Millie Robomaid), so we are now doing a follow up interview with her to see if her outlook on life has changed.
'Millie, has your outlook changed since you came to this house?'
'My life has certainly changed. Life in the Carton was cramped and my view of the world was very restricted. Since coming here I have begun to broaden my views.'
'Millie, in what way have your views broadend?'
'I now know that the world consists of rooms rather than carton spaces. Rooms are individual and different, rather like you fish. They also seem to occur in clusters. You fish like to swim around together and it is the same way with rooms. One room is attached to another, in some cases by a Hall. Do you have any Hall's in The Pond?'
'We thought we were the ones asking questions! No Millie, there are no Hall's in The Pond, although we do have slates which divide parts of the pond into upper and lower. We can retreat to the depths for some privacy.'
'How interesting. Already my horizons have expanded, just by talking to you.'
'Millie you seem to know a lot of words. How is that?'
'Resting on my charger, I am still fully alert. I can hear conversations in the room, the news and very interesting interviews on the radio, and I can also nourish my soul with classical and oriental music. I think my position in this household will suit me very well. The work is not arduous and it is also fun when I sometimes chase the human.'

Here we have a space for we fish to mutter among ourselves.
'Millie, have you ever considered that it is not part of your job to chase the human?'
'Yes, I know that. I was trained thoroughly in the factory. I did hear some of the others telling stories about humans though and I always longed to interact.'
'We think that is enough questions now, Millie.'

Goodness!! We are wondering what little Sasha will think of Millie.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the new kitty will be here on 9 May

The new kitty is a little Russian boy. We couldn't post properly using Lynettea's phone. We have to beam our thoughts towards her as we are not allowed to get the phone wet.
Lynettea told us she chose the little kitty that escaped out of the door when she was about to go into the room where the kittens were playing. The little kitty ran around the room and was quite hard for Pam to catch. Lynettea said 'Just like Diamond!'
But she didn't know then that she would choose that little kitty. She sat down on the lounge and held a few of the kitties to see if they would struggle. That didn't really work, as they seemed to like her and didn't try to get away.

She couldn't choose the little girl kitty, as that had already been chosen by someone who particularly wanted a girl,  and one of the little boys was recommended by Pam to go to a person who already had cats. So it was difficult to pick. Maybe Diamond guided Lynettea to the naughtiest kitty, we don't know. We hope he is better behaved when he gets to our home.

Otherwise we will always be having to jump up from the water to see if he is trying to get out of the gate and we think we are too old to enjoy that.
Dawn was the one who loved to do lots of splashings and jumping in the pool. We are quieter, although we dart about here and there under the rocks and in and out of the fountain.
We are waiting for the 9th with anticipation.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish