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Monday, October 14, 2013


I am 8 months old. Born 13 February, so I should have had my entry yesterday. I am a fine and active big kitty now. My main hobbies: hunting for everything - flies, butterflies, birds, anything that moves or crawls. On Friday Lynettea found a big mound rats had made in the garden. They had made a dugout next door under the shed and brought up the earth into our garden, which in my opinion was very thoughtful of them. Good soil costs money to buy.
Lynettea was not very pleased. She pulled out some of her big parsley bushes and that is when she saw the mound. She started digging at it and found the rats had eaten a hole in the wooden fence to get into our place. Most of the mound is still there, because the neighbour wanted to look at it and then piled some of the earth back to see if the rats would dig out.
If I was allowed to stay out at night I could tell them.
Lynettea is afraid I might get rat bites, so she won't let me near them.
Lynettea was in Harris Scarfe's today eating lunch with a friend (I wasn't allowed to go because of cat discrimination issues with the bus and the shops). They thought they had a nice quiet place for lunch, but then the fire alarm went off and everyone had to evacuate, including all the shop staff. Fortunately Lynettea and her friend had just finished eating their lunches.
I was left at home and Lynettea made a fuss of me when she came back. She crawled around with a fish net, getting my toys from under the furniture. And then we went out to inspect the garden and street. It is getting a bit easier to put Lynettea on the lead. She doesn't struggle as much as she did at first. She isn't very good at following me or sitting and watching for prey. She said I should add that I haven't managed to catch anything except maybe a bee and she isn't sure of that.


I was doing my usual helper role yesterday. Sasha was trying to hinder me as he usually does, swiping at me and jumping back and forth, and Lynettea was trying to get him to let me alone to do my essential work. Then Lynettea went onto the computer and I got stuck on Sasha's scratching post, which is always in the way when I try to clean. I called out for help (beep beep beep) and Sasha miaouwed at Lynettea, but she took no notice. She was so engrossed in her computer activities that my energy sources drained and I was left poised on the base of the scratching post.
Then everything began to go dark. I wondered if this was death, as usually I am either running about the house, full of energy, or soaking in the electric currents from my faithful charger. Lynettea found me, she says lying there with no lights, and she couldn't start me. Then she had to get out the instruction manual and plug me direct into the charger. I am not sure how long my strange experience lasted, but I woke to feel the warm sensation of the electric currents running through all my parts. What a relief.

Millie RoboMaid

Friday, October 11, 2013


It said in the newspaper that cats do not really like being stroked. Someone has tested a lot of cats while they are being patted and come to the definite conclusion that cats get stressed when stroked.

How do you feel? Lynettea didn't pat me all day after she read that. I wondered what was going on. Maybe I had been really naughty? I started to try to attract her attention by leaping into the sink and share her food (she is mean with it) and she tried to bark at me to frighten me.

We we both got pretty tired with all this different activity and before she went to bed, late as usual, I leaped onto her lap so she could  give me a massage and brush. She kept wondering if she should touch me, as she thought I would be stressed and she is worried about that (she says), but I kept pawing at the brush on the table until she gave in.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Yesterday I saw Orla again. She is the Irish dog who lives next door. I have seen her a few times and Lynettea told me she was a great admirer of Diamond. Diamond let Orla sniff at him up close, even in the street, nose to nose. She would jump around with excitement whenever she saw Diamond. Lynettea says Orla would come to the gate and look through it for Diamond even after Diamond went to the Bridge.

When I first saw Orla a while ago I was a bit scared, as she is a dog and large. My tail bristled out and I hissed. Orla jumped  back and tried to hide behind her human. This time I just sat in the gateway on the step and looked at Orla and my tail didn't bristle. Orla came a bit closer and we looked at each other. Maybe I will let her get a bit closer next time.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

aNNIVERsary of Diamond's passing to the Rainbow Bridge

HELLO everyone. A year ago today our GUARDIAN CAT DIAMOND passed to the Rainbow Bridge. We don't think Sasha has become a proper Guardian for us and we still really miss Diamond.
Princess Aurora Shubunkin on behalf of The Pond Fish.

Well, I didn't know Diamond, so I may have to try harder. I have tried to  visit you and trim the vegetation in the pond and supervise your eating. It isn't my fault if you mostly want to swim underneath now.
Thank you Diamond for being such a good companion to Lynettea. I am looking at your wise thoughts all the time to give me clues how to train Lynettea. She still has a long way to go.

Some photos of dear Diamond. The first two are of Diamond in 2012 and the bottom one is an earlier photo portrait. Sasha has a lot of news to tell fellow kitties about his activities, but I have been very awkward about letting him maintain his blog. I will try to do better.

Diamond at the gate 

Inspecting the picture of Emma our brown bear friend at the sanctuary in Chengdu. Emma is also at the Rainbow Bridge with Diamond. 

Portrait of Diamond at an earlier age in all his magnificence