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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

trapped in the bathroom all day

I was trapped in the bathroom all day today. Hard to believe, isn't it?  Lynettea went out this morning at 9:30 for her Philosophy group committee meeting and when she got home, after spending her time after lunch at the cafe  going to an exhibition at the Art Gallery, she didn't notice I wasn't around.
 I often sleep in one of my special places, so she didn't look for me and went to do some shopping for her own food.
When she came back home it was 5:20 and she still couldn't find me. She looked in my cosy place in the lounge room and I wasn't there. She looked at my cat futon in the bedroom and I wasn't on it. She looked in my little velvet house in the lounge room. She has to crawl down to the floor to look inside that. She put her hand in cautiously in case I raked her with my fore claws. But no. I wasn't there either. She started to get worried. She opened the sliding doors of the wardrobe, where I often like to crawl in and settle under the clothes. No luck.
So she couldn't think where I might be. She started calling out for me, 'Sasha, where are you? Good kitty, where are you, Sasha.' Silence. Had I run off, she wondered. What could have happened?
Then she opened the bathroom door and I walked out. She said she was very relieved to see me. Why in that case did she shut me in? I had to pull down one of the towels to nestle on and it was a very cold day. Usually I curl up on my cosy in the lounge room with my heated Snugglesafe kindly left me by Diamond.
I am not sure how really sorry she is.
I sprang into the sink several times and when she tried to pick me up, I struggled free and ran off. I don't think I will go into the bathroom for a while and she will be sorry that I am not inspecting it.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Serves her right if you stop inspecting the bathroom, Sasha - I bet it will be a wreck from now on!

The Whiskeratti said...

Oh my Ceiling Cat! How rude of her! Well, we hope you aren't too put off by your adventure, Sasha. PS: Milk this for all its worth. :)

Georgia and Julie said...

Oh the nerve of locking you in the bathroom!
Make sure she makes it up to you Sasha!!!
Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ