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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am feeling okay in case anyone is worried. It is too hot for me, though. But I like to lie outside in the shade. Lynettea has snatched me and brought me in to the air conditioning a few times, but I don't stay long. We didn't go out prowling up and down the street this evening, so I am a bit fed up. It was 43C here today.
Maybe I will jump in the pond and splash around with the fish. Or maybe not....

Monday, January 27, 2014


We have our blue beach umbrella up over The Pond. That means it is going to be hot. We will shelter under our slate shelves and our pond plants. Sasha is taking a rest. Lynettea says that he is sprawled out in his cosy on the sofa. We don't think he can be very healthy as he rests a lot. Lynettea says that when she got home from a film  (she went to see Saving Mr Banks with a friend at the cinema near us), she found he had thrown up on the table. We hope it is nothing serious, as she is devoted to him. We don't know why.
a hot day
 Streak darts from one lot of shade into another.
Streak rushes across the pond

We hope you enjoy the pictures.
Princess Aurora Shubunkin (for The Pond Fish)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tour Down Under: my thoughts

The Tour Down Under started just near our place on Thursday, so Lynettea went to see it. She said she didn't think cats were allowed. to go. I was not sorry to miss it, as lots of people were walking past our house to go to the street breakfast party, and crowds make me nervous.
Lynettea said, 'I will take a photo of any cats attending or riding bikes, so you can still enjoy it, Sasha.'
There weren't any cats taking part of course, but lots of cyclists in colourful lycra outfits.  The whole road was blocked off and little canopies set up with chairs, so you could sit down to have breakfast. There were even sections of artificial grass. I might have liked to see that, but  bikes make me nervous and I prefer to look at them through the window.
Lots of cyclists came to view the start of the Tour Down Under.

This is the front of the Tour, with the bikes behind the car.

A view of the cyclists as they rush past the cheering crowd.
 And now for my news. Lynettea ordered some books from Amazon. They arrived in a box inside a big bag, which we thought was rather odd. The book I wanted most arrived the next day. It was 'Dear Sparkle' Cat-to-cat advice from the world's foremost FELINE columnist. I had been waiting impatiently for it to get here. Lynettea says she will read some of it to me and help me with the words if I can't understand them all.
This is me helping Lynettea unwrap some books she ordered me from Amazon.

Friday, January 17, 2014


Here I am just before the heatwave. I am a cool cat.

Now all I want to do is lie around on the floor or in my cosy under the air conditioner draft. I lay on the floor all night practically, as the floor was the coolest place when the air conditioner was off.
Our garden looks really strange, as Lynettea put her winter flannelette sheets and some other sheets and pillowcases we aren't using as awnings over some of the plants. Even one of the special pillowcases for my cosy is draped over some tomato bushes. It is so hot that Lynettea took the pictures after dark.
I wonder if the full moon over the tomato plants is a good sign. It all looks like moon madness. I have to stay inside while Lynettea rushes out and sprays plants and rushes in again.
It has been more than 40 degrees since Monday, so it will be nice when the cool change comes.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year to all our friends. We watched the Sydney fireworks on television, which was hugely spectacular. I spent a lot of time sitting on the television cabinet, so Lynettea watched with a cat shape in front of the fireworks. That made it more special for her. She kept throwing things for me to jump at, so we both had some exercise.
Then she went out with some friends for a while on New Year's Day and they came back here to eat some more food and drink tea. One of them could not get over how well behaved I was.

Computer blues

This morning a computer technician installed a black box that tries to protect your equipment if there is an electric surge.
As soon as he left the house the black box started to make a loud alarm signal. Lynettea didn't know exactly what to do, as she is not very cluey. Diamond might have been able to help, but I haven't learned a lot yet. I ran out the back of the house into my enclosure, as I didn't like the noise.
Lynettea thought the noise might go off if she unplugged some things, so she did that. The noise went on. She decided to shut the door, but we could still hear the alarm whining to itself. The power wasn't off, so we didn't know what had happened.
Lynettea  was so fed up that she picked up the box and pulled out all the cords. Then she found a button and pressed it. Then the alarm stopped.
Maybe she will try it again later. She  texted and phoned the technician, but he didn't reply.
To cheer us up:
Sasha looking in the mirror. Who is that beautiful cat?