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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

good morning

I feel lively this morning. I have already had a game leaping in the sink. A pity the water came on and dampened some of my furs, but I lept off and gave that part of my furs a good lick before jumping up again.
Lynettea filled my bowl with my TD dental crisps, which I like. They taste better than the royal canin dental crisps. I couldn't eat those. They were too large and hard and didn't taste right.
The vet has to order the TD ones specially for me. Lynettea rings up and then wheels her trolley to the vet surgery to get them. She says the vet nurses always ask after me.
Maybe they remember me for a good reason. Lynettea says I am an attractive cat, although I usually miaouw when I go there.
Another day.
I wonder what it will bring.

1 comment:

Georgia and Julie said...

Hmmmm,TD dental crisps.Not familiar with those,but they must be good as you like them :)
We are not surprised the vet nurses ask after you, you ARE handsome!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ