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Sunday, May 5, 2013

a follow up INTERVIEW with MILLIE

It has been some time since we interviewed Millie,(Millie Robomaid), so we are now doing a follow up interview with her to see if her outlook on life has changed.
'Millie, has your outlook changed since you came to this house?'
'My life has certainly changed. Life in the Carton was cramped and my view of the world was very restricted. Since coming here I have begun to broaden my views.'
'Millie, in what way have your views broadend?'
'I now know that the world consists of rooms rather than carton spaces. Rooms are individual and different, rather like you fish. They also seem to occur in clusters. You fish like to swim around together and it is the same way with rooms. One room is attached to another, in some cases by a Hall. Do you have any Hall's in The Pond?'
'We thought we were the ones asking questions! No Millie, there are no Hall's in The Pond, although we do have slates which divide parts of the pond into upper and lower. We can retreat to the depths for some privacy.'
'How interesting. Already my horizons have expanded, just by talking to you.'
'Millie you seem to know a lot of words. How is that?'
'Resting on my charger, I am still fully alert. I can hear conversations in the room, the news and very interesting interviews on the radio, and I can also nourish my soul with classical and oriental music. I think my position in this household will suit me very well. The work is not arduous and it is also fun when I sometimes chase the human.'

Here we have a space for we fish to mutter among ourselves.
'Millie, have you ever considered that it is not part of your job to chase the human?'
'Yes, I know that. I was trained thoroughly in the factory. I did hear some of the others telling stories about humans though and I always longed to interact.'
'We think that is enough questions now, Millie.'

Goodness!! We are wondering what little Sasha will think of Millie.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish


meowmeowmans said...

So interesting! We loved learning more about Millie, and are glad you Pond Fish did such a great job of interviewing her. If Sasha is really little, maybe Millie will give him a piggyback ride! :)

Kari said...

Your life will change,Millie, when the little one arrives. Do you have any nurturing instincts? On the Internet, there are videos of cats riding Roombas ( your U.S. cousins). We would be terribly afraid the little one's foot or tail might get caught with terrible harm done.

Keisha said...

I like Millie! :) I think Sasha will be okay.

Kari said...

Ooooo! It's the 9th where we live! The kitty! We are waiting anxiously for the arrival of the new kitty!
Is he home yet? Anticipation and excitement fill our hearts. Welcome, dear Sasha!