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Monday, July 14, 2014

I feel warm

In my pretty double layer Russian fur coat. Lynettea says I look very sophisticated and elegant.
She doesn't look elegant in her black woolly head thing to keep her warm. We run into Orla with her parents. I notice that Orla, who is an Irish dog, doesn't look like either of her parents, the same as I don't look like Lynettea. I suppose she also had to leave her real mother. There seem to be a lot of forced adoptions. Orla loves her human parents and she loves to go for a walk. She wants to play with me and dances around, but doesn't come too close, because my tail is a bit bristled.
Orla's mother says that we will get used to one another in time.
I wonder...
Diamond was a great friend of Orla's, everyone keeps telling me.
We had a bit of a walk up and down, then I took Lynettea back inside.

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The Whiskeratti said...

You are indeed an elegant mancat.