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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Today started off in a rush, with Lynettea going off early to organize her class. I was very disappointed not to have my early morning walkies. I was thinking that even if I had to pull Lynettea around sometimes, and even if I was disappointed with her behaviour and her lack of observational skill, I would still prefer to go out for a walk than stay inside.
After all the sun was shining.
I felt frustrated when she went off and instead of jumping into the sink, which seemed pointless when she was not there to annoy, I jumped onto the dresser and then onto the fridge and then onto the top of the dresser.
Then an awful noise started.
I sprang down and hid under the bed.
My ears were hearing the loud noise and I couldn't shut them.
After a long while the noise stopped and it grew quiet.
Lynettea: 'You know you shouldn't leap up like that when I am out, Sasha.'
Sasha: 'Why didn't you come home when I was suffering?'
Lynettea: 'Our neighbour, Orla's Dad, rang me and said there was no-one around. So we thought it must have been you, Sasha. The alarm would have stopped before I could get home. Besides, I had to organize things for the speaker. If I thought there was a real danger, I would come home. The security people would also come to help you.'
Sasha: 'Well, that is an awful lot of explaining of your bad behaviour in not looking after me.'
Lynettea: 'Let me give you a cuddly, Sasha. What a beautiful and loving cat you are. I am sorry you are upset.'
I suppose I will have to forgive her.


The Whiskeratti said...

We have to do so much forgiving with our hoomins. Just remember, we are the superior species. We have to show them how it's done.

Pretinha said...

Pobre Sasha... imagino como ela ficou assustada com o barulho!