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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Save the Norwood Cork Tree

The Norwood Cork Tree, in Adelaide South Australia is a beautiful tree. Lynettea begged me to help her with her plans to save the tree. After all my work with my FIRST BIRTHDAY and VALENTINE'S DAY I would prefer to lie on my special futon that I have just been allowed to use. It was left to me by that wonderful cat DIAMOND, who used it for many years. He would have his Adobe beach towel on top and pretend he was on the beach without getting sand in his furs. Adobe sent him the beach towel as a thank you gift for buying so many of their products.
NORWOOD CORK TREE: I wondered why I would be interested in this, but Lynettea said, 'You love birds, Sasha, and they live in trees.'
She said she could imagine that the people who first lived in our house many years ago in the 19th Century would have been able to see the cork tree in its youth and she thinks it is wonderful that we can still see it and enjoy its beauty. She said if you stand close to the tree you can see its wrinkly cork bark. The cork bark could be used to make wine bottle corks, but this tree has never had its cork harvested. It is a very precious tree.
The Norwood Cork Tree in Coles Car Park is at least 122 years old and Coles want to build a car park under it.

If Coles Supermarket digs under the cork tree and chops off its roots it will die. We think they will try to cut it down so they can build their car park and put shops all over the top. Lynettea thinks they can do better than that. SAVE THE NORWOOD CORK TREE.
There is an online Community petition on the GetUp  website that you can sign

and there is also a Facebook page where you can find out more about the tree.

Soon we will be back to real cat stuff. Cat and Cork Tree start with the same first letter, says Lynettea.
I don't regard that as an excuse, but I don't like to see her upset. 


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

This is why sometimes I don't like humans very much! How can they even consider doing away with such a tree. :-(

Kari said...

Very disrespectful of nature, these people. We pray they will reconsider.

The Whiskeratti said...

We really hope that tree gets saved.

Angel Keisha said...

I hope they save the tree. I like trees! :)

Sxanuxa said...

Mes, a Canada Cat, will goes and supports the Norwood Oak Tree! And mes happy that yous now gets to use the Futon!

meowmeowmans said...

Sometimes humans are such terrible stewards of the Earth. This makes us sad (and mad)! WE will go and sign the petition.

Sasha said...

THANKS everyone for commenting and for signing the petition. We hope lots of signatures will help save this magnificent old tree.
Sasha (for Lynettea)