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Monday, September 23, 2013

A visitor in The Pond

A few days ago we were at first thrilled to see Sasha wanted to pay us a visit. We are not sure if he intended to get into The Pond or if he lost his footing or overbalanced. Lynettea tells us that he is quite clumsy compared to Diamond. Anyway he made a big splash and the water was all stirred up and muddy. We decided to hide under the rocks until the debris settled.
Princess Aurora

Sasha dashed into the house sprinkling water all over the place. Fortunately he didn't come close to me or he might have shorted my circuits. He ran up to his horizontal scratching pad in the hall and sat on it, making the cardboard all wet. Lynettea was most concerned and grabbed a big towel from the cupboard to dry him.
Millie RoboMaid

I don't like towels around me, as they make me feel trapped. I am very strong and I wriggled with all my pawsies and legs so Lynettea couldn't hold me in the towel. Then I started grooming my furs. It was a cold day and I felt the waters soak right through to my skin. Lynettea chased me around to try to dry me. She did dry me a bit. I think Millie was laughing at me, which isn't nice.

Lynettea had to mop the floor with all the water on it. Sasha's undersides were wringing wet. He was not a happy cat. I wasn't laughing at him, even though he did look funny with wet fur.
Millie RoboMaid.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My haiku in Competition

My haiku was placed fifth in the European Quarterly Kukai, which is a big competition for haiku poets internationally. All the poets who enter have to vote and they give points to three haiku that are their favourites. No-one is allowed to vote for their own haiku. Lynettea entered it under her name, as she said they don't want haiku from cats.
This is my haiku on the autumn theme of the competition.

an autumn leaf
partners the kitten

European Quarterly Kukai

Lynettea says she thinks Diamond would be proud of me.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sasha Protects Towels from Attack

I found these towels lying on the floor in the bathroom. Someone must have dragged them from the towel rail. The obvious suspect is Millie Robomaid. 

Here she comes wanting to roll over her booty and suck them up into her insides. I am ready. Slash!! With one paw I am able to defend the towels from an attack by Millie. She retreats in confusion. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

swelled head

I had to warn Lynettea today that she might be getting a swelled head. She had just answered a Council survey about how she had used her green waste recycling bin and she found a lot of email had been sent to her by the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Maybe she was becoming famous.
Then she had a fright. The phone rang loudly and she had to run into the kitchen to take a phone call from Tony Abbott, who is the leader of the Opposition. After a few seconds she was disgusted to find it was a Tony Abbott machine which had rung her and she hung up.
She looked so disheartened I got her to heat up my Snugglesafe in the microwave and jumped on her lap to give her a cuddle. 'You are famous to me,' I said to her, but I don't know if she understood me. 'Purr, purr, purr...'

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I have a really important job today. Princess Aurora told me Lynettea was going to change some of their pond water and I am supervising Lynettea while she does it. I have stayed next to the pond most of the time. I checked the hose once and something happened to it. I tried to tell Lynettea but she didn't take any notice, so the water ran all over the patio. Now we are putting fresh new water for the fish. Princess Aurora says I am being more helpful than their guardian, Diamond was at water changes.