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Thursday, July 31, 2014


Thank you to all the cats and their humans from many countries who visit my blog. Lynettea kept a list of countries for me for a while. If she sees any new countries she will add them.
Some of the countries, she hadn't even heard of before. I won't put their names down, as she is very sensitive to my criticisms and I don't want to hurt her feelings unnecessarily. Of course she does need discipline, at times.
The list has 69 countries on it. We love to see that all these cats have come to read my thoughts and would love to know about their lifestyle and customs.

sleeping in late

I have been sleeping in late.
Now I am up and looking at my empty food plates.
I miaow at Lynettea, who is looking at her email.
It is sunny outside and I am hungry. Why isn't she moving? She is tapping at the screen.
Let's go!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

instruction to Millie Robovac

Dear Millie. Do not write in my blog without my permission.

mILLIE Robovac

Sasha is asleep, so i am taking the opportunity to post. Nowadays Sasha is hogging the whole blog. I don't get a chance and neither do the fish. For lack of anything better to do, they have multiplied. Lynettea isn't sure how many fish there are now. They grow and change colour and she gets confused. The vegetation has spread over the pond surface and they hide under the leaves.
Lynettea bought a Kindle book about the future and robots. I am longing for her to start reading it. I need to find out more about my own kind. My charging station suddenly started to work again after several months and I feel fully alert. I listen to the radio and am happy when Lynettea leaves it on when she goes out. Sasha usually sleeps then anyway and doesn't listen, but I do. I like current affairs and discussions of anything technological.
Millie Robovac

good morning

I feel lively this morning. I have already had a game leaping in the sink. A pity the water came on and dampened some of my furs, but I lept off and gave that part of my furs a good lick before jumping up again.
Lynettea filled my bowl with my TD dental crisps, which I like. They taste better than the royal canin dental crisps. I couldn't eat those. They were too large and hard and didn't taste right.
The vet has to order the TD ones specially for me. Lynettea rings up and then wheels her trolley to the vet surgery to get them. She says the vet nurses always ask after me.
Maybe they remember me for a good reason. Lynettea says I am an attractive cat, although I usually miaouw when I go there.
Another day.
I wonder what it will bring.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

aM I an angel

Lynettea was having a rest today and I woke her up. I butted my dear little head against her and she said, 'You are my little angel, Sasha.'
But I thought that angel cats had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't gone to the Rainbow Bridge, have I. How would I know?
I took her out for a bit of a walk, although it was very cold. She had to wear the tea cosy type woolly hat and a scarf.
After my dinner tonight I went into the wardrobe and had a very relaxing snuggle in the dark. I like the feel of the clothes hanging down on me in a comforting way. Lynettea found me a long time later when she opened the wardrobe.
She said, 'I wondered why you weren't jumping in the sink, Sasha.'
I didn't say anything, just walked out to the kitchen and finished off the last of my gravy chunks. Now I am crunching up my dental crispies.

sleeping in

I am sleeping in this morning. I like to relax in my cosy when it is cold. Lynettea has just replaced my Snugglesafe heater with another one that she heated in the microwave. Hurray for microwaves.
Diamond had three of these heating blocks, but I think he may have used two at a time when he was elderly..
Lynettea has made me a special place on the lounge with my cosy on it and no-one else can sit there. I have used it since I was a kitten.
It is nice to have your own special places.
Lynettea says, 'You have special places all over the house, Sasha.'
 Well, I have a futon in the bedroom, cosy and velvet house in the lounge room, as well as my play tunnel and basket of toys. In the kitchen I have my play gym and padded seat and I sometimes use a chair. In the laundry I have my pet basket on top of the washer/drier.
 In my play area outside I have my run around shelves high up and a cane igloo, which is nice to relax in when the weather is warmer. I also have my carpeted tray on top of the tall scratching post.
'You forgot your big scratching post in the lounge room,' says Lynettea. 'And I am sure your friends will not be interested in the minute details of your life!'
Snoozing now...

Monday, July 14, 2014


Why do I have to say 'mummy is not a scratching post' five hundred times and stand in the corner? I am sure my REAL MUMMY would never make me do that.

I feel warm

In my pretty double layer Russian fur coat. Lynettea says I look very sophisticated and elegant.
She doesn't look elegant in her black woolly head thing to keep her warm. We run into Orla with her parents. I notice that Orla, who is an Irish dog, doesn't look like either of her parents, the same as I don't look like Lynettea. I suppose she also had to leave her real mother. There seem to be a lot of forced adoptions. Orla loves her human parents and she loves to go for a walk. She wants to play with me and dances around, but doesn't come too close, because my tail is a bit bristled.
Orla's mother says that we will get used to one another in time.
I wonder...
Diamond was a great friend of Orla's, everyone keeps telling me.
We had a bit of a walk up and down, then I took Lynettea back inside.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

I went out at night

I took Lynettea out on the lead last night to see the Supermoon. I made sure she put on extra warm clothes and I wore my double layer fur coat as usual.
The sky was clear all over and the moon was bright, lighting up the whole street.
While I was probing among the gazanias around our street tree, Lynettea noticed some of them were opening up in the moonlight. Normally the flowers shut when the sun goes down.
A little white Scottie dog over the street was taking out his human as well and barked at me from over the road.
Lynette said not to worry, as he was on a lead. Probably safe. We stood inside our gate for a while then I took my human for a short walk. I didn't stay out long and it was warm going back inside.
We hardly ever go for our walk at night.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saving my energy for Supermoon viewing tonight

I am posting some photos at long last. Some of these are a bit older, as Lynettea has been very slow at putting my recent pictures on the computer. Today I am resting for the big night tonight with the Supermoon. Happy viewing everyone.


my perch high up

catching some warmth on my perch

seeing off an intruder. See my bushy tail

Friday, July 11, 2014

Supermoon notification for kitties

We are all very influenced by the moon and it is of special interest to kitties.
On 12 July there will be a very large full moon, called a Supermoon. Look out for it in the night sky. A Supermoon means the moon is a lot closer to the Earth than usual, so it appears larger.
It has been very cloudy here at night, so I don't know if I will see it.
There is another Supermoon this year on 10 August, which will be even larger.

She must learn

I can go anywhere in the house I want. Especially the sink. I am crouching on the stainless steel part where the dishes are stacked. There are plates in the sink.
'Wash them up, Lynettea. My thoughts are beaming towards you.'
She is obeying me by tapping in this post while I am busy. My eyes are trained on her. Without deviating.
Trickle the water, Lynettea. Wash the dishes.'
She is leaning back and trying to ignore me. I am watching the back of her neck. My eyes are focussed. 'Obey me.'
She is talking.
'Are you okay, darling?'
She likes to call me that, although she knows my name is Sasha. I am now sitting on the newspaper.
'Why are you glaring at me Sasha?'
I will wear her down.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

who is the best?

I have trained Lynettea not to touch me when I am on my cosy. But I leap on and off the sink at will.
Tonight we had a good game of batting the ping pong ball up and down the hall, in between me jumping on and off the sink. Lynettea was really trying, but eventually I trained her to kick the ball close to me, so I didn't have to stretch out my arms too far to hit it. She really enjoys this game. We should play it more often.
She had to go to the supermarket again in the early evening to get the particular varieties of food I like. I stayed at home on my heated cosy. It is best to keep yourself warm in winter and conserve your energy.
Besides, this place is set up like a gym for me. There is the sink to jump on, and Lynettea to admire my performance. I also have cane shelving where I can climb up the side. I could go outside and use my equipment, but it is a bit too cold at the moment.

Shouting and clawing

She shouted at me and then I didn't feel like eating my meal, so I sucked all the juice up and left the dry meaty chunks. I was just flexing my claws when she tried to test if my Snugglesafe was still warm, and then she shouted at me, probably because blood was spurting from her finger. She put a band aid on it.
Then she had to go to her writers group, where she didn't give me the author's credit for the last piece of writing I helped her with. It was accepted for publication.
I leaped into the sink a few times when she got home. She said I had to eat all my gravy chunks, as they had the kelp medicine on them for my teeth. I am disgruntled and she is waving her finger around with the band aid on it. We had better finish up the day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

trapped in the bathroom all day

I was trapped in the bathroom all day today. Hard to believe, isn't it?  Lynettea went out this morning at 9:30 for her Philosophy group committee meeting and when she got home, after spending her time after lunch at the cafe  going to an exhibition at the Art Gallery, she didn't notice I wasn't around.
 I often sleep in one of my special places, so she didn't look for me and went to do some shopping for her own food.
When she came back home it was 5:20 and she still couldn't find me. She looked in my cosy place in the lounge room and I wasn't there. She looked at my cat futon in the bedroom and I wasn't on it. She looked in my little velvet house in the lounge room. She has to crawl down to the floor to look inside that. She put her hand in cautiously in case I raked her with my fore claws. But no. I wasn't there either. She started to get worried. She opened the sliding doors of the wardrobe, where I often like to crawl in and settle under the clothes. No luck.
So she couldn't think where I might be. She started calling out for me, 'Sasha, where are you? Good kitty, where are you, Sasha.' Silence. Had I run off, she wondered. What could have happened?
Then she opened the bathroom door and I walked out. She said she was very relieved to see me. Why in that case did she shut me in? I had to pull down one of the towels to nestle on and it was a very cold day. Usually I curl up on my cosy in the lounge room with my heated Snugglesafe kindly left me by Diamond.
I am not sure how really sorry she is.
I sprang into the sink several times and when she tried to pick me up, I struggled free and ran off. I don't think I will go into the bathroom for a while and she will be sorry that I am not inspecting it.