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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

aM I an angel

Lynettea was having a rest today and I woke her up. I butted my dear little head against her and she said, 'You are my little angel, Sasha.'
But I thought that angel cats had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. I haven't gone to the Rainbow Bridge, have I. How would I know?
I took her out for a bit of a walk, although it was very cold. She had to wear the tea cosy type woolly hat and a scarf.
After my dinner tonight I went into the wardrobe and had a very relaxing snuggle in the dark. I like the feel of the clothes hanging down on me in a comforting way. Lynettea found me a long time later when she opened the wardrobe.
She said, 'I wondered why you weren't jumping in the sink, Sasha.'
I didn't say anything, just walked out to the kitchen and finished off the last of my gravy chunks. Now I am crunching up my dental crispies.


Minni said...

Nice and sweet like an angel:)
Here it is too warm for my liking, I am looking for shady places.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I thought you didn't like those dental crispies! ;-)

Angel Keisha said...

Mmm, snacks!