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Thursday, July 10, 2014

who is the best?

I have trained Lynettea not to touch me when I am on my cosy. But I leap on and off the sink at will.
Tonight we had a good game of batting the ping pong ball up and down the hall, in between me jumping on and off the sink. Lynettea was really trying, but eventually I trained her to kick the ball close to me, so I didn't have to stretch out my arms too far to hit it. She really enjoys this game. We should play it more often.
She had to go to the supermarket again in the early evening to get the particular varieties of food I like. I stayed at home on my heated cosy. It is best to keep yourself warm in winter and conserve your energy.
Besides, this place is set up like a gym for me. There is the sink to jump on, and Lynettea to admire my performance. I also have cane shelving where I can climb up the side. I could go outside and use my equipment, but it is a bit too cold at the moment.

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Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

It sounds like you have a pretty good indoor gym going on, Sasha! Great for winter.