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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

i ate my foods

Yes, I ate them, including the new dental crispies and the special dental powder (all natural from kelps) that Lynettea brought back from my vet yesterday and sprinkled on my soft foods. She had a special consult with the vet while I was not there and he told her new things to try.
 She says she is happy with me. But am I happy? She didn't ask. Am I a puppet to be controlled? What defence do I have?
I wonder if I will ever have the answers.
Lynettea says it is a big learning curve for her too. Maybe straight lines are better? More to think about.
It has been a long day and I am ready for bed.

my day

I spent all day on top of the dresser in the kitchen. It has a top wooden border that turns up so it provides a sheltered place for a kitty, high up in the air. Probably designed in the long ago nineteenth century for a farm kitchen where the kitty could be safe high up, away from the busy humans and quarrelsome dogs.
Lynettea can't see me from the floor, but if she calls out, 'where are you, Sasha?' I might let her see my ears sticking up like two small furry triangles above the border  of the dresser.
Now I have been for my walkies: essential to give Lynettea her exercise and am waiting to see what food I am about to receive. I feel a little nervous after all the changes.


I ate my food with the special cleaner for the teeth and I ate the new dental crisps. Lynettea was overjoyed.
I am not sure if I can keep it up and someone is climbing on our roof again. Under the bed feels safe, like a warm cave. Maybe I will move in here and stay for a while.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

food challenge

She put something else from the vet on my food.
Another challenge?
Also there are a different sort of dental crisps for me to ignore. The vet gave her money back for the others.
Just when I thought things were getting back to normal.
And she said there is something she can put in the water, if she can work out which water I am drinking.
What is this - a concentration camp?
Apparently Diamond had very good teeth, even when he was 16, and he ate dental food. Am I a failure in the teeth challenge?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

mORE Trials

Lynettea is not at all happy with my not eating the dental food she bought. She has now got something she doesn't want me to know about. But I saw it. It is a spray she bought at a big pet store that is supposed to help your teeth. She sprayed it on my crispies. I ate them, so I hope it does not affect me.

I know she is looking for more dental foods to try.

has she given up?

Lynettea is still putting down the dental crisps and counting them, but I am not eating them. She is putting down my other nice foods as well and I am eating those.
Sometimes she says, 'please eat one or two of your dental foods, Sasha,' but they are still too big for my mouth and hard as stones.
At least things have got more normal again. I feel more in control.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I bit a dental crisp

I bit a dental crisp in half with my super powerful jaws. But it was a mistake, as I don't intend to eat them. Since it was in my mouth I swallowed it.

Friday, May 23, 2014


I got very hungry, but I still didn't eat any of the dental crisps. Tonight Lynettea filled my bowl with a sachet of my 'intense beauty' soft food and I gobbled it up quickly. Then she put some of my usual delicious crispies in my other bowl and mixed the dental crispies with them. The next thing you know I had eaten most of the crispies. Lynette wasn't sure if I had chewed some of the dental crisps, as she forgot to count them.


Lynettea changed the nine Dental crispies for five new ones. She crushed two of the crispies. She had to bang them with the bottom of a glass about ten times each to smash them. It was very noisy and she said she had a sore arm after that. So she couldn't do any more. She put a few of my nice crispies with the new DENTAL HUGE HARD CRISPS and the smashed up dental crisps and I ate the nice ones and the crushed up ones.  I can't get the others in my mouth. Will I starve?

note from Lynettea: Sasha ate some of the Dental crisps before he took a dislike to them. So I know he can get them in his mouth and crunch them up.

She shouldn't be using my bloggie.

nine pieces

There are still nine pieces of dental cat food.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

iS SHE Giving In?

She put down a few of my normal nice crispies. I am trying to eat them among the other rock like large chunky stony dental crispies. Too large for my mouth.

from the battlefront

Dispatched in haste.. Lynettea gave me my sachet of  'Intense beauty' food  and then counted out the dental food. I heard her say, 'there are nine pieces. I will know if he eats any.'
Then she put one of the pieces in the dish with my soft food. It was difficult to eat around it, but I managed. I think she is watching my plate, but I have gone into the lounge room for a rest. I am worn out.

battle of wills

Exhausted by my refusal to eat any of my new dental crispies, I fall asleep at last on my platform high up in my enclosure. When I wake up will this nightmare have passed? I am dreaming of a plateful of soft gravy covered chunks of chicken, not hard dry balls of food I have to chew. Chewing is too much exercise for my teeth.
How soon will Lynette relent? It can't be much longer . . .

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today I have been at the top of the large dresser in the kitchen. There was a lot of banging on the roof. Lynettea told me, when she saw my ears sticking out of the dresser top, that it was a man cleaning the gutters.
How much more I have to suffer I don't know. Yesterday it was a trip to the VET for my annual jabs and intrusive fondling all over my body by unwanted hands. The VET was rather quiet and I thought he looked nervous. I am a big kitty now. He said to Lynettea that I was very TAME when he prodded my mouth open to put in a worming tablet. I could have told him I DO NOT HAVE WORMS. But no-one thinks to ask me, the one who really knows.
Lynettea said I was very good. She was pleased at all the flattery from the VET about how beautiful I looked and what good condition I was in (perfect condition). Now I have to try to eat large chunks of dental food as my gums were a bit reddened. I can hardly stretch my mouth around them.

Some good news: a picture of MY REAL MOTHER. Lynettea found one for me.
Me and my Real Mum. Can you tell which is ME?

Me in my outside cane igloo

Me looking sweet on my wolf rug

I am transforming into WOLF