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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The REALWorld

Lynettea says she doesn't want to watch TV with a cat shaped hole in front of it!
 She needs to join the real world and play with me.
 I am much more interesting.

animal vacuum cleaner

I was distressed that Lynettea passed me over today in favour of the animal vacuum cleaner. I do my best to do a good job whenever I am allowed to carry out my tasks. It is not my fault if dust accumulates when I am not allowed off the charger. After bathing in the stimulating and energizing current I feel ready to take on the house, if not the world. I am not overly ambitious, but it becomes frustrating and humiliating if I am not allowed to perform my role. Please do not forget that I was trained for this role from an early age. I regard it as my life's work.
Millie Robovac.

I enjoyed running after the animal vacuum cleaner. It didn't attempt to clean my furs. I wouldn't want it to suck me up into its interior. Also it doesn't try to supervise me all the time.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

i can hear mice

'I can hear mice in the undergrowth. Shouldn't we be out.'
I didn't hear any mice, Sasha and it is too dark now.'
'Too dark? That is the best time to view mice ... It is when they come out.'

Me and bear

Here is a picture of me with my favourite toy.  Lynettea bought it to support a sanctuary that helps bears. Sometimes I like to carry bear around with me.  Lynettea says I look like a cheetah with its prey.

Friday, August 29, 2014


I apologize if any humans, dogs or cats are offended by the preceding post, blah blah.
It was not my intention to offend anyone.

I made her write this. She is so thoughtless.

blah blah

A friend of Lynettea's was telling her this story and they both thought it was very funny, so she thought she would tell it to me.
There was this dog called Fred and his human thought he could talk to Fred, because Fred was so intelligent and understanding, particularly of the human's problems.
So the human said to Fred, 'You are a good and faithful dog, Fred. I want you to look after the house for me Fred and when I come back, Fred, I will give you your favourite supper, Fred. And then we will go to the park, Fred and you can have a run. If it is warm tomorrow, Fred, we might go to the beach with my friend.
You like her, don't you, Fred.'
At this point Fred wagged his tail, as he had done at various points in the narrative.
The human said to his friend at the office, 'Fred understands everything I say. He is really looking forward to meeting you!'
At home, Fred ran around the yard wagging his tail. He knew his human was pleased with him. He had said so a number of times.
Here is how Fred heard the conversation: 'blah blah blah blah blah blah Fred blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Fred blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Fred blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah Fred .....'
I said to Lynettea, 'A good thing cats are not like that!' and she patted me on the head.
'I am pretty sure she understood me.

Personal Trainer

Lynettea went to her exercise class late this afternoon. Her usual class was cancelled, so she had to go to a later one.
The physiotherapist was watching her crawling on the floor adjusting equipment and was impressed Lynettea could do that.
'I may be a senior,' said Lynettea, but I intend to remain flexible.'
She could have told the physio that she had a Russian personal trainer, called Sasha, but she didn't think of it in time.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

in memory of our friend Sparkle

Lynettea is making a special donation to the RSPCA of $40.00, in memory of Sparkle. I am a bequest cat of the RSPCA. If anything happens to her they will organize a special bequest caring person to look after my every want and need.
I would prefer to stay here.
They will use the money in memory of Sparkle to look after cats and dogs who have nowhere else to turn.
We think Sparkle would have liked that.
Princess Aurora (Shubunkin) for The Pond Fish
Millie Robovac


Lynettea says we have to tidy the house this morning, so I darted around pushing all my little toys under the sofa, the desk or the bed. She can have some fun crawling around poking them out with her little fish net later.
Much later.
I just miaouwed at her to tell her I have finished tidying and am fully ready to take her for a walk on this beautiful morning.
Oh no! One ball left.
 Let's have a run up and down with it!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Memorial Service for Sparkle

There will be a day long, on-line memorial service for Sparkle the Designer Cat on Friday 23 August. Please leave comments at

Sparkle's human will make a worthwhile cat shelter donation for each comment up to $500.

Let us celebrate Sparkle's remarkable contribution to the welfare of kitties, with her wonderful advice column and books.

wearing the halter

I didn't go outside when I was a little kitten, or when I first came to live with Lynettea.
I went outside on 8 July 2013 for the first time. That is outside my enclosure, on the halter. I remember the sky was very big and blue overhead and I felt overwhelmed. I kept rolling over and lying down. Lynettea thought there was something wrong with my legs. She even asked My Vet, Dr Andrew.
He laughed and said, 'All the cats do that at first.' And he looked at my strong legs and said there was nothing wrong with them.
In a couple of days, I was quite confident and after that I have taken Lynettea out on most days. If it is raining, we don't walk in the rain. I sometimes even go out at night, especially when it is hot in the summer.
We walk in our own place and sometimes go out into the street to inspect the car tyres, fences and clumps of bushes.
Summer is learning the halter. We hope she will learn quickly and have exciting expeditions outside, like me.
It is sometimes annoying to have to take your human everywhere, but as Lynettea told me, we are very special kitties and should have our guards with us for protection.
(I thought it was me doing the guarding).

sun on my furs

Look at the warm sun on my furs!
We are going out now.

when will I have my walkies?

Lynettea says she has to rush off to organize a class. I hope I will get out for walkies later.


As I sit here, bathed in the electrical current through my charger, I can hear Sasha plunging in and out of paper bags further down the hall. It is after midnight.
That cat is tireless.
As for me, I like to rest, after my daily efforts to clean up the house.
Millie Robomaid

Monday, August 25, 2014


resting      paws gathered together

Norwood Cork Tree Saved

I feel guilty. Lynettea asked me to post the news from the Save the Norwood Cork Tree campaign and I forgot.
'Well, you posted the news on the Norwood Cork Tree Blog,'' I said. And on your petition page and your Facebook page..'
'Some of your kitty friends might like to know,' she said.
'Coles Developer changed their plans and they are keeping the historic cork tree and also the big river red gum. They will stay as they are now in the car park. No-one will be allowed to dig under them and the nearest buildings will be at least 15 metres away. So we think it is a great victory, for people.'
'And,' I said firmly, 'a great victory for kitties and all the birds.'

Saturday, August 23, 2014

publisher dislikes talking animals

Lynettea went to a writer's festival today. She thought she could get a few writing tips to help her with her work.
She needs them, I feel, although, of course I just try to support her. I find it best not to be too critical. She relies on my work too much, always attempting to pass it off as her own.
I hoped she would be encouraged to get on with her own work. I can only lead by example.
There was a panel of publishers speaking and a member of the audience asked if they had any pet hates.
'I hate talking animals,' said the lady editor from Allen & Unwin. Lynettea was shocked. She knew I would be upset. Not only does the lady hate pets, but they are not even allowed to speak to her.
No wonder we are regarded as second class and we are not even allowed to be citizens.
Thank goodness for Blogger, which gives us a VOICE.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Farewell Sparkle

We love you Sparkle. And Lynettea is crying. You were always our dear friend, although we live a long way apart. You have been a faithful visitor to my blog and I am always encouraged by your wise comments.
I will miss you very much.

in the bag

Lynettea put 'that' photo of me in the bag while my attention was diverted. Any publicity is good, she thinks.
I don't think Diamond would have been so tolerant. He was a very dignified cat. Maybe I will become more dignified as I grow up. I am feeling quieter today after yesterday's falling incident.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

my fall

I have just come in from walkies, where I had a nasty fall. It was warm in the sunshine, so I had sprawled out on the air-conditioning unit at the side of the house.
Lynettea said, 'Don't fall, Sasha.'
She is always saying that. So I took no notice, as usual.
I streeetched out and my furs grew warm. Very comfortable. I stretched out my front legs and also my back legs. I flexed my claws and purred.
Then I rolled to one side more and baked that side and then I rolled to the other side and rolled a bit too far.
Suddenly I found myself between the air conditioning unit and the wall, upside down, with myself wedged tight and my four pawsies sticking up and waving in the air.
Before I had time to miaouw for help, Lynettea was at my side, or rather at my top, peering down anxiously at me. She could see I was wedged tight and unable to turn.
Just as well I had brought her out with me. For once I was grateful she was there. She reached down and managed to get her hands around my shoulders and then haul me up. My furs protected me from scraping against the wall.
She was so helpful that I even stayed sitting quietly and let her chat to a neighbour in the street. Even though the neighbour had a toddler in a stroller.
We were inside the fence, otherwise I could not have tolerated a small child.

this morning

'Sasha, please move your tail, dear.'
'Why should I move my tail?''
'Because I want to press the lever to open the rubbish tidy.'
'If you move your foot under my tail, you will be able to press the lever.'
'Sigh. Alright Sasha. I don't want to inconvenience you in any way.'

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Millie's portrait

I have let Millie Robomaid put her portrait on the blog. She is very proud of this portrait, as it shows off her pretty colour. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

camellia appreciation

Lynette went to lunch with a friend, who had picked some flowers for me. Here I am checking them out. I licked the flowers all over and they tasted nice and with a pink taste.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

wildlife TV My favourite

Tonight, after Lynettea watched a program I found rather boring, we played a recorded wildlife program.
'This is one of your favourites,' she said.
She was surprised when I woke up and watched this section.

wearing her down

I think Lynettea is beginning to accept that I have a right to go anywhere I please in the house. Tonight she just gently plucked me from the sink several times when I jumped there while she was trying to prepare
her meal.
Previously she has flicked water at me.
I increased my rate of leaping into the sink to establish my point.
After the sixth time she started to behave in an edgy fashion and on the seventh time I saw her hand move towards the tap, so I quickly leaped off.
I will try again tomorrow.
Sooner or later she will give in.

time to go out

The pictures say it all.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

FrOM PRincess AUROra

Sasha is sleeping in his cosy. His eyes are closed and he is in the world of dreams.
That is what Millie Robovac has beamed towards us.
So we thought we would post a photo.
Lynettea doesn't have many photos of us nowadays, as we have been hiding under the pond weeds. The weather has been cold and Sasha is making us nervous. Some of the pond plants have died back and we are now more visible. You can even see one of us in this photo.
Princess Aurora

is this cat my friend?

This cat has been here a long time. I think it is older than me. It never says anything to me, so there must be something wrong with it. I think it is petrified.

Friday, August 15, 2014

warmer today

I am up already and waiting for Lynettea to take me out.
Lynettea: 'You didn't eat all your food last night, Sasha. I don't like the way you lick all the jelly off those chunks and leave all the dried out remains in the plate.'
Sasha: 'Why do you give me that type of food then?'
Lynettea: 'I am trying to vary your diet, Sasha, so you won't get bored with your food.'
Sasha: 'I am happy to eat different foods, but I like to lick the jelly off this one first. How can I help it if the chunks dry out? That is what I do.'
Lynettea: 'What do you want me to do, Sasha?'
Sasha: 'Feed me the jelly chunks and when the bits go dry, clean up the plate and give me fresh food again.'
Lynettea: That food is expensive, and it only comes in small sachets...'
Sasha: 'All to the good. I don't want stale food. Now can we go out, please.'

This is a picture of me yesterday after one of my walkies.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

blog hop post

We haven't tried to do this before to make a linky post. Lynettea mucked up the post on the other blog and has lots of my images. Maybe they will wipe them off.
A long day and not much to say. This is me as a sweet kitten. But I still go there. It is not always a welcoming place.


i want to go out

And now can we go out?

a good rest

Millie Robomaid is resting on her charger, after her intrusion into my spaces all over the house. She is very over confident, in my opinion and charges about until she gets stuck. She says this is not a good photo of her. She has a much better portrait that shows her glowing ruby colour.

I am trying to sleep on the bed, when Lynettea stops pointing the camera and waking me up.

I am allowed to use this bed in the daytime. I like to snuggle on the Artificial Wolfskin rug left to me in his will by Diamond.
I feel safe here.


It is warm in my cosy. Lynettea brought me a fresh Snugglesafe about half an hour ago. She may be trying to atone for her rude behaviour early this morning. I ran into the bedroom and sprang on the bed and didn't want to go out again.
Lynettea doesn't like me sleeping there, as she says she is afraid of me leaping on her and scratching her.
She lured me out and then shut the door.
'It's warmer in your cosy, Sasha.'
Maybe I will get up later. I have a hard job guarding the house all night and I get tired out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My work not read!

After all my work this morning, even cutting short our time in the garden (niwa) Lynettea didn't get to read out her ( my) work.
Why not, you may ask?
Because she didn't speak up and demand her turn.
I said, 'You were there two and a half hours and you didn't speak up!!'
'I didn't like to interrupt.'
'Well, after all my hard work after finding the dictionary, I am disappointed.'
'I will try again next week, Sasha. Maybe you could write me some extra sentences?'
'I only have to say, let's go for walkies now, and then I want my food!'
As I lie here in my heated cosy, I can hear the comforting sounds of Lynettea getting up and ready for the day ahead.
She will want me to do some sentences in Japanese to take as her contribution to her Japanese class. I am not sure why she doesn't want to write some of her own. I can't speak any more Japanese than she can and she has been going to the class a long time. She is quite lazy.
Since she knows hardly any words, we have to use the dictionary a lot. Even then, she needs me to work out the grammar for her and I am not always sure either.
I fear the class will laugh at her efforts again. She says the teacher is always pleased to hear my writings.
Perhaps the sensei thinks I am a little neko.

I am looking for the Japanese dictionary. Maybe it is up here.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I am feeling more settled now

This photo is rather dark. But you can see my fine eye(s).


Today started off in a rush, with Lynettea going off early to organize her class. I was very disappointed not to have my early morning walkies. I was thinking that even if I had to pull Lynettea around sometimes, and even if I was disappointed with her behaviour and her lack of observational skill, I would still prefer to go out for a walk than stay inside.
After all the sun was shining.
I felt frustrated when she went off and instead of jumping into the sink, which seemed pointless when she was not there to annoy, I jumped onto the dresser and then onto the fridge and then onto the top of the dresser.
Then an awful noise started.
I sprang down and hid under the bed.
My ears were hearing the loud noise and I couldn't shut them.
After a long while the noise stopped and it grew quiet.
Lynettea: 'You know you shouldn't leap up like that when I am out, Sasha.'
Sasha: 'Why didn't you come home when I was suffering?'
Lynettea: 'Our neighbour, Orla's Dad, rang me and said there was no-one around. So we thought it must have been you, Sasha. The alarm would have stopped before I could get home. Besides, I had to organize things for the speaker. If I thought there was a real danger, I would come home. The security people would also come to help you.'
Sasha: 'Well, that is an awful lot of explaining of your bad behaviour in not looking after me.'
Lynettea: 'Let me give you a cuddly, Sasha. What a beautiful and loving cat you are. I am sorry you are upset.'
I suppose I will have to forgive her.

Going Out

Lynettea says she is going out and she doesn't have time to take me for my morning walkies. An afternoon walkies will have to do. She is heating up a fresh Snugglesafe for me.
It can't be good for me lying in my cosy all the time.
I need walkies.

Monday, August 11, 2014

I saw Orla

We went out for our third walkies for the day. Lynettea checked and it was only 9°C, which is cold.
 I took her down to look at the rubbish stacked at the side of the house a couple of houses from us. They have put out a big piece of carpet with children's type designs on it.
I checked it out by sniffing (the usual procedure) as you would know. Then we went in the opposite direction and checked out a little hedge that a number of creatures had tugged, pulling some branches out.
Lynettea looked at the carpet, but wasn't interested in the hedge. I despair of her. She didn't want to crouch down and sniff.
Then I heard a noise and Orla, the dog next door, came out with her parents. I could see she was struggling to get them on the lead. Her father even told her to keep still, in a sharp voice, as he was so clumsy he couldn't buckle on the strap. I have the same trouble with Lynettea sometimes.
When they set off my way I went behind the fence. Orla is a bit too boisterous for me.

meanwhile after my walk

I am sitting looking out at the winter garden. The grapevine has no leaves on, but I can see some pretty azaleas in pots. Lynettea has put them outside the kitchen window so we can look at them and brighten ourselves up on a cold day. She opens the window
And now there is a chilly breeze.
I leap down ...

I feel like jumping

I am getting a bit tired of dragging Lynettea around with me on Walkies. It is such a responsibility looking after her. And I also feel that we have different interests. Sometimes I literally have to haul her along when she doesn't see how dangerous it is on the street.
This morning she just stood there saying, 'I think those people are getting a new fridge, Sasha.'
Anyone could see there was a large man wheeling a dangerous trolley with a heavy and dangerous object on it.
I had to drag her back into the garden.
I am sure if I could jump over the back fence there would be interesting areas to explore.
All she can say is, 'Don't jump, Sasha. Those people don't want you in their yard.'
How does she know that?
Also she is afraid that if I go off by myself I would either be run over or kidnapped. According to her there could be packs of people just waiting to kidnap a beautiful Russian like me.
Well, I am extremely aristocratic, so maybe that is true.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

photos of the supermoon over Adelaide

I thought the moon was still sleeping,  but suddenly Lynettea saw it hiding between two of the houses over the road.  I was busy sniffing at some plastic bags in a narrow path beside a house,  which had the most intriguing mix of scents.
'Look up Sasha! There it is!'
She was so excited.
Then she got the camera.
The moon has some little clouds chasing it
Maybe it will be in the clear sky later

Gearing up for Moon Viewing

It is clear skies here at nearly 6pm as darkness comes on. Around 11°C so not warm. Lynettea has just come back from her walk.
 She didn't fall over or come to any mishap, so she should be fit to take me out. I even had an early dinner of roast, succulent chicken.
I think we are going for a walk now and I hope we go again later. No sign of the Super Moon yet.


Here I am, waking up in my cosy and thinking of Moon Viewing tonight. It is the 10th August here.
Lynettea says she will take me out this evening if it is fine. We won't be late enough to see the closest part of the moon.

We hope many kitties get to see the Super Sized moon.
The moon is very important to cats, as we all know. I am not really sure why it is important to cats. Perhaps we could look on the Internet to find out. Or maybe we could ask some very old traditional cats to find out if they know.
Moon to me means the true essence of 'miaouw'.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Annoying Human

I notice that Lynettea is occupying herself by putting her own ideas of labels on my posts. I am not sure how far I should tolerate this.
She is so proud of her technical expertise in helping me put posts on the blog. If I criticize her for her blogging abilities she could get upset and refuse to post.
Perhaps I should wait for a while. Unless she writes something too outrageous in the labels.

From the Phone

See if Lynettea is clever enough to stop the phone making all the French words on my blog.
 What is that coathanger doing behind me?

Then suddenly the other phone rings and Lynettea rushes to answer it. There is a strange string of numbers on the screen.
Phone: silence
Lynettea: hello! Who is it? Who is there
Phone: silence
Lynettea: is anyone there?
Phone: (in a sweet female voice) Goodbye.

me in my cane outdoor cosy

Oh good. I can add a photo from the little tablet.  Slowly Lynettea is moving into the twenty first century.
It is winter in the pond
The fish are still hiding under the plants.
Getting up after my sleep
Checking if there are doves on the roof. No. I heard a bird screeching and it left the birdbath muddy.

I think I will take a look at the newspaper.
And I think I should sit in the chair. A few gentle nudges and a soft nip.
Lynetta: that is where I was sitting, Sasha.'
Sasha: 'Finders keepers.'