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Monday, August 25, 2014

Norwood Cork Tree Saved

I feel guilty. Lynettea asked me to post the news from the Save the Norwood Cork Tree campaign and I forgot.
'Well, you posted the news on the Norwood Cork Tree Blog,'' I said. And on your petition page and your Facebook page..'
'Some of your kitty friends might like to know,' she said.
'Coles Developer changed their plans and they are keeping the historic cork tree and also the big river red gum. They will stay as they are now in the car park. No-one will be allowed to dig under them and the nearest buildings will be at least 15 metres away. So we think it is a great victory, for people.'
'And,' I said firmly, 'a great victory for kitties and all the birds.'


The Whiskeratti said...

Pawsome news! We are very glad. Nip celebration for everyone!

Pretinha said...

Fico contente pela vitória de vocês,quanto mais árvore melhor para todos!

meowmeowmans said...

Now THAT is some terrific news. Thank you for letting us know, Sasha!

Kari said...

We're thrilled! Good show! Congratulations to all who worked so hard to save natures riches. A tragedy averted!

Angel Keisha said...

I am glad! Congratulations to all the good people (and critters) who helped save the cork tree and the gum tree! M:)