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Monday, July 15, 2013


I was just about to go for a walkies this morning in the garden when it started to rain. Lynettea took me out yesterday in the sunshine and I felt better about the halter and walking around. I was more confident. We  stood on the porch and I let one of her neighbours admire my pretty furs and tell Lynettea how attractive I look in my blue halter. Lynettea doesn't have a photo of it, as she can't take a photo and look after me at the same time. I chased after some of the golden quince leaves and some other leaves which had blown in from the street.
Today it is raining and I don't want to get my furs soaking wet, so I am resting on my little snuggly rug on the bed, looking very sweet. At least Lynettea says I look sweet.
As for photos, they are still all in the camera.
I know it is Lynettea's job to get them out ... but she is not reliable.

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Day

I am now trying to post in Chrome browser as my Internet Explorer browser won't let me post. Lynettea says I am born as a technocat and she can't keep up with me. I have to learn to use my intelligence quickly to keep up with the ever changing modern world. I have only been here around five months and I am expected to master the computer and advise Lynettea. The Pond Fish (especially Princess) and Millie are trying to help me.
this is an old photo. I am bigger now

Today I went outside. Right outside my enclosure. I agreed that Lynettea should put on my baby blue halter. It is only suitable for a kitten. When I am adult I expect I will have an exceedingly stylish halter in keeping with my status. As I don't really like the halter, I keep rolling over onto my side. Lynettea was wondering if there was something wrong with my leggies and my pawsies. I went into the garden bed to see all the bulbs springing up in Diamond and Dawn's special area. Two of the jonquils were starting to flower. We walked around in the garden bed and it was a bit awkward for Lynettea following me under the leaves of some of the plants. There are arum lillies and cannas and a big clump of lemon grass as well as some special cat grass. All these grow near the quince tree. I will ask Lynettea to take me a photo of the quince tree with its golden leaves.
Today she was too busy looking after me and wondering if I was okay. I find the sky very big when I go outside. This is the third time I have been out and it wasn't quite as scary. The first time I crouched close to the ground  and would hardly move. Today the sky was very blue and the sun was shining. We only stayed out a short while and came in. I was excited to be inside again and played a lot of games.
Now I am tired out after my adventure.