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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

mILLIE Robovac

Sasha is asleep, so i am taking the opportunity to post. Nowadays Sasha is hogging the whole blog. I don't get a chance and neither do the fish. For lack of anything better to do, they have multiplied. Lynettea isn't sure how many fish there are now. They grow and change colour and she gets confused. The vegetation has spread over the pond surface and they hide under the leaves.
Lynettea bought a Kindle book about the future and robots. I am longing for her to start reading it. I need to find out more about my own kind. My charging station suddenly started to work again after several months and I feel fully alert. I listen to the radio and am happy when Lynettea leaves it on when she goes out. Sasha usually sleeps then anyway and doesn't listen, but I do. I like current affairs and discussions of anything technological.
Millie Robovac


Angel Keisha said...

My hoomin likes to read the news too!

Sasha said...

And I will post again when I get the chance. I have some flattering portraits of myself to put on line.
Millie Robovac