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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Gypsy

I have been listening to gypsy music all afternoon. Why Lynettea chose that for me I don't know. I am far from a gypsy. Were I free to roam where would I go? Where would be the most interesting place for me to visit? I think I would like to come back to my own cosy at night, unless I was able to find some other pleasant accommodation, with well mannered slaves.
It is getting cool. I hope Lynettea warms up my heated pad soon. I have it tucked under my cosy in a blanket, so I can relax in the gentle warmth.
I wonder if the gypsies would treat me well as a special exotic cat of great charm and remarkable pedigree. Perhaps they would worship me as some sort of cat royalty. I don't suppose I will ever know.

My morning walk

Hi, this is Sasha. I have just been for my morning walk. It was so late that it started to be an afternoon walk as well. I checked what I could of the fence boundaries to see if they are still secure. Lynettea kept saying all the time, 'Why are you clawing at that, Sasha,' and other silly remarks.
If she could see what I see, smell what I smell.
I broke off a stalk that was just about to flower on the Mother in Law's Tongue plant near the southern boundary. Once the flowers open they may start to nag.
The fish were all underwater after their feed. They like to rest during the middle of the day. Princess Aurora told me that. The new little fish are growing up and dart without fear among the big ones. Little Flame is the brightest.
Yesterday Lynettea brought back a ball for my  plastic toy that has a ball running around a tunnel. The ball we got originally with the toy hasn't flashed its red light for a long time. Lynettea tried to get a replacement, but with no luck. Finally the pet shop decided they were sick of waiting and gave her a new ball out of one of their packets. She had a good game with it and I helped her push the ball too.
Now I am watching out of my front window. I see cars going by and people and sometimes dogs walking on their leads. And now I am settling down in my snuggle nest with a hottie underneath. It is very cosy.

Friday, November 8, 2013


Which is all Lynettea's fault. She won't let me use the computer when I would like to correspond with my friends and sooner or later I will have no friends.
 My adventures lately:
1.  Eating flowers Lynettea told me are poisonous. But I am still alive. She cut off the latest Iris flowers in the Pond, because she says they are no good for cats.
2. Jumping to the top of the pelmet over the blinds in the front room, which is very very high. I can get down easily now by jumping onto the books on top of the bookshelf. Lynettea took down all her ornaments on one shelf, because she found the wooden rhino on the floor with a chipped horn. I wonder who did that? She filled all of the shelf with books, which is quite inconvenient.
3. Rat sniffing. I can smell a rat along the side fence and was trying to dig it out of its hole yesterday. Lynettea said she doesn't want me starting any kind of conversational interaction with rats, as they can turn vicious. She has a warped attitude to life.
4. Not gazing at the bird. I know a turtledove is nesting in the grapevine, but Lynettea doesn't like me looking at it. It is keeping quiet, so it hasn't much conversation anyway. One of its eggs fell to the ground.
5. Sleeping in, in my cosy. Lynettea is keeping the blinds shut, as she says it makes me feel safer. If the blinds are up, then I sit on her chair in the kitchen. She says it is inconvenient for her if she is at home, as she likes to look out into the street.
6. That's enough for now.