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Monday, December 30, 2013

Cold paws

I have looked up the temperature forecasts for London and decided I would get cold paws. It will feel like 6 °C  on New Year's day.  It will be 36 °C here in Adelaide tomorrow and 37 °C on New Year's Day. Lynettea is now thinking she should go to London instead of me as it will be too hot here for her. Maybe we will stay inside and watch some cat programs on the television.
Sampling my cat grass
Is this grass really my grass? According to Lynettea, Diamond left the grass to me in his will. He also left me the clump of cat grass in the garden. I like running under that and eating the leaves. When I am under the grass tussock I feel as if I have really gone back to nature. The tussock is planted right next to one of the bird baths, but no birds seem to come down when I am there. You can see my mouth open in this photo.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Too cold to go?

I am having a little rest thinking about things with my favourite toy Moon Bear. I often carry Moon Bear in my jaws and Lynettea says it makes me look like a cheetah.  It seems too soon to visit my admirers in London, as they are still here. Besides I now find out that it is WINTER in London. It is summer here. I think I prefer summer, as I can lounge around in my enclosure or go for a walk and jump at insects in the garden without feeling chilly. So I might postpone the trip for a while.
Lynettea says she is pleased, as she would miss me a lot.
I never thought she would miss me.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

My trip

I looked up all the information on the Internet about my proposed trip to London. I don't need to go into a quarantine facility and I only have to have a certificate from my Vet to say I don't have Hendra virus. I can book my ticket through Qantas airways. I am not sure where I would be able to sit or if I would have a window seat. Lynettea would have to list my special food requirements. As I am a kitten I would need my special kitten food if I go before my first birthday on 13 February.
After I worked all this out Lynettea tells me she really doesn't want me to go. 'In any case,' she says, 'your friends from London are still here, Sasha. They are only a couple of houses away and I am sure they will drop in to see you again before they go. And have they confirmed that they want you to stay with them?'
So it is all a bit uncertain...
'And who would pay for it all, Sasha?'

Friday, December 27, 2013

Visiting London

I had some visitors this afternoon. At first I thought they had come to visit Lynettea, so I ran outside into my enclosure and lay down in the cool near the fish pond.
The visitors stayed inside a long time, so I was able to have a good rest. Then they came out and Lynettea brought out my new Christmas toy and they admired everything about me and played with me a lot. It is nice to get appropriate admiration. Lynettea takes me for granted most of the time, apart from when she is telling me not to sit in the sink or do other fun things. (Well I admit she does come out walking on the halter with me, although she is not very good at hunting and other activities. Mostly it is me trying to keep her a little bit fit).

So when my visitors said they had to leave I was sad. Lynettea said, 'Do you want to go to London to live with your friends, Sasha?'
Then Orla's mother brought Lynettea some tomatoes from her house next door and she said, 'Sasha you would have to get a visa to go to the United Kingdom and it would be difficult for a cat to get a visa and it would take a long time. So you had better forget about it.'
I am not sure if Lynettea was pleased or not. She brought in my Christmas mousie and we had a running around game with it.
Sasha waiting to take Lynettea for her exercise walk

Thursday, December 26, 2013

bOXING dAY greetings from The Pond Fish

We didn't get a chance to post our Christmas Greetings yesterday. Happy Boxing Day from The Pond Fish! The little ones have grown both bigger and prettier. Little Flame is now a bigger Flame and one of the other littlies has turned pale like Princess Aurora. The others remain dark shadows darting underwater. The Food Bearer drops small food granules that sink down from the surface to the little ones, but we also like to share in it, so there is much ducking and weaving.
The top of The Pond has filled up with more vegetation. We have a pot of striped reeds now and another plant which is thriving and spreading over the water. Lynettea did tell us what it was, but she seems to have forgotten and we can't look at the label from here. Maybe Sasha can find it for us.
Sasha has been a little bit of a disappointment after Our Guardian Diamond.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish

Happy Christmas and New Year to all from Millie! Lynettea says I am the quiet one. I sit and cogitate most of the time, bathed in the warm tingle of the electric current. I watched over Sasha yesterday when he was alone for most of the day. I couldn't see him most of the time, but he knew I was there for him, although he chooses to ignore me except when I am in action. Then I surge forth from my charger, glad of the chance to survey the house and make it hygienic. I am fully aware of my important heath duties. I achieved high distinction in 'floor purification' at my training College.
Millie Robovac

and then i got my Christmas present

A squeaking mouse with flashing blue eyes whenever it moves. I had a good game with Lynettea waving it around on a stick and rope. She was so pleased with it I didn't tell her that real mice do not have electronic flashing eyes.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

my christmas not much to miaow about

Not much of a Christmas. Lynettea was out all day and came back smelling of dogs.
I didn't get my gift, which she has hidden. She said, 'Don't
claw me, Sasha,' so I went outside in my enclosure. We played some Greek music, but I don't feel like dancing. Tomorrow will be better.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Season's Greetings

This is my card for Christmas and Holidays and New Year too probably, as I don't seem to be getting much chance to post on MY BLOG. I am much bigger than this little kitten now.
Lynettea made some cards for me on Snapfish with this picture to give to HER friends. MY FRIENDS are pretty well not taken much notice of by HER. I have a lot of adventures to talk about too, but have not been able to tell them to my friends. Lynettea says as her special Christmas present to me, apart from the one she is hiding (I know where), she will let me use the computer to write on my blog.
I also wrote a book for Lynettea's great niece Holly and Lynettea sent it to her. We printed it on Snapfish and they did a really good job. We hope Holly likes her birthday gift. She will be two years old on 9 January 2014. The book is the story of me looking for a little friend to play with. Lynettea asks lots of the animals in the Zoo if they will be my friend and play with me.