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Sunday, August 25, 2013

inspection trip

Early this evening I was able to take Lynettea out on the lead so I could check on her work. She has put out some items I feel I could use at some point. Diamond's Director chairs, for example and a wooden painting easel. Someone had already taken a small chair I was going to use for open air concerts. 'Sasha you know cats are never allowed to attend concerts,' was all she could say. My artistic genius may never fully develop if I don't have access to an easel.
'Our rubbish is not very high quality,' Lynettea said. 'So it will probably be here several days giving me the chance to alter my mind.'
I prefer to keep any items which may be useful, but Lynette is impatient. The story of our lives.


meowmeowmans said...

Humans are very impatient, Sasha. Sigh...

The Whiskeratti said...

Yes, that sounds about right, living with hoomins as we do. Just be patient and keeping working with her.

Keisha said...

I hope she lets u see a concert. That would be fun. :)