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Saturday, June 22, 2013


I cleaned the house last night as a surprise for Lynettea.

Greetings from the Pond Fish to Lynettea on her birthday.
Princess Aurora

FROM sAsha.
i AM sharing a few of my special photos, as I haven't been very good at posting on the Blog. I have lots of photos.
Happy Birthday to Lynettea.
Snuggle snuggle purrr purrrr

What is this?


is this a Very Noisy TV?


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Happy birthday to Lynettea!

Sasha said...

Thank you, Sparkle!!

Keisha said...

Happy birthday to Lynettea. :)

Sasha, that is a laundry thing. It makes noise because it is for humans to make clothes clean. When it is done, the clothes will be all warm, and you can sit on them! :)

Sasha said...

Thank you Keisha for the good advice. Lynettea says to thank you for the birthday wishes.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy birthday to Lynettea!

Kari said...

Happy birthday Lynettea and many happy returns of the day! The solstice and your birthday...something magical about that. We know there is a splendid year ahead for you.
Darling Sasha, we are so pleased to see you! What a smart little boy you are! Those linens will be so nice and warm when they come out. Perfect for keeping a sweet kitty warm and cosy in chilly weather. Hope to see lots more photos of you.
All of our love to you and yours.

Sasha said...

Thank you kitties from Fuzzy Tales and thank you Kari.
Lynettea will be happy to see your birthday wishes. I am going to give her a nice snuggle now.

The Whiskeratti said...

Happy birthday!

The Island Cats said...

Happy Birthday to Lynettea1 We hope she is having a good day.

Sasha said...

Thank you Whiskeratti andIsland Cats.
I am keeping Lynettea so busy she doesn't have time to think of anything else.

meowmeowmans said...

Wishing our friend Lynettea the happiest of birthdays, and a wonderful year, too! :)

Kari said...

Little Sasha? Are you there? We know little kitties are very busy little beings but we'd love to see more photos of you. You are a total delight!

Sasha said...

i AM trying to make a post, but the blogger won't let me. I can't type in the new post area, only the header. It is always like that on our phone, but now is the same on the computer. What shall I do?